World of Warships: Kremlin’s Gambit

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I try to gain an advantage by doing something risky. It pays off!

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Soviet battleship Kremlin.


  1. Aerroon: Hello and Welcome to the McKremlin’s Drive Through, may I take your order?
    Enemy Kremlin: Ay, I’ll take a number 9.
    Enemy Lion: Gimme a number 9, just like his.

  2. Everytime I try a pass I get blapped :/
    And he somehow survives both

    • Gotta aim better! You have to keep in mind that your front and rear turrets are not in the same spot. Then you have to pay attention to where your camera is.

    • angle properly and hold fire till the right time.
      its hard but it can work. u can train vs bots or in training room

  3. “You have to have fun, right?” – Thank you Aerroon! This is so true and sadly it’s a sentiment that many WOWS players seem to have forgotten. There are way too many angry people playing these days

  4. thumbnail looks kinda like a submarine 😀


  6. Stephen Gallagher

    Dude, the editing on this is impeccable. The use of speed, perfect. Really well edited. I’m not really familiar with how you’d take replays off of the server before editing them, but tell me this. Can you take a specific Shimakaze video, multiple times from various camera points of view, then layer them up in the video editor, sync them to 0:00, and then get multi cinematic game play? There’s a bit in this video, the first shot, you aimed at a dude, fired then zoomed back for a bit, but then showed the close up hit just before it happened. That bit was tight. Can you get the enemy’s point of view by any chance?

    • Thanks. And yes, it would be possible to have multiple points of view from one event, it just takes time to do. I can’t quite get the enemy’s point of view from their ship though. Your replay only saves your point of view.

  7. wekk, after you dropped off stream, I looked around and went to see who was still live, so SirVenomik was wearing a red tartan Bra. OK, time to switch to Notser,

  8. I recognise this game 🙂
    I was the other one

  9. This is great, but if you look very closely at the start you can see that actually it is speeded up. ?

  10. Can you really do something risky in a russian bb?

  11. It’s risky jousting in a Kremlin. Lucky the other Kremlin fired early on his front guns. Well done on cleaning those two up so early

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