World of Warships – Kronshtadt Tease

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Discussing Kronshtadt stats for a little bit and just examining the ship for design. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!


  1. i feel that they want to make again some kind of scharnhorst… sharni has fast reload for B and small guns for BB.. and kron has BIG guns for cruiser and BADDDD reload for Cruiser..

    • Seems like it would make more sense as a tier 7 BB.

    • The problem is they are trying to split Battlecruiser’s between Battleships and Cruisers rather than have a separate Battlecruiser class.

    • Robert Pettigrew Then, make a friggin BATTLECRUISER section to put them

    • i believe she would be very anemic mid-tier battleship. unlike scharnhorst she just doesnt have enough goodies to compensate the small calliber and label her as bb would promote wrong gameplay for this ship. i believe long range snipers is what these things (kron+stalingrad+alaska) should be. kronshtadt is maybe debatable (there existed 6x380mm option for them) but it would require a lot of balancing with unsure results. but for alaskas there is pretty much no other option then T9 or T10 cruiser

    • to make it battlecruiser doesnt change a thing. it is just a label. you still have to balance these things. and cruiser playstyle is what suits this thing the best

  2. I bet her 12 inch guns will have more pen then the US 16Inch Guns…

    (Edit: for all those who are scared of the Limited Damage Control, Remember, Oct works just fine with it, though she may be different being a cruise, we will see…
    I think it should all balance out though.
    Remember she is a cruiser all.

    Edit: let them Balance these things first so the Alaska comes in Smoothly >=)

    • Special Forces

      Indeed so she will most likely also get a Buff laiter for a 2 second reload.

    • Exactly, it’ll be on fire the entire time.

    • Oct Rev works wel with limited damage con because it is at T5

    • Ooh, Alaska class.

    • The Alsaka and Kronshtadt guns work on two complete different methodologies of doing damage.
      Alaska’s gun behaves more like a Howitzer, fires a heavier bullet at a slower velocity, higher trajectory to damage deck armor.
      Becomes more effective in its designed role at longer ranges.

      Kronshtadt’s gun behaves like a Sniper Rifle, fires a lighter bullet at an insane velocity, flat trajectory to wreck belt armor.
      Effectiveness diminishes when range increases.
      These types of guns are relatively weak with punching through deck armor

      From a ballistic standpoint comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges.


  4. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    That turret armour (excluding that glorious rear and frontal turret faceplate), its so thin – yet the turret itself is so large…
    We all know Japanese cruiser turrets have no armour – but they are very small in general – hence it creates loads of overpens, rarely causing pens and breaking the gun, unless you fire HE…

    But as for the Kronstadt – its turrets are battleship sized, yet the side, and upper roof armour of the turret, seems to only be 90-120mm ish – judging by that light yellow colour… – meaning AP shells will easily punch through – and thanks to the large turrets – the shells will get to arm and do full penetration dmg to the guns, potentially incapacitating or even breaking them…

    • Soviet Warship R&D was all over the place.
      They made these massive ships with tin can armor.
      Despite getting extensive help from Italy.
      To be fair they started to distrust Italy after the Joint venture resulted in a bungled Kirov class cruiser.

  5. With all the scrubs screaming “Russian bias”, it’s hilarious how little Moskva and Khaba are actually being played.

    “But they’re OP!!1!1!1!” -> Except every other cruiser and DD (witch exception of Shima, which needs unicum skills to master) is better.
    “But Moskva has radar!!!1!1!1!” -> Except DM and Minotaur don’t get spotted from outer space and can use island cover to shoot. +theirs lasts longer.
    “But Moskva has lazer gunz!!!!1!1!1!” -> Henri’s guns are better, period. Apart from AP volleys, Zao is better too.
    “But Khaba has armor!!11!!1!” -> I take it you only get shot by other DDs in your [insert DD] and never by battleships.
    “But Khaba has 8 guns!!!11!1!1!1!1” -> Yeah, which is pretty much the only thing it has going for it, because it can’t cap or torp BBs.
    “Whatever Khaba is OP.” -> I’m not even a good dd player, but even I outscore my Khaba in a Gearing easily. Khaba gives up 1 DD slot to a light cruiser, basically. If the only DD is a Khaba, you lose.

    Moskva and Khaba aren’t terrible ships, but they’re gimmicky and require some mad skill to work. And good teammates. That too.

    • OK we should amend our statement: When played by the right people, they can be OP compared to other ships regardless of how well they’re played. (At least the Khaba, Moskva is fine IMO)
      That being said though, I don’t honestly mind having one or two every four of five games because that’s really the only times I see them.

    • I can agree with Moskva. It’s quite ok, except the detection should be improved by at least 1km.

      Khaba is statistically the strongest DD in the game at T10 though, so I don’t know what you’re on about there.

    • Shitty Pony OC Recolor

      Aye, hit that nail right on the head. I just give people the benefit of the doubt now and hope they’re merely joking since Russian bias is basically an inside meme at this point.

    • Exactly my point, EVERY ship is “OP” when played by the right person! I feel “OP” is applied too hastily nowadays. The only ships I deem OP at higher tiers are Kutuzov, Lo Yang… That’s pretty much it, really. Kutuzov needs a 3km range nerf and Lo Yang needs standard Hydro. Thing is, those ships are so good compared to other tier 8s that even a pleb can perform well in them. That’s not true for the Moskva at all. With Moskva, you need to be keenly aware of your surroundings AND enemy positions. Khaba needs one to be very good at anticipating shots and dodging them, which is NOT a skill every pleb has.

    • “Khaba is statistically the strongest DD in the game at T10”

      Yes. It’s not the best dd, though. It’s an average cruiser at best. My issue is with people who think Khabarovsk carries games. No, everyone else in his team is supporting his ability to deal damage and survive. Everyone else is spotting DDs and capping bases. Khaba isn’t doing any of those things until late game.

      Khaba isn’t as easy to play as those people like to believe. Also, I firmly believe those people main BBs.

  6. when rusiian bias not bias enought

  7. So, is the Kronshtadt basically like the US’s totally-not-battlecruisers-they’re-large-cruisers-it’s-different-trust-us _Alaska_-class?

  8. Then again, I do love my Chapyev so who knows?

  9. Just be glad it’s not another conq 🙂

  10. If I get the ship, I’ll play it with rudder shift just like I play my french. Easy to see, hard to hit, and packs an alright punch.

  11. 18.2 mm Gun-range … Russki bias confirmed !

  12. this is Russian ship,no way it gonna stay like this….those stats gonna get a lot of buffs before we will be able to buy ship

  13. its a Battlecruiser

  14. Confused Blue Dragon

    The way I see it, the Kronshtadt looks to be pretty appealing for those who are looking for a worthy challenge…

    If I were given the choice of choosing the next Premium, I’d pick the British Battlecruiser Repulse as a T6 BB; high speed, six 380mm guns with 30-sec reload, respectable armour layout, 32-knot max speed and a waterline citadel… I see that as a unique high-speed BB that would hate lemmings with a passion.

  15. Space battles are back boi

  16. At roughly 3 min 50sec in, you say “Literally every single battleship you will face will punch through”
    You forgot about KGV, DoY, Lyon, and Scharnhorst; they won’t be able to overmatch this ship’s bow/stern plating.

  17. As I said on another vid “They should have just had a Battlecruiser class rather than splitting them between cruisers and battleships. As Captains are not locked into class not sure why they did not split into DD, DL ( DD leaders), CL, CA ,BC and BB.”

  18. So if we have this thing now when do we get the Alaska class?

  19. REALLY BIG GLASS CANNON. fast, not particularly manuverable, but should be almost able to delete cruisers at will.
    Nice “Large Heavy Cruiser” And it does kinda open the door for the Alaska’s. It’s not a battle cruiser..disagree about running RPF.. always nice to know if there’s a DD sneaking up on your slow not so manuverable ship.

  20. khairul jamaludin

    notser.. make a video about how to find a citadel from different angle.. cause ppl keep whining how to aim

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