World of Warships: Kremlin – When BBs Push

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Good things happen when BBs push. In this match me and two Großer Kurfürsts actually pushed. We did the capping, like battleships should! This ended up being a great match for me and one of the GKs.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Soviet battleship Kremlin.


  1. Aerroon you should stream, we miss you and stuff.

  2. dang i was so close am i second or callisified as first tell me aerroon

  3. No no, BBs don’t push. Mamas push.

    MOTHER RUSSIA is one such pusher!

     Eh, ok, that was a really poor joke. Now, to watch the replay!

  4. You mean


  5. T11, exactly!

  6. Yeah, you can see that the Yamato is AFK there, there’s no smoke coming from her stacks. Guy must have DC’d or something, I guess.

  7. Yah, since the patch sounds are fked. It sounds much better with the engine sound completely off now.

  8. Pretty sure Yamato just rage quitted.

  9. Tier 11? I actually had to replay that part to see if I heard that correctly LOL >_<

  10. Ok Aerroon, you’re right, you’ve proven the Russian BBs can’t shoot through islands. Yet.

  11. stefanos perivolaris

    Troll cruisers afk bbs easy game izi life

  12. Soviet Tier 11 BB.

  13. Yo! you don’t need to use that AA thing in Kremlin mate. BC Kremlin have the best AA in the game among all Battleships. Thick deck (60mm o_O) and citadel armor. Good main battery dispersion at close ranges, fast turret traverse, and good firing angles. Despite there were no blueprints of the Kremlin Class Battleships she has better damage output than 460mm Yamato. Kremlin Ap Shell damage: 15,500 Yamato’s AP Shell damage: 14,800.

    Just do not stay full broadside. Stay a little bit angled and watch the shells ricochet. Easy peasy!

    • But I got hit by torpedo bombers. So clearly I do have to use the AA thing.

    • WG found some sekrit dokuments, detailing the specs for the 457mm guns they wanted to put on Pr24. I believe them though… the shell fired by the 460mm guns of Yamato isn’t actually that heavy for the caliber, nor does it leave the barrel that fast. As far as guns go, the British and American 18″ guns both fired heavier shells than the Yamato’s guns.

      Damage in game seems to be a square-root function of muzzle velocity, mass and shell bursting charge. They sometimes fudge this number (as with Bismarck), but it largely holds true, so since the gun’s shell is supposedly both heavier and faster, it stands to reason that it has more damage.

      The way the ship is presented in game, Kremlin really is a T11. It’s the largest ship there, and when you compare it to the Yamato, it has more powerful guns and heavier armor (except on the turret front). It’s also carrying enormously powerful engines, making it faster.

  14. 8:11, DEWWWWW IT! – Chancellor Palpatine

  15. shima alive for almost 10 minutes. not bad.

  16. I really enjoy your narration and accent !

  17. BB pushes are amazing indeed. However, there are a few things you need when you push in a BB:
    1. Hydro like the GK had to not get torped to death OR
    2. A radar cruiser nearby pushing with you to ensure the DD doesn’t get to close
    3. Do it after the DDs have been spotted at least once 🙂
    4. Have stupid enemies like the Smolensk and Des Moines who like to die a h(z)eroes death

    • I don’t think hydro is really that necessary. You can mostly guess when torpedoes would come towards you based on what goes on in the match. Combine that with islands and you should be fairly safe against torps. But you’re right though, with more DDs around it can be quite dangerous.

    • @Aerroon Agree. My sixth sense usually lets me know where the DD is based on when I’m spotted and when not. But in open waters a clever DD player will make it to your flank. Then it’s either a broadside full of torps or a broadside full of 16″ shells.

  18. New fun drinking game, take a shot every time you hear:
    *”It’s fine, i suppose”*

  19. They had a MAJOR sound update, they reset sound settings. Just need to play with the settings and it will be fixed. Hope this helped

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