World of Warships – Kronshtadt First Impression

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Checking out the tier 9 premium hybrid and , but definitely not a battlecruiser ;). Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Cruiser Replay – Discord Server


  1. Luigi’s Pizza ?! 100% you just watch the Flambass vids !!

  2. Somewhat not so impressed in this ship

  3. Dispersion looks bloody awful

    • David Martschenko

      Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer Did you mean Hood? QE traverse is 72sec ? To give Kronstadt the same sigma as Hood is a joke.
      Did KGV have staggered firing? Shell velocity was a lot lower than the French quad so less muzzle gases and reduced ‘wake’ effect. An advantage of slow but heavy shells!
      I agree mate, WG have done a dump on the RN AP. Ignored the strengths of slow/heavily shells in plunging fire and dispersion and made worse their weakness with the shitty Krupp values and a short fuse time. Belt penetration is appalling. Only to compensate with HE ?
      I realise this is only an arcade game but they could have done a better job of replicating historical accuracies!

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      David Martschenko yeah I meant Hood not QE lol… I’ll edit.
      Then again Hood historically has a 90 second turret traverse, and was 60 seconds before her buff – by trading it off with Fast Fuse AP and lower Krupp.
      I don’t know if KGV has staggered firing but I’m sure it was possible by doing it manually through sleight of the trigger.

    • David Martschenko

      Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer I’ll take the 60sec traverse for Warspites guns and 2.0 sigma!

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      David Martschenko plus no shitty Krupp and fast fuse gimmick. lolpenning the bow of any ship within its tier – like a mini Yamato decimating at T6.

  4. Prantik Chakraborty

    Lol luigis pizza!!! From flambass

  5. “hybrid battleship and cruiser”

    So a battlecruiser… 😉

    • Yep, and *supposed* to use their consequent higher speed to run away from any confrontation with a proper battleship.

    • …of course they never did this in practice and got blowed up a lot

    • Well technically newer battlecruiser designs like Alaska or the others which were never actually built never faced a battleship in combat. They also had some improvments over traditional battleship sized battlecruisers. Right now it’s just a squishy piece of junk with Roma style unreliable accuracy but with none of the trollpen tradeoffs Roma has.

      Also as for the Scharn comparison. Scharnhorst technically doesn’t meet the definition of neither battlecruiser or battleship (too much armor/too small guns) The design intention was that the 11″ guns could later be replaced with 15″ guns in the configuration Gneissenau has in-game but the two of them couldn’t be built as such as at the time Germany was abiding by the treaties after WWI. Also part of what makes Scharn work so well is the fantastic armor scheme and powerful secondaries and torpedo armament that helps win any engament where it can’t win with guns alone.

      Stalingrad on the other hand seems to have better gun dispersion plus an armor profile more similar to Moskva

    • It had to be a name

      To be fair…there are navys where the term “battlecruiser” doesn´t exist.

  6. Lol at all the shitters screaming OP when this was first announced.

    • Brendyn Bartos it had 80k hp when it was announced…

    • Ross Malefactor it’s not OP if the guns can’t do shit and it gets overpened by every battleship and will die quickly to HE spam

    • When it was first announced it had shell characteristics superior to Moskva. That state doesn’t exist anymore.

      The ship has been MASSIVELY nerfed since its announcement. But YES, it would have been VERY OP in its announcement state.

  7. wellletsseewatisgood

    Betting WG made her a CA when its closer to a BB so when they release RU BBs they can be crazy and say “well see Kron is a CA so it makes sense that the BBs are bigger and better”.

    • wellletsseewatisgood I’m pretty much guessing and I do have a theory about russian bbs from the start when I knew about Moskva. That the Russian BBs will have an hp that exceeds the german BB. Like the GK having 105k, tier X russian BB gonna be like 105-110k hp, I suppose.

    • wellletsseewatisgood

      Jojo Divas would not suprise me

    • wellletsseewatisgood yup. I will be expecting russian bbs hp to exceed germans when they’re gonna put into the game.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      wellletsseewatisgood, oh just you wait. Project 24 “Bis”
      457mm 55cal and 1720kg AP shells.
      For reference Yamato only has 1460kg and Conqueror with 1510kg with their 18inch guns.

      FYI it means, 18inch shells fired at Moskva shell speeds with the dispersion of Monty/Yamato – and highest pen in game. Don’t forget 12 152mm secondaries on each side of the ship.
      Think 24 fucking KV-2 guns on a ship.
      With 420mm Belt and better torpedo protection than Yamato – as it was designed to resist 500kg tnt, compared to Yamato with 400kg.

      Light n Fast Shells = Shit Dispersion
      So German, Italian and Russian

      Slow n Heavy Shells = Glorious Dispersion, so British, US, French and Japanese.

      Super Heavy Shells n Fast Shells = ultimate combo – both fast and glorious dispersion. High tier USN

      That is what the Iowa/Montana currently do with their 406mm 50cal mk8 super heavies of 1225kg but clearly the Russian Bis is gonna add fuckton crack to it.

    • Wiryan Tirtarahardja

      yeah at this point they’ll just take stalin’s brainfart napkin sketches and call it the “sekrit dokumentz” for their paper ships

  8. It still annoys me that we are getting this rather unknown BattleCruiser over a BC that is well known such as the USS Alaska/Guam

    • Dunno kinda of happy they are not putting the Alaska in the game, it kinda of fell short of all the requirements set for it. Didn’t meet the speed it was supposed to, didn’t get the armor it as supposed to cause the already subpar speed in the end the navy could build an Iowa for a little more and a little more crew and get a ship that was better armored, armed and speed. There is a reason the US decommissioned and scrapped the two Alaska class cruisers as fast as it could once the war was over

    • Just Monika EXACTLY


      Kronshtadt’s guns. Stats are more speculative than Stalingrad’s as they were never tested.

    • It had to be a name

      As someone who doesn´t live in the US but in Europe…i knew the KS long befor the Alaska.

      And Natsuki is best put your hands off

    • Sebastian Piñera

      Just Monika well, WG is russian, this ship is russian so…

  9. People complain when Russian ship is OP, people complain when ship is not OP x3 There is no making people happy. Its either Russian Bias or shit ship. I for once am excited for this ship, she definitely looks like she will be a lot of fun, though her health could be bumped up to 70k.

  10. You complain a lot, its a cruiser play it like a cruiser lol…you don’t need radar to play well.

  11. Very bad ship, awful dispersion, a battleship reload time, no radar, no hydro, no torps, low caliber guns.!!! What is the purpose of this battlecruiser?! Too weak for battelships, to too low DPM for cruisers, can’t hunt DDs because of bad dispersion=hell no, not going to buy it!

  12. This thing is an XP Pinata for the BBs any Cruiser main would get this at first look at the states so yeah no thanks

  13. Don’t mind me. Just sitting here waiting for Wargaming to add in the Alaska, a ship that actually existed.

    • Btw, if I build a car, and only make “11.6%” of the car. (Your special ship was only 11.6% completed)
      That does NOT mean it should included in racing games suddenly LOL.

    • You never see people whining when they add a British ship or a US ship, it’s only the USSR ships people complain about, even when they are not very good.

    • People aren’t complaining you idiot.

      They WERE complaining because when it was announced it had ballistics better than Moskva, and an 82k hp pool, and was VERY OP. Now they’ve heavily changed it, and the only complaints I’ve seen is that it was nerfed too hard.

      Stop trying to pretend you’re victimized and fuck off. No one’s complaining its being added to the game dickwad.

    • Half the comments on this are going “why they no add alaska” And literally the only change they made to this from initial version was to lower the HP pool.

    • First off, THIS is the only comment I see mentioning alaska.
      Second off, you need to learn English.

      “why they no add alaska”

      Means they’d like to see Alaska in game.
      it does NOT mean, ” USSR ships people complain about”

      Just because people want a ship they like, does NOT mean they do NOT want this ship introduced into the game.

      Go fuck off and stop feeling victimized.

      I’ll even use your line.
      “The [Kron is being added to the game]. Can’t you be happy with that already?”
      Again, fuck off.

  14. 9 flag defenses and a cap, I guess led to the XP? Sometimes I just don’t know how XP is calculated. I can play a DD and cap 2 flags, have untold “damage upon my spotting” our team wins and yet, I get 930 base XP. Maybe when you get to Saint Petersburg you can ask if it’s some strange Russian math.

  15. Also, I love the live commentaries. Here we get to see Notser going full ADHD mode.

  16. *gets into dpm brawl with des moines* such a bad ship

  17. Bow in vs a bow in DM and complains he lost too much health……..ok……

  18. “Please let me get inside you”

  19. You didn’t play it well.

  20. I really hope this stays as a shit ship. It’s about time Russian tech tree players get a ship they have to struggle in.

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