World of Warships – Krasny Krym Review – WTF is This?!

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Eh…what is this…what is this new ?! I the (, Crappy Krym) and talk about why I’m so bewildered by this ship. Ummm, stay away from it until you watch the . Enjoy.


  1. Simon Kopertowski (HidesHisFace)

    At least nobody will cry “russian bias” on this one.

  2. this is a great submarine … oh, wait!

  3. …what is actually wrong with you Wargaming…? Is this just so you can
    make other nation’s lines (UK, German) shit and claim there’s no bias…?
    Like I’m just trying to find a reason why they’re so incapable of doing a
    good job of balancing ships xD

  4. Michele Di Matteo

    Oh great, a premium based on a ship that i hate that has been moved to tier
    5… what could possibly go right?


    The only reason for this ship is to stop the Russian bias whiners callers
    if you ask me…..

  6. Funny thing is that I like the Svetlana and I had doubts when I see that
    this thing is in Tier 5. Guess I was right…

  7. Why is this a tier 5? It doesn’t just look like the Svetlana, it IS the
    Svetlana. This was the lead ship of the class, they just renamed it and
    modified it.

  8. I like to to keep it simple when looking at buying any thing. “Buy” or “Do
    Not Buy” or “Try it” In this game it really depends on your style of
    gameing. This ship should be used for scrap. To slow, guns are to slow and
    Torp range sucks. So its a big fail. You do not need to be kind to all
    ships. Just park it on a beach and use it as a brake water.

  9. Oh come on, it’s at least on par with the Bobblehead. And the
    Ishizucchini. With the AFT captain’s skill, you can even squirt those
    popguns out to 16km or so. (Edit): I think it was actually a reward ship
    on the RU server that they then put on sale in other servers on impulse.
    So, they might have intended it more as a collector’s item than a
    competitive premium.

  10. Watched Notsers review, and coming into this, I GUARANTEE you won’t like it.
    EDIT: aaaaaaaaand what a surprise! NOT

  11. I heard another YouTuber that plays on the EU server that this ship was
    originally given out to players on RU serves as a mission reward ship.
    Which if anyone here has ever played World of Tanks, you understand
    instantly why it’s horrible. Reward vehicles are almost always horrible and
    so terrible that they have to give them away so that people will have them
    in their slots. And that’s usually just long enough for one battle, and
    then you sell it and hey, look there! Wargaming gave you a free port/garage
    slot, go them.

  12. AdmiralCrazyhead the boat geek

    heres a positive:if your a l33t mlg dorito and mountain dew god this will
    be fun to try and get a perfect match out of

  13. this crap is even more embarrassed than Atlanta……and Atlanta will have
    radar in 059, so……

  14. MisdirectedSasha

    “Krasniy Krym” translates as “Red Crimea”. I imagine a lot of people on the
    RU server are eager to fork out money to annex a premium ship with that
    name :P

  15. WOT put out the PZ 3K, so WOWS should also get a crappy-assed tier 5. That
    would be my guess.

  16. Who puts an 18 point captain on what’s basically an average tier 4 ship
    that can get into tier 7 games?
    I feel the need to point out that this thing will regularly get in games
    against the cleveland, which not only has bigger guns and can point more
    guns at a target, but its 155mm guns also have about the same rate of fire.
    It seems like anything this ship can do, the omaha can do far better.

  17. Most of the shells against that Myogi (shittiest armor) in the beginning
    were breaking lol

  18. Why do some say that 18 is a maxed captain and others say that 19 is maxed?

  19. All that OP dusky bias… This is to balance that.

  20. Krispy Kreme is for Capitalist pigs! Real Russians eat Kremey Krisp Donuts!

  21. tier 3 i think best for that ship

  22. Ichase i see you have discovered the “Krispy Kreme” as dubbed by Notser
    Love the videos

  23. Thanks for the review ichase, always respect your opinions and weigh
    heavily on them if I’m considering buying a premium ship but not sure
    (though I think you were wrong about Kutuzov, I love that ship). I’ve seen
    nothing but negative reviews on this ship, but I’m wondering based on your
    review of Indianapolis (they did fix it and I did buy it, decent ship), if
    WG will fix this ship by moving it to a tier lower or fixing the stats?

  24. WarGaming has really pulled off a good mind fuck on its customers. In most
    games as you level up you receive new equipment or vehicles by way of
    unlocks that you may or may not have to spend in-game currency on. WG has
    bait and switched the unlock idea by allowing it’s customers to feel like
    they have a collection of ships. Most players I believe think they own a
    collection of ships and of course that trigers the whole pride of ownership
    and/or hoarding part of our brains and they now have a customer base that
    is unwilling to even think about trying out any other similar game even if
    it’s better (steel ocean). It’s a brilliant move to the point that their
    customers take things even further and pay actual real world cash for
    “premium ships” again something they can never actually own as it isn’t
    real, it’s just a dressed up unlock in game. Very clever.

  25. No good reason for WG to even bother making this premium Russian cruiser,
    we already had 5 of them before this thing came out.

  26. WG, Y U do dis. Again with the Russian bias. And cheating us out with this
    terrible premium ship….

  27. chase can you do a video on the midway vs hakuyru in the current meta
    please and thank you

  28. Thank you for saving me 20 bucks. Why WG, Why?

  29. it may be a crappy ship.. but your skill and luck carried the game.

  30. i want my sharnhorst… especially after you do a review on it

  31. Chase should have been the ship instead

  32. this ship is the reason why I despise the fact the “Svetlana” is in
    game…the Svetlana never sailed under that name. it was completed by the
    Red Navy and launched as…you guessed it…Krasny Krym (Red Crimea). two
    others were completed as crusiers, two as tankers, and the rest of the 8
    ship class was broken up. (the other two were, I believe, technically part
    of the larger “Admiral Nakhimov” subclass and completed as Chernova Ukraina
    [Red Ukraine] and Krasny Kavaz [Red Caucasus] respectively).

  33. Santiago Trujillo tobon

    Those guns are so bad even the Germán 105mm are better just because the
    reloud speed

  34. saw this ship on the PT server for 0.5.8 quite a bit driven by STs … it
    got its ass handed to it repeatedly. knew right there it sucked espesh
    after a ST indicated how much he disliked it.

  35. We do always complain of Russian Bias, so this is thier answer. hueheuhue..

  36. do this thing out ranges the Atlanta…cool

  37. **facepalm** Why WG, why?

  38. I took a quick look at it’s specs some days ago and just as quickly moved

  39. Yummmmm Donuts

  40. Why would anyone buy this junk instead of the Murmansk??

  41. What is it with your Krispy Kreme references?

  42. This ship sucks, can you do a review on the North Carolina iChase?

  43. Category #2. Also, hoping that one day, WG will realize what a sub-standard
    PoS they foisted on us and give it a buff. I’m thinking increase RoF, lower
    spotting range, 5.0km torps and she’d actually be a decent ship. Still, I
    may be a collector, but there’s no way I was paying $40+ for this piece of
    s*** just to get some crappy cosmetic flag. Basic Bundle only WG. You’re
    not getting any more money than I absolutely HAVE to give to get the ship.

  44. Well, afaik the ship was available for free as reward in the RU server, so
    obviously even for a russian ship it can’t be too good as a freebie.

    When you have to actually pay for it though …

  45. Francis MacMoragh

    Maybe this thing is a IQ test from Wargaming ? How stupid are we going to
    think our players are ? It is so bad it is offensive. or they will take it
    off say give the Torps 2.5 times the range and triple the rate of fire of

  46. I agree that this would be an okay tier 4 ship. The day this gets into a
    tier 7 battle is a very, very sad day indeed. But it is a bit of good fun
    to derp around with in the lower a tier 5 max and can somewhat get by in a
    battle with 2 or 3 tier 6 ships, but yeah….they really should at the very
    least buff the ROF on it. Like iChase stated unless you ‘gotta catch them
    all’ 😉 I wouldn’t recommend it.

  47. I put Krym into Google and got Krim. German for Crimea. You know the
    Ukrainian peninsula occupied by Russia. Could it be that WG Russia is
    playing politics. No, that would be like gambling in Casablanca – shocking.

  48. Yes, I shall pray to Hestia :d

  49. hope wargaming will give ppl their money back! cuz i think theres gonna be
    alot of broken keyboards

  50. How on earth did you get 1.1 million doubloons???

  51. I wonder if WG knows this ship is bad. It is the first premium I’ve seen
    with a rusty skin, all the other premium ship camo’s are spotless.

  52. Ruud van Oorschot

    So how does this ship compare to tier 4? What would be the best fix: a
    modest buff or a slight nerf plus downgrade to T4?

  53. We should have an “ugliest ship” competition like the one they have for
    dogs, I think we have a winner. It’s the only way this ship will be “best
    in class” with its peers, gotta give it something to brag about.

  54. Who has heard of the Dunkerque coming to WoWs

    We can finally surrender for a reason

  55. absolutely love my svietlana and was realy exited about this….. tbh the
    so much nerfed torps killed it for me, with all the other nerfs and only
    some aa, crap secondarys and a little better mains, im not sure its even an
    upgrade to the svietlana, if you told me its a downgrade i would have
    beliefed you.

  56. The Krasny Krym is WG’s most cunning plan ever! From now on, every time
    someone complains about russian bias they can point to this ship :P

  57. And atlanta(t7 in same situration and better aa)have radar in 5.9

  58. Thanks for the review! I’ll save my 20 dolla for another premium :)

  59. Scipio Africanus

    I have all the premium ships. But no way am I paying anything for this

  60. I thought Albany was bad. ALBANY. Then….then I saw….this…..thing.
    and they sell it for MONEY.

  61. You forgot the 3rd category of people who should buy this ship: masochists

  62. If it is like the svietlana you can fire all your broadside plus the
    rearmost gun from the other side when your target is on your back. 9 gun
    “salute” is possible. Don’t have the krasny so I can’t check.

  63. Ill just keep saving for the german bb’s lol

  64. Sail next to BBs and pretend to be a really big secondary turret.

  65. NO PANIC,This ship gets a lot heavy buffs soon!
    WTF again 19 capitan skills but 18 is the max you can get & have!

  66. Dedicated DD hunter?…….

  67. They haven’t released Tone yet. But we got another Russian cruiser. so
    that’s… nice… I guess… :/

  68. Chase recommends 10/10… would never play again >_>

  69. first time a russian company makes a bad russian (in this case) ship.

  70. Get torpedo acceleration! It’ll make the ship so much better!

  71. Tim “Uncletim” Coy

    i love this ship for the simple reason it makes my beloved Marblehead look

  72. All those 2ndry hits tho

  73. pls stop with the gifs, anotations, and a the other stuff Chase

  74. gosh give us your money ship gah.

  75. On RU this is a reward ship, like Emden. And like Emden she is just a worse
    than silver ship. That’s why. If they provided people with reward ships
    that were better in slot than actual premiums, they wouldn’t sell the paid
    for premium. Ahhh… but Kamikaze R I hear? Not really any other premium
    torpedo destroyers around are there? Not any you can buy, outside the
    Kamikaze (not R) once in a blue moon (and that’s the same ship in any case,
    just another camo).

    And Arpeggio ships are marginally worse than the silver variants (no camo

    The fact that the non-RU servers actually have to pay for this crap, well
    that’s our own fault for not playing on the RU server.

  76. Nick Pappagiorgio

    This pile of crap needs either buffs or premium matchmaking. There’s no
    reason this ship should have to fight Nagato, Myoko, and Schors.

    Edit: now I want donuts.

  77. So, would you at all recommend anyone buying it??

  78. Well Chase you have never been more wrong the Kryms torps are freaking
    deadly! When they launch them at targets 10 km away, behind you and in your
    direction of travel and you have just used damage control because your
    Nagato is an bonfire on the high seas they really hurt! Salty? Who? Me?
    Nahhhh!! :(

  79. I wipe my butt with $20 bills and I’m a ship collector. Fit both categories
    for the win.

  80. undertakernumberone1

    everybody waitin for Scharnhorst… WG gives us: red Krim

  81. go back to tier 4 Krasny you’re drunk!!

  82. Krasny Krym means Red Castle in Russian, taking off from the Kremlin
    building in Moscow. So this ship is proof that there is Russian bias
    with…how many premium ships now? yet no Russian bias because it is such a
    piece of junk? I guess for Russian players, it gives them a tier 5 premium
    ship that is 100% Russian/Soviet rather than a lend/lease American ship?
    Going with national pride on that one! Be proud Russians!

  83. Is it bad if I actually like the Atlanta, with my best game in it is 7
    kills with the last being a kamakazie run at a battleship and torping it
    and at less with 100 health left.

  84. The purpose of the ship is obviously to sell more Murmansk.

  85. Ajava-Riddhi Diskul

    Modified Svetlana. LOL

  86. “I cannot for the life of me figure out what the people who tested this
    ship … ”

    Supertester here. You overestimate our influence. We test a ship, we give
    feedback. That’s all we do. It’s up to WG what to do with that feedback. In
    this case, they ignored it. We didn’t “okay” anything.

  87. I vote for Krispy Kreme?

  88. IBTV - Internet Broke the Television

    Great review IChase !
    I think I’ll save my 15$ for real Timmies though

  89. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    So… not even the standard bundle?
    You thing that if the reactions get bad enough they might improve it?

  90. My theory?

    This is Wargaming’s answer to everyone commenting about how ridiculously OP
    the russian premiums are. Now they can point at this ship as proof that not
    ALL their ships are OP. Just most of them.

  91. Soon we will be given Kamikaze R or Emden to buy.

  92. USSEnterpriseA1701

    My theory, this is meant to prove that not all Russian ships are made
    of/fire stalinium. That’s the best theory I can come up with. The other one
    I’ve got is that WG wants to make a line of ships that would be good if
    only one or two things about them were just slightly better. I should warn
    you that I am suffering from Izumo stock hull syndrome at the moment and
    may be a bit cynical. It’s a bit like Stockholm Syndrome, but saltier. XD

  93. all i can say is that WG should be accused of day light robbery if u ask me

  94. LordFrederick plays

    German battleships

  95. Sry, you said this ship is crab…so i excpected an terrible gameplay. What
    do i see, nearly 90 K damage and position 1 at the end ????????? Sry this
    ship cant be useless -.-

  96. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Why so much donut jokes?

  97. Looks like compared to the Svietlana you have secondary artillery, better
    aa, better rudder shift, bonus captain xp and ship xp, free camo – worse
    torps, worse mm.

    At least with my favorite the KamikazeR you only lose out in AA and
    maneuverability (speed), and still get the xp and camo for free bonus.

  98. Wasn’t that thing an event ship on the Russian servers?

    And it absolutely needs Demo Expert over Concealment, since fires are your
    only hope of doing any damage.

  99. Stalinium has a specific weight way above that of depleted uranium, which
    justifies the loooong reload time. That or the sailors are just flinging
    shells from below deck, hand to hand, until the last man pushes it into the

  100. Fanru Ye (Frank)

    Damn. The Anshan is a Gnevny class but she’s a viable T6 ship, but wtf with
    this Krasny Krym. Thank god you did this video cause otherwise I guess
    there will be a lot of people thinking she’s probably going to be a cruiser
    version of the Anshan situation.

  101. You were talking with FlightRN?? He invited me to the clan I’m in

  102. Wargaming has said all along they don’t believe in pay to win… Here’s

  103. 16:30 Apparently, the K-K is even a bad matchup against ships that remain
    perfectly stationary and aren’t even firing at it.

  104. A lot of American vessel will literally going to eat this donuts for dinner
    tonight, I mean a lot of donuts
    BTW another great ship review Chase

  105. And to think: this ship can be thrown against the Myoko and Colorado. The
    KK isn’t even a match for the Phoenix and the Kuma, never mind the higher
    tier ships.

  106. 18:42 This is what I mean, the USN 127mm guns do 561 damage per “HE Shell
    Pen”, and IIRC the Russian DDs do close to the same, but this ship? It
    seems to do about 360 odd damage per “penetrating” HE shell – it’s Pathetic!

    This ship makes Atlanta look like a Goddess! Well IMHO she is a goddess,
    but that doesn’t change the fact that she is situational and not “fully
    competitive” as it were… But again IMHO, if Atlanta were given 32 to 35k
    HP, 12.4 KM base range, and about 9.6 km surface detection with the free
    camouflage – she would be a TRULY competitive ship! At least for people
    like myself that enjoy her unique play style and do well with it.

  107. HOLY-BALLS … it’s worse than I thought!

  108. Nice obituary 😉 . . . . btw what is under Ship Peculiarities in your port
    view, I’m aware it’s probably a press account thing?

  109. So, are you telling me this is a Soviet Kaiten? It’s larger, better armed,
    and faster than the Japanese version. BUY!!!

  110. If it’s got 15 guns total, then shouldn’t you be able to fire 9 guns to one
    side? All I can see is 8 shells at any given time, which begs the question,
    where is that 15th gun? What does it do and when can you use it?

  111. You’re better off spending your $16 on some actual Krispy Kreme donuts.

  112. They are going to buff this thing soon probably, impossible to keep up on
    T5 with this shit….

  113. Why do you have so many Orlan commanders?

  114. REDlanta? DD caliber spammer?

  115. Krazy Kim >_<

  116. What’s in the Ship peculiarities thing? There seems to be a drop down tab

  117. tom kristoffersen

    I am a collector but strange enough, did 45k in the first and only battle i
    have had in it. I think i keep it like that,lol:)

  118. Katia Mariza Lazaridou

    Damn the krym isn’t even good as a kamikaze torpedo ship oO!!!! And I come
    to think, maybe wargaming is trolling us lately :P

  119. 2:20 But the guns aren’t even as good as the 130mms on the Russian DDs!
    They basically almost NEVER do citadel damage – something the Russian DDs
    excel at, and the HE does PATHETIC damage! Worse than the DDs, which makes
    no sense as they are rated for 1900 HE damage where the DDs are rated at
    1700, so WHY does this ship cause less damage per shell with HE, and
    basically CANNOT citadel worth a damn with AP?

  120. no one has said anything good about this ship its a peace of crap well
    wargamming you have to think what is going threw there minds when they put
    these kinds of ships in the game.

  121. Well, WG have a proven track record of terrible ideas. The Atlanta as a T7
    ship as she is… OUCH.

  122. 1:52 – what she said

  123. Seems like this ship is meant for historic ship collectors… Too bad WG in
    their little russian bubble have never really understood that ships which
    are famous and have (by russian standards) accomplished a lot, are still
    pretty much unknown anywhere else and their achievements completely
    unimpressive. Russia / the soviet Unions simply never really was a major
    Naval Nation in terms of actual Battle accomplishments.

    But maybe this ship is WG’s answer to all this talk about Russian bias…
    Maybe it’s them saying: “Look at this shitty ship!!! It’s a Russian ship in
    WoWs and it absolutely stinks! So how can even for a second think that were
    was such a thing as Russian bias?!”

    Btw.: I feel this ship might be better if you get DE and maybe spec out of
    CE for it… Not sure if CE is that much use to it, stealth firing does not
    seem all that relevant in the way she plays. But boosting the fire chance
    from 8% to 11% (after all a huge 37.5% increase) with the number of shells
    you put out and how accurate they are, it might be a pretty good “toaster”.

  124. This ship = ⛔️☠shit ❌?

  125. The only reason this ship exists is so that Wargaming can claim that there
    is no “Russian Bias”.

  126. James Castleberry

    Thanks for advising us. I am not buying this krispy kreme ship. Seem to me
    this ship should of been tier 4 premium.

  127. I’ll tell you my ruling about it—its a waste of money. Why bother buying
    it when in a few weeks we’ll have the Scharnhorst?

    Btw chase, I have an announcement I’d like to make on the twitch stream
    tonight if you don’t mind.

  128. wtf why wargaming WHY

  129. Chase I can think of one way for this ship to be good. If you had an
    American or Russian DD division mate to pop smoke while you both sit in it
    and spam HE it might rack up some damage. But again that’s literally the
    only way I’d play it other than that it’s garbage. Good vid as always mate
    look forward to more!

  130. if someone wants a I to buy a premium middle tier sovjet cruiser i do not
    see why someone will choose this ships over a murmansk or molotov

  131. this is why you should have stayed is super super tester so we don’t get
    garbage like this and Our game

  132. This ship is just an embarrassment Wargaming. Really disappointing. So this
    is what they have to show for their work instead of getting a new tree in
    the game… Wow

  133. Perhaps they decided that they would show no Russian bias, no more OP
    ships. If sales are bad, they will buff it. I hope so since I was stupid
    enough to buy it. It has no redeeming features.

  134. Welp…It’s slower then my Kongo…Hahahahaha!!!

  135. WG should put this donut factory down at tier 4.

  136. Kransy Krym = Krusty Krab

  137. Lesson learned, don’t watch this vid while eating breakfast, lol

  138. “WTF is this?”

    WG is just operating normally.

  139. I see a third group of potential buyers: the ones who pay to get punished
    and enjoy it (sado-maso)

  140. iChase the gunners ain’t having doughnuts…they’re having ALL of the vodka
    and forget that they have to load 130mm guns…plus only american crews get
    doughnuts : ]

  141. And they say to stay with friendlys and call it swiftXD. No WG called it

  142. It is funny because the Kongo class battleship is faster than this ship.

  143. Ichase always do the most savage reviews XD that’s why I watch this

  144. Melancholic Ghost

    damnit iChase… now you have me craving doughnuts :

  145. Haha Hestia 🙂 this ship, in my opinion is a prime example of a cash grab

  146. Also MEMES

  147. lol at this game. another shitty russian coffin. ffs

  148. Took a look at the intro and thought “wtf is that thing”

  149. Musang and Jerung

    Good review, but you sound a bit far from the mic, or is it the echo?

  150. lol seems Tsundere missed out on his first comment

  151. Krasny Krym = Crispy Cream

  152. do sharnhorst review!!!

  153. Odd that this sucks, even though Soviet premiums are normally very strong

  154. Oh god you and Jingles just uploaded a video together, there will be no
    sleep tonight.

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