World of Warships Kreml Tier 10 Russian Battleship Preview

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  1. These russians BBs looks like they’re a perfect landing platform for IJN CV’s AP bombs tho, which pleases my CV captain.

  2. Be mindful that Kreml’s radar only detects battleships and carriers.

    • +Grasshopper Kelly
      It’s really for cyclones

    • Grasshopper Kelly

      +cobrazax Yes, sorry. That’s what I meant by weather :/

    • Grasshopper Kelly

      +Bill Lovelace make no mistakes… Zoup makes mistakes… (sorry, that genuinely wasn’t intended).
      Jingles makes them more often XD but usually they’re small things like “that Saint Louis” when it’s a tier 9 French cruiser.
      (let’s nor forget he recorded an entire WoT battle replay at 1/2 speed XD). But Zoup here make a bit of a potentially fatal mistake. Both by players taking possible unessesary damage thinking “I’ll find that DD in the smoke. I’m a russian Yamato with Might Mo radar!
      Just like players at tier 10 wondering why their torpedoes passed under a gearing to hit the friendly Montana on the other side.
      Notser kind of just got dragged along with the rest of the Community C’s when in reality, he plays to enjoy his free time, by having some s***s and giggles. So people wonder why taking him as seriously as Flamu, when he’s in try hard mode, are watching Notser on Eg a bad day, and suddenly think something is OP, or broken.
      Jingles and Ichase make a serious effort to clarify everything, and show when someone has made a mistake. Rather than say “he can’t play” (just some small examples).
      I’m making this super long, sorry.

      It’s just important to clarify, specifically when showing off “new.” Zoup didn’t seem to notice, I don’t expect some random player to notice either. So It’s always good to try point things out. Always remmember, that week old greeny you humiliated with a surprise, may just be your last surviving top tier BB in a few months. You may have laughed at him for not looking behind then, but you’ll be glad when he’s taken steps to defend against that surprise Zao. (only an example)

      Yea that is a massive comment sorry XD

    • Yes but it’s a minute of radar, that is a minute in it’s massive range for anything else to spam HE or launch torps from other ships

    • Grasshopper Kelly

      +Landon Soroka oh, can friendly ships “see” (render) ships outside visibility (Eg 8km), if another ship has them pinged by radar? Never knew that! That’s pretty nice!

  3. Kreml guns is 18 inches, but is 3 mm smaller than yammy so you won’t overmatch any BB bow.

  4. It’s still a bias game in the name of Russia. Doesn’t matter how bad this make this ship look. Cause WG is nerfing all other ships to make them look good.

  5. Kinda makes the German BBs redundant imo

    • Ranari's Brawling Channel

      Not really, just a different way to brawl. Russian BB’s will be more balanced for their intended than the German ships, at least after a few of them get the nerf bat. I think the newly buffed FDG is the poster child for how German warships SHOULD be balanced. When properly spec’d and played, it’s amazing. Others, like the Bismarck and Tirpitz, lack the secondary penetration necessary to be functional at their own tier, which is a problem the Massachusetts doesn’t have.

    • Ranari’s Brawling Channel the issue is that I have with the soviet BBs is that 12k cruiser dispersion. I think that that kind of dispersion should only be active at around 9k range to really punish people from getting too close the ship, ie rushing destroyers. I think German BBs across the board from tier 7 need a buff in order to be a counter or maybe be a threat to soviet BBs. If they are kept as they are, they will be far to powerful for even German BBs to handle up close. From 12k, what I think should happen is a gradual improvement to the dispersion every 1k till you get the god like cruiser disp. at 9k

    • Ranari's Brawling Channel

      +Singurlarity67 That cruiser dispersion is either going to be toned down, or the range is going to be varied a bit. As it stands, it’s pretty much ~12km for all tiers, and that’s too much for the low tiers. At T10 for the Kreml, that’s about in line with secondary ranges. The adjustment German BB’s need is a review of whether their secondaries can function properly at a given tier. For T7, I feel like the range is a tad too low. At T8, they need the 105mm’s moved to the 1/4 pen rule. The newly buffed FDG is amazing, and the GK has always been strong, but most people aren’t willing to play it properly and invest in its secondaries. Otherwise, you’d have to be careful buffing these ships to not make them too powerful. I guarantee some, if not all of the Russian BB’s will receive a bit of a nerf bat.

  6. Now we know exactly why Conqueror is such a barbecue machine. She was always intended to be the antidote to this thing.

  7. “You don’t wanna get ANY close to the Kremlin!”
    1942 – yep you clearly don’t wanna get close, there even are eyewitnesses

    Zoup dont misguide players please

  9. I’m downvoting this video because you encouraged cruisers to hide behind islands. Passive gameplay is bad in any form, regardless of what ship is doing it.

    • Yeah because being out in the open with the Atlanta’s range is a smart thing to do. I get it, you dont like being fire spammed by ships using an island as armor, neither do I, but you are essentially arguing a cruiser, like the Atlanta whose effective range, is within a range any BB worth a salt cant miss, should try and dance in open water, its largely a death sentence. If you are talking “most” cruisers…sure, but there are definitely some that should be using Islands due to short range and paper armor.

    • Well then why is it people have a problem with battleships playing passively at the back of the map but it’s okay for cruisers to hide behind islands? Or Hindenburgs and Henri IVs sniping from the back of the map? I see those things sniping from the back of the map all the time and nobody insults their playstyle. Or Moskvas sailing backwards abusing the broken overmatch mechanics where paper-thin armor stops shells better than an angled citadel bulkhead. Like I said, passive gameplay in any form is bad. I don’t play World of Warships just so I can turn my cruiser into a stationary gun battery, I stay mobile and evasive at medium range. It’s more useful to the team to be close enough where you can support both destroyers and battleships rather than anything else.

  10. Ranari's Brawling Channel

    Some players will argue the pedantic with this video, but I think it’s an excellent take on this one. I’m not concerned with the minor missed details, but the most important element was hit; these ships require you to get close, and that’s not a familiar playstyle for most battleship players. Players who intend to sit back and hurl shells from afar, or kite away from their opponent, are going to be very disappointed. A lot of CC’s are doing very well with these ships because they, themselves, are solid players who understand this, but they’re not the norm. While I’m sure there will be a few balance changes, the skill ceiling for these ships will be quite high, and like you I’m in favor of what these ships will do to shake up the meta.

  11. Exxon Valdez’ captain probably had about the same amount of alcohol in him as these Russian captains 😉

  12. Did anyone elese get screwed over by wargaming and their “exchange your CV for credits and free exp” deal? I exchanged my entire IJN CV line and I only got credits for it… No free exp at all. Now I don’t have a CV, I have to start from scratch, and all Wargaming has to say about it is “We can’t do anything about it.” Any thoughts?

  13. i WANT CV’s in the game, even before the revamp i wanted them in a match

  14. I guess this thing will farm fireproof achievements no problem then

  15. Hmmm, not only the Russians love to brawl, whenever the ship allows it (sometimes even with whips that are totally not supposed to brawl like yama) I am a big fun of the brawl fun club

  16. Well, I am still watching the video but you did not mention that that is not a normal radar, that’s a special Russian radar that reveals only cv and bb’s, this unless they changed it and I did not hear anything about a change

  17. This is a very shilly “preview”. Just watch Flamu’s actual hours and hours and hours of gameplay where this thing is essentially god-tier when you play it right. Your counter-balance is basically saying “yes, this ship is the best and OP tier 10 BB, but only if you don’t play like a mouthbreathing moron sniping from 21km range”. WELL NO SHIT.

    • Wait…what? OP you say? No, say it’s not true… think they’ll nerf if before or after sale? Bwhahaaa.. I think I’m done with this friggin game – WHERE is the rest of the Italian line?

  18. Grasshopper Kelly

    Zoup, I feel you over advertised 2 things, and quite fatally.
    At 4:50 your ignorance levels of aircraft meant you made zero effort to avoid, an otherwise easy to avoid, final torpedo, simply reducing speed for 2-3 seconds would have been a lot of health.
    There’s being unafraid of aircraft, and there’s taking unessesary damage.

    The Biggest mistake in the video (in my opinion), was you forgot to mention the Kreml will not detect destroyers or cruisers with his radar. Battleships and Carriers only!

  19. The Sulking Primarch Morty

    So what your saying is I should start working on the RN Conqueror again…

  20. “gonna refer to it as the Kremlin instead because I don’t wanna mess up the russian name” Guy the name 5 letters. That’s like messing up the name Barry so you call him Bartholomew

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