World of Warships: Kremlin – The Throw?

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Kremlin is great for ranked. Somebody may or may not have thrown this match.

0:00 Game
18:53 End Screen
21:00 Port – Commander Skills & Upgrades

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Soviet battleship Kremlin on the map Tears of the Desert.


  1. hello and welcome

  2. 🙂 <= this is a happy face

  3. For the guys who keep on complaining about aerroon getting noob enemies-> i have done animal research for u.. enemy ship and random overall wr
    gearing-47% -_-

    now what would u say?

  4. How big of a throw was that?

    • i am a new player … have just about 450 battles .. but seriously … your videos helped me a lot …. everytime i play with what ever ship your voice kind of plays in my head … thank you for the videos

  5. That pot shot on that Kremlin…

  6. When is WOWs going to do an Aerroon ship captin? I have 2 jinlges captins now.

  7. i couldn’t even imagine having a mino in team as bad before 2020. So much powercreep

    • Nope.. not powercreep.. but just that players play it wrong and die.. even I’m a culprit of it

    • Frans van Terwisga

      i use mino in ranked, as long as you use islands as cover and plan your attacks, you’ll be just fine. only issue is, the stalingrad, no matter what angle he hits you, he can almost always one shot you lol

    • I thought it was odd he even said that. I have plenty of T10s (including Smolensk and DM) but I do love the Mino. This season in ranked I’m at 64% WR with it (58% in all battles). I’m not some crazy unicum player, I think around 54% WR overall. It’s a solid ship, I don’t think it’s been power-creeped too bad. It has been affected by the lack of skill in higher ranks we’ve been seeing lately though. It’s a ship that requires that you know how to play it. I technically have a better win rate in the DM, but I enjoy the Mino more.

  8. You state “DD’ please take out ring” however I see no such comment to your team. Do you have an ESP interface? 🙂

    • I was thinking that too. He should have put it in chat.

    • Frans van Terwisga

      it’s called hindsight commentary

    • @Frans van Terwisga what he said. At the time I noticed that the outer cap was available, but I’m concentrating on my own ship. When playing I assume that other players have information I didn’t notice about their ship’s position. Ie there is a reason why they didn’t do what I thought they should do. It’s only later in the commentary that I see that they could’ve easily taken it.

    • @Aerroon Since when did wows has voice chat ingame Kappa

  9. hi great vid,ware did you get that skin for the kremlin from.thx mark.

  10. Ugh both those DDs were playing so stupidly… Not seizing caps is incredibly dumb

  11. Hey Aerroon, I play world of warships on PS4 and I really enjoy your videos.

  12. WIN HARDER!!

  13. “Hello and welcome. Today we’re in the tier 10 Soviet Battleship The Russian Bias.” — FTFY

  14. Lol, I guess the reds were like. ” ah, that’s enough winning.”

  15. Any captured part of epicenter gives you points regardless of how many enemies are trying to capture it.

  16. :c that match was a shame but I did rank out in Shikishima 95 matches played a lot of good Shiki moments like frontally citadelling a certain streamer in his Bourg :3

  17. That Halland was so bad and so lucky…

  18. appreciate your deeper thoughts in the match, i like those videos

  19. great battle and great commentary. Nice on 🙂

  20. Stressful game, but good game.

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