World of Warships Kronshtadt or Musashi – Which Should you Purchase

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Today we are going to take a look at the Kronshtadt and the Musashi. I am going to try and help you decide which one to purchase with your hard earned free XP. The choice isn’t the easiest, and both Ships are indeed good ships. One is easier for the masses though.


  1. Well Zoup, so far I prefer Musashi over The ole miss, and right now I am really liking the Kron.

    As far as the others, Mary Anne, I like spinners… I prefer three stooges over Marx Brothers.

  2. Roberts Markovs

    Kronstad is soviet boat . So it sucks…..

  3. A friend of mine just started playing ships and had an interesting point about being new. She is constantly asking me if this ship or that ship or that commander is something she is allowed to get and when told no isn’t all that happy. “Why should I miss out on the fun toys just because I am new?” Damn good question. Missouri being a good example, but there are others.I understand her frustration and I think sooner than later it’s going to annoy her enough to just move on.

    • There’s a long list of ships which are not available to newer players. There’s also reward ships from Ranked and Clan Battle seasons which casual players will never obtain, unless they transition into the competitive grind.

    • Joe Average um, yes. And?
      Forgetting the grind ships as they are available and beside the point, focusing on the ships new player may never own yet see people having plenty of fun in. It’s a big turn off and one I’ve heard from more than one source.

    • The beta vet bias is real, for get russian bias

    • Indeed, I find the official YouTubers near complete ignore of anything below tier 6 highly insulting as well.

      The vast majority of players haven’t gotten to ranked yet…and this don’t have access to high tier ships, don’t have camo and flags in abundance because of the economy inflation…and won’t have 750k free xp for months or years.

  4. 5:30 Quality torpedoes!

  5. Those Fletcher torps……

  6. Buy the ship that gives you something different. Have Japanese BB’s? Then get the Kron. Have Soviet cruisers? Get the Muz. I think of the T9 premiums as a way to try the high end of a line I haven’t previously tried. It’s a great way to see if grinding out a line is worth it by trying them out for an extended time. If you don’t like, for example, Musashi’s playstyle much, then you won’t have wasted time grinding out to Yamato, but you’d still have a Musashi to play occasionally and give you an option.

    • This is what I have done. Got the Yamato some weeks ago, and I kinda thought there was no point taking Musashi anymore, so I got the Kronsh and damn, I love this ship and I want to get Moskva so much now (currently with Chapayev)

    • If you went to TX on both those lines you should know which of the two premiums you’d like, surely?

    • Since I’m grinding both lines (currently at Chapayev and Kongou), I may take both (if God allows it). Musashi for training Yamamoto, and Kronshtadt for training future Moskva captain

    • AgAuNEWS No, Moskva and Kron are very different.

    • I would agree with Hans. Kron is actually quite different from Moskva. You can say that Moskva is still a heavy cruiser but Kron is seriously a battlecruiser. I got both Yamato and Moskva in my account and I got Kron instantly after it was released just for that it is a totally different one from all existing ships.

      So for me. The only reason to get a Musashi might be that I can use his 460mm guns to bully tier 7 ships. I mean, if you already have Yamato in your account then Musashi is pretty much the same thing to play as Yamato. If you dont have Yamato in your account and you want to buy Musashi with 750k free exp, then why not use those free exp to upgrade your Yamato instead?

  7. You actually print money win or lose with the Musashi as well, just not as much as the Missouri but the Missouri has to be played in a more active way then the Musashi so the Musashi is the lazy go to ship when you just want to have fun and make some credits.

  8. Pineapple on pizza is like ordering a steak well-done and with ketchup…

  9. Does pineapple belong to pizza? As an Italian and in particular as a man that was born in Naples where pizza was invented the answare NO

  10. I took Musashi over Missouri. IJN world domination.

    • Bro you made a big mistake. Missouri is freaking amazing. I don’t even need credits but I still play it all the time. I mean come on, it’s an Iowa with radar…

    • Same here, but more that I think Missouri was a huge mistake and I won’t condone it by getting one for myself.

    • I took Missouri, yes it print credits , but ship nahhhh , i have better chance of hitting dd on 12 km than full broadside BB at 5km , German BB’s are more accurate than this i shoot at waterline or slightly below and i damage gun or overshoot a BB on 5 km full broadside barely moving at 1/4 speed – 3 times in the row ,but can hit AP shell on DD comfortably at 12-14 km range for 8 k damage those guns just don’t work for me , close range is like saw of shotgun filled with grain salt…..

    • Um thats just the random Screwing with you Idimi, on top of the secondaries on the ship raining down on the DD. German BBs have the worst dispersion and 1.8 sigma values along with some ok shell ballistics, making them rather wild mains.
      Compare that to Mo, which has 1.9 Sigma and second best accuracy of any BB in the game if you put the arty room mod on (Which you should), and have good shell ballistics being slow(ish) heavy shells.

  11. The answer is still the Mighty Mo if you already have it 😉

  12. Seth and Camille

    lol that fletcher… first, he is never going to get that kill and why the widespread

  13. Nice video as usual Zoup, although that pineapple on pizza thing… eugh unsubbed.. (kidding) As much as you Recommend Musashi… I’m still gonna go for Kronshtadt I think. Simply because I suck in battleships and do well in cruisers lol

  14. Hey, I made it into a YouTube video! (I’m Kahiel in the Mighty Mo). Zoup, question for you. What about the Nelson? I have the Mo and I picked up the Nelson just about the time they introduced the Musashi. Would you recomend someone wait and get either Musashi or Kronshtadt before Nelson? Me, I’m banking more free xp for the time being.

  15. What about phoebe?

  16. Serious question from the UK. Why would you get a Musashi when you already have a Yamato?

    • Firstname Lastname

      To stomp T7s.

    • That is simpe. To have two Yamatos 😀

      But the real reason or best reason… to have a T9 Yamato and the enemy team just get a T9 Ship, while you have a T10 kinda.

    • I get that but t9 mm it not in favor of that sole advantage to the mushy

    • I don’t think that either the grind, or the gold required for the free XP is justified by the few times you’ll see T7’s, or by daily bonus. Not sure I’ll go for the Kronstadt, but I’ll pass on the Musashi I think

    • This question is easily answered by another one, “Do you have Gold camo or the HSF Camo for Yamato?” If the answer is no then there is your answer, since now you have a premium version of the same ship to earn the credits back. If the answer is Yes, then either you are a collector, enjoy High School Fleet enough to get that camo for her, or want a good BB at tier 9 to play when you need to earn credits and dont have Mo. Without Gold Camos your kind of limited to her in that respect, but if you do have them its another ship to add, as Iowa and Alsace are the only other competitors outside of Mo who would be worth running as BBs at tier 9.
      Edit: Should clarify what i mean, NO ONE GOLD PAINTS IZUMO because there is so many better options, and FDG you can use Bismarck with the free camos instead you get from the “Hunt for the Bismarck” Collection. It also comes down to personal play style as i have Mo and Musashi, and Mo is the one gathering dust. And if you have Yamato you sometimes cant afford to run it, and even then the profit margin isnt as big as it is on Musashi unless your investing flags (800k profit in yamato, but thats on a 3k base XP game). I dont have Kron yet, but honestly having a Gold painted Moskva has me kind of put off on getting her.

  17. Kronshtadt. like i would ever have 750k free xp in this game, i barely can manage 2-3 games whitout gettign angry at it

  18. sounds like all of us has 750k free exp😂😂

  19. 50Sfumature DiNiente

    Im not premium, i havent premium camos or flags that give me extra free XP….im never having all that free XP 😛

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