World of Warships: Kremlin – The Battleship’s Battleship

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Kremlin is a great battleship! She is the most battleshippy battleship. Great at tanking and damage.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Soviet battleship Kremlin on the map Haven.


  1. Am I first ?! OMG This is so exiting guys, maybe my mother will take me back!

  2. Just in time for my Lunch break!

  3. HE Kremlin, the amount of games I have witnessed that is too damn high. Sadly mostly on my team and “sniping” at 20km.

  4. Implications Unpleasant

    this is the battleship to battleship like no battleship has ever battleshipped

  5. Oh man you’ve just made me laugh so hard. I fire the wrong shell so many times on a new ship

  6. On wowsft the legendary upgrade reduces range by 12%, it doesnt remove one consumable

  7. The Kremlin legendary upgrade is an absolute joke. Couldn’t have said it better than you did, “it’s a nonstarter”

  8. “Kremlin needs buffs” thats why no one uses it in russian server! lol

  9. 0:47 Did you forget you’re in the battleshipiest battleship in the match?

  10. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    I think Kremlin is the worst T10BB, although I haven’t played Montana. Every other ship is so much more fun to play

  11. I was sneaking up on a Kremlin in DD that was hiding behind an island. Nobody had spotted it the entire match, I just saw the shots flying, that’s it. When I turned the corner, fired all 8 torps, getting 8 hits, I had a OMG it’s still alive moment and had to run back the way I came.

    • 1) what kind of DD are u playing?
      2) which part of kremlin did ur trops land on?


    • @Wang Cheng 1 ostergotland
      2 rear to middle.
      He never got main guns on me and I was able to make it back around the island before the secondaries got me. So I backed off and got out infront of him and started to torp, but we won on points. Still I can only do what 84 k damage max and they have what 100 k hit points.
      Still it was more why is he still alive, crap I got to get out of here fast.

    • @Brett J pan eu dd torps have very low alpha, couple that with kreml’s hp and torp belt, yeah, he won’t die

  12. Gareth Fairclough

    Wow, all secondary armament destroyed? That’s not a message I’ve seen before!

    • This happens all the time in Kremlin gameplay. I have lost all of her AA and secondaries in more than a few matches after coming under BB HE fire.

  13. Kremlin is not OP, It just a battleship as it should be.
    Kremlin is good because of armor, that is good agains HE shells. You still can be set on fire (even from HE non-penetrations – that’s a really stupid mechanic), but you will take much less damage from HE direct damage.
    GK, for example, is better for pushing in theory. But in reality GK just melts under HE spam.

  14. You should pick Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 in first slot. Kremlin has a very good AA, but its also very vulnerable against HE. Just check it in battle – you can be at 50-60% hp, but lost almost all your AA.
    Also Damage Control System Modification 2 is only choise in 4th slot. Kremlin has the lagest HP pool in game, and its crucial to reduce fire damage at all costs.

  15. The worst, the rarest tier X BBs.

  16. Please do a Alexander Nevsky review please & thank you for this review!

  17. I think Kremlin is not that effective consistently in the current meta. You need many things to go in your favor to do well in it. Your team mates need to back you up when you push. They need to provide AA cover because 2 salvos from Thunderer is all you need for those AAs to become toast. It’s deadly in close and medium range combat. But it’s not that effective overall in today’s game. Ranked though is a different ball game. Kremlin is a monster in ranked.

  18. if kremlin is a battleship’s battleship than petropavlosk is a cruiser’s/battlecruiser’s battleship with infinite dmg control

  19. Yeah, most BB players are getting sick and tired of the more and more Holland’s showing up… they are literaly a fun sponge.. nothing fun about early cold war era tech or earlier fighting modern torpedoes.

  20. if you look at battles played per ship on the russian server, you see that russian navy is not as popular as many on EU think.

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