World of Warships: Kremlin – I Think We’re Throwing

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I had a very ambitious carrier player in my Kremlin match. It looked as though we were throwing the game.
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0:00 Kremlin Match
12:53 End Screen
14:52 Captain Skills & Upgrades
16:59 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Soviet battleship Kremlin.


  1. Captain Poopy Pants

    I had the audio on speaker when this video started. My wife looked at me with suspicion! Lol

  2. Yay for CVs!

    • Had a game where my CV did the same too. He was angry for being uptiered to tier 10, and suecided at the start of the game. Luckily, it turned out nice, as we won the game fairly comfortably. Maybe the enemy team just thougth they’d have a easy win, and threw even harder!😅 Or maybe my teammates just put on the carry-pants!😊

    • Bite My Shinny Metal Arse

      CV players they do never disappoint 😅😅

    • Bite My Shinny Metal Arse

      @Tobias Time hope that you reported him and sent a video to WG

    • @Bite My Shinny Metal Arse Only a few reports.😊

    • ok weaboo

  3. Umm.. Why did i not get a notification even though my bell is on all?

  4. Man, you got really unlucky this game. You where saying Yoshino is hard to citadell (which was very true this game), but the citadell on Yoshino is actually massive, and from my experience it’s the cruiser I devstrike most often by far! RNG is wierd…😂

    • Arman Sagmanligil

      i’ve heard yamto is hard to cit at range, maybe its the same for yoshino

    • It could be yeah. I haven’t checked Yoshino’s citadel for that, but Yamato is definitely hard to citadel at range.

    • Arman Sagmanligil

      @Aerroon just checking the armor veiwer, it seems Yoshino’s citadel is above water but has some sloped armor at it’s very top, so go figure

  5. Артём Шепелев

    Me in the first minute of a game, looking at the map and seeing where our ships are sailing: “I think we’re throwing”

  6. Ramírez León Efraín

    Lol the audio is japanese anime right? My girlfriend loves japanese anime for sure she will love the intros of your channel :v, greetings! (I’ve been subscribed to the channel for 3 days ;))

  7. Arman Sagmanligil

    8:20 Thats… not that bad of an idea tbh, AA restoration. Would probably take too much work to implement for WG to care.

  8. why do i love his vids?why do i always watch his videos while doing work,Cleaning,doing homework or anything?is this normal?

  9. Panzergrenadier Tempura

    Me hearing roon’s voice lines at the start of the game : *my weeboo senses are tingling*

    Anyway i was about to sleep but seems like i will stay awake 17 more min

  10. Maybe your cv died coz of the autopilot. It happens a lot when I play cv and I have to fix it again…

  11. I picked up the game after a long layoff and had the same reaction about Kremlin: a lot less resilient than I remembered.

  12. 9:40 being such an experienced player I am surprised that you are surprised at this. It is obviously a built in game mechanic because it happens to me all the time.

  13. A very funny video as always, thank you very much!

  14. Aeroon my fav YTer. Thanks for the vid. I’m 50k XP away from Kremlin. I started using engine boost on my ships more bc of your vids and I love it! But ironically, on BBs the HE spam is so bad I have had to revert back to damage con. =(

  15. the cover pic looks soooo good and realistic! can i have an original one?

  16. Stephan Makintaya

    Oh, dude…. thanks for the laugh!! “Of course! When she has 128 HP left I get a citadel hit.” haha… so on point!

  17. Aerroon is just talking to himself in the chat 😀

  18. My Yoshino experience like: every time a Yoshino gets spotted its perfect broadside, and many times its also reversing. Looses half of its life in one salvo. Than starts angling and shooting back and looses the remaining hp and goes down. Some time later u can see his torps going some random direction

  19. In every video that starts with these high pitched female voices saying something like “we’re gonna tear you apart”, your greeting sounds menacingly welcoming 😂

  20. 10:03

    Looking at the other comments, I don’t think anyone made the joke about getting into the Yamato’s “cheeks” and “dealing a lot of damage,” I’m a little disappointed ngl.

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