World of Warships – Kronshtadt and US Cruiser Split Updates

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Some updates about the and some of the US cruisers. Sorry for the short video, been stupid busy exploring a potential new opportunity X_x.


  1. Hey all, just wanted to apologize for not being around. Been busy exploring an interesting potential opportunity in real life, if it comes to something I’ll definitely let you all know 🙂 Cheers!

    • Thanasis Anagnopoulos

      Read the articles m8. they say the names are a placeholder to avoid confusion and that the original names will be returned upon release .

    • Hey Chase, thx for the update. I have a little question and I apologize should the answer already have been given… What happens to the ships you own on the moment of the split ? Will you loose your T6 Cleveland or will it go over to T8 (even if you don’t have the T7) ??

    • HHKingDingeling1984

      Reallife always comes first! So Good Luck chase! 🙂

    • “yikes is this ship gonna be beat on by battleships!”
      excuse me but . . isn’t that how it’s always been for cruisers?

    • just to make you a little more exited for the buffalo, it will also have to quadruple torpedo launchers near turret X or the upper rear turret! the torpedoes themselves though, are nothing special! the ship will be getting Farragut torpedoes! but hey! at least there not “American cruiser torpedoes with 0 in all stats right? also a little more about the design of the ship! the ship was dated in march of 1941! displacement of the ship is huge compared to other crusiers at the tier weighing in at 20,000 tons and with a length of 770 feet, this is no small ship! the ship is also incredibly fast speeds for an American cruiser! the ship can travel up to speeds of 35 knots but is not reflected in game! the most interesting features of the ship is that the stern was lowered a deck and that the catapult is amidships! no American cruiser built during WW2 had the lowered deck aft there is only one class of cruiser that had the aircraft catapults amidships that being the Alaska class! but they’re considered as large cruisers really they were battlecruisers! either way I am really looking forward to the ship! And incase your wondering, I got the information from shipscribe! the main weaknesses of the ship is a long reload a large size and because of the length, it could create a huge turning circle! on the ship looks great!

  2. Hey Chase can you please do a tech tree overview on the new French Battleships?

  3. Cleveland at 8….. unless it gets a smokescreen, there is no way they could rebalance it to be playable at that tier.

    • Cyanide7662 “CLs don’t survive long enough unless they hide in a smokescreen”
      My radar Minotaur would like to say hi. Frequently I survive until the end of the match and I only ask for one smokescreen while doing so – the one I use to sneak into an early cap and grief the enemy dd.

    • compared to UK its far more durable and concealment is pretty good add to that high firepower and radar meaning that DD will have hard times keeping you perma spotted.
      for maybe possible buff would be 6s rate of fire
      buff range a bit and add US heavy cruiser shell bounce angles (67.5 degree) to AP shells.

      despite lower velocity AP shells have shorter travel times (thx to higher mass) and due to steep shell arc they are pretty devastating at range (lack of over-pens + ability to pen decks).

    • LOZFFVII and where i come fron (Asia server) radar Minotaurs are always, and i mean always, the first or second ship to die, and its the smoke Minos that last til thw end. My point still stands, at least for my server. What works on one server doesnt necessarily work on the others.

    • Cyanide7662 I’m on the EU server, most players on my server know how to deal with smoked-up ships.
      I found that when I got Minotaur I wasn’t having much fun, as I was playing her the exact same way I played all of the RN CLs before her. I’d frequently find myself smoking up out of position and just being farmed by the enemy. I had zero agency and had almost no ability to swing a match. When I switched to radar I found myself having fun again. I felt like I was actually contributing to our team’s victory and being aggressive in her paid off dividends. I had a game not long ago I managed to get 6kills, kraken, dev strike AND confederate and survived as one of only two ships left on the team alongside a Graf Zeppelin who had no planes and tried to ram the enemy chappy (I sunk chappy before he could, the fool finally gave me his broadside so I could citadel him (´∀`)).
      The radar Minotaur is ridiculously good, you just need to know how to play her. Hyper aggressive and kite away behind an island serves me well enough. (╹◡╹)

    • Are you actually retarded or do you not have any idea how god damned nerfed the cleveland is you sack of crap? Take pretty much any stat she has minus shell speed and consider it horrible compared to how she was.

      Cleveland was never tier 8, but she was intended to be tier 8 and had tier 7.5 stats when she was introduced. Only a retard would refuse to look at the past.

  4. Thunder ChanWin7601

    Welp, my highest rated ship went from tier 6 to tier 8, god, I’m gunna need to mentally prepare myself for top tier games.

    Btw, thanks Ichase, for telling me.

  5. Ah, poor Pensacola. Its a decent ship with a terrible reputation so naturally it needs a nerf

    • its not a bad ship as i got more than 70% winrate with it. u can angle well AND use all guns with it. just keep distance and learn to dodge and angle properly. it has good HE and powerful AP. if u hate it so much then just go for first wins and stack xp boosts on it (flag and camo). this way u can finish it without many battles.

    • Imo, a good ship doesnt take a good player to play and enjoy. I’m an average-below average player and the cola just hurts. It has ZERO forgiveness if you get caught out unlike some other ships. I think a good ship provides bad players a good experience even when losing and playing poorly. Like my N Carolina or Alabama. I might not be doing well or winning in them but they are always nice to play.

    • BBs are forgivable because they are hard to kill…cruisers are NOT, similar to DDs.
      go play Neptune or Minotaur and then talk to me about being squishy and having 0 forgiveness…
      if AP touches them, they explode.
      if u want to learn to play cruisers effectively, u need to learn how to fight with them. u DONT show broadside to anyone, ESPECAILLY not to BBs. u keep distance from BBs and keep dodging their shells.
      i personally use incoming fire alert skill on all my cruisers as its really useful for dodging. with it i can show full broadside to BBs and the moment they shoot me i turn hard and slow down. this way they almost ALWAYS miss everything and i can take fire away from my team.
      make sure u dodge as much as u can, and if u r hit, u r angled.

    • Mino and Nept arent tier 6/7 ships though lol. At tier 9 you should be a better player. The mid and lower tiers should be easing you into gameplay and styles so you can transition smoothly. After the Cleveland (which I loved) I hit a wall with the Cola. It was far more difficult and the step up felt huge which made it a much less enjoyable gameplay experience.

    • i never said its better than cleveland as cleveland has a small citadel and pretty good armor as well as strong firepower and AA, but the basics should be learned up to T4 where u get protective matchmaking. at tiers 5 and 6 u should already transition to better skilled play so when u reach more challenging ships u would know how to handle them.
      some ships are easy and forgivable while some are less. u need to learn how to mitigate those traits.
      the cleveland cola transition is probably one of the most extreme examples of that.
      i got 61% SOLO winrate so if u need any advice ill be happy to help.

  6. Best decision ever made by WG for decreasing its HP to a slightly less russian bias, who knows? Maybe everything will ended up bouncing all around it

  7. Dear ichase!
    In my personal opinion the musec at the end of your videos is really annoying. I like listening to your voice before I go to bed, but the loud music wakes me up crucially every time.
    Can you please do something about it?

    • you aren’t worth changing shit because you’re just one person, GFY

    • Maybe you should be a bit more reasonable and not be so salty all the time.

      You’ll find people won’t be so hostile to you. You might actually find friends, too.

  8. Tier 8 Cleveland with Less HP then the Tier 6… the hell?

    Aside form Stealth and Reload they are just Stock ships,

  9. is the Cleveland getting its old shell velocity back?

  10. Look! A Pensa…*boom*…cola

  11. Sooooo…. if I have a cleveland, will I still have it after the update?
    WillI have a tier 8 Cleveland, or will I have the new tier 6 (I already have the pensecola)

  12. So WG balance the Pensacola at T6 by giving it worse concealment than a New Mexico. Seems legit.

    • Opaheke1 will be fun when the NM sneakes up on a Pepsicola und just instantly deletes it…

    • You’re forgetting T5 ships like Giulio Ceasare.
      And Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

    • Esa Tuunanen didn’t forget them, but I am pretty sure those ships cannot overmatch the bow armour (actually the GC might, need to check what a 13″ she’ll can do). Edit: I was wrong, 16mm bow so pretty much open season to over pens.

  13. … Pensacola nerf… Is this what we get for devs focusing on April Fool’s Day content instead of the actual game?

    • no, it is not you stupid little inbred.

    • Did it ever occur to you that maybe Dennis over here is making a joke?

      Did it also ever occur to you that maybe not everyone is serious when they post on YouTube?

      Did it ever occur to you that maybe calling people inbred may cause people to stop and wonder, “Gee, what’s this guy’s problem”?

  14. i have a really bad feeling about the Cleveland, i always loved her for her tanking power, atm she is still the only CL which can take a beating, but the changes look like as if she is just going to be another UK CL.

  15. WG really hate the US line ..
    EDIT : They somehow really hate Pensacola..

    • they hate the japs more

    • They love the British line more

    • I really hope WG don’t nerf the concealment of pepsicola ….it really need the concealment to stay alive longer 🙁
      In almost every game I saw a Pepsicola (either my team or other team) , once they got spotted it will get hammered and deleted quickly… BB , cruiser players like to hit it as for citadel hit.

  16. If you have a Cleveland, will you get when the split is introduced the t6 Pepsi cola or will you just keep your Cleveland but then at t8???

  17. Just spent a week grinding 10 point captain on Pensacola. Looks like the fun is over. One bb shell hit takes half your life. How in hell does this ship need a nerf????? Way to go wargaming.

  18. Still no alaska class 🙁

  19. Man I love cruisers.
    They die so fast and give us so many points.

  20. If indeed the Pensacola is buggered as suggested then it is, as it was, a skip past ship as it was in the past. There is ZERO reason for this sort of nerf on a ship that is even now, weak at it’s tier.
    It really makes you wonder what WG is thinking day to day.

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