World of Warships- Kremlin Kraken

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Hey guys, I had an awesome game in the Kremlin, enjoy!

Have a replay?

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  1. Alexander Fernandez

    Yes more Kremlin!!!

  2. •_Lumia Art_•

    Bet that DD got a blast out of that ?

  3. Wellinton Goulart

    does he already have the legendary module?

  4. kremlin is my favorite BB

  5. Destroyerman Fernandez

    I love the Kremlin, in an meta where BB’s camp at the rear, the Kremlin is a breath of fresh air, a powerful close range BB with all the right tools to allow the player to do it’s job and gives an enormous amount of satisfaction to the player for pulling it off. I say this as an middling player in the SEA server, it’s fun and i honestly don’t mind seeing more Kremlin games!

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Jonathan Wennströmm

    The no damage pens are you do deal damage but that goes to his main turret.. Side question do you play on eu or na?

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