World of Warships – Kronshtadt WiP – It LIVES! Much Improved

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With the HP buff and sigma buff that the Kronshtadt got, she is in significantly better shape compared to the first time I previewed her. She’s definitely a strong T9 now.


  1. It is funny how fragile the Russian ego is. There were probably riots in Russia when the Henri was released and a Russian ship did not have the biggest guns. So they developed these monstrosities when there was no need for them in game just so the Russians can have the best cruisers again.

    • I don’t really think that’s what happened, but I like your line of thought anyway 😛

    • To David Smith: “their ego is so fragile they can’t stand that another cruiser has bigger guns so they had to go to the paper ship design file .” OK, but the Henri IV is also a paper ship. There was a Henri IV ordered as part of the planned Saint-Louis class but it was never built; and as you recall the those ships were supposed to carry 203mm guns. Maybe there was a design idea beyond the Saint-Louis which was supposed to carry 240 mm guns, I don’t know. What I do know is the Russian developers put another, not quite real ship in the game from a different country, before they put in one of their own.

      I think you would or will have a stronger argument if Wargaming doesn’t put similar ships into the game besides the Stalingrad. Personally I expect the Alaska to eventually make it into the game as well as the Japanese B-65 planned battlecruisers which were supposed to carry nine 310 mm guns and probably the German O class battlecruiser which would have had six 381 mm guns and a planned 35 knot top speed, but their armor scheme was only designed to stand up to 203 mm shell fire. The Regia Marina also had a battlecruiser design, but they abandoned the idea in 1933, so if implemented in-game, it would belong in a lower tier, probably 6 or 7, because like the Graf Spee it wouldn’t have been able to reach 30 knots.

    • kronshtadt and stalingrad are more real than henri

    • Глеб Маслов

      “look at the Russians throughout history and their obsession with size. They have the largest helicopter in the world. The Largest air transport aircraft in the world. The largest surface combatant naval vessel in the world. The largest submarine in the world. The largest nuclear bomb in the world. Their tanks have the largest guns in the world, the list goes on and on and on… is a national obsession with them.”

      they have a god damn reason people don`t just build things like that which cost millions of dollars just because they like how it`s looks
      russians needed biggest helecopter and air transport aircraft because it`s needed for their doctrine of war
      they needed bigger guns on tanks because they can`t developed better shells
      why they build big bomb? because 30 years ago was fucking arms race which called cold war

  2. Ichase, in her current iteration, would you call her better than Stalingrad?

    edit: saw what you just said. Stalingrad has too little HP to sustain a devoted Conqueror or just a lot of focus fire. Would you recommend her HP is increased to 92k to help her?

    Also, her lack of overmatch kind of ruins her. She can’t spam AP like battleships. She can’t spam HE like cruisers. I’m worried she’ll be reduced to nothing more than a port ornament, with so situational utility

    • They aren’t comparable. Different roles, different styles of play. Kronshtadt is a good ship now. Stalingrad is a good ship. Just don’t compare the two because they just aren’t comparable

    • Stalingrad is absolutely fine. I pretty much average at least 2.5 million potential damage per game, average damage probably at least 150k if not more.

      She’s incredibly strong already, any more and she’ll become broken.

  3. Flavio Salatino

    You say that is balanced, flamu say that is op as hell…and with those guns, armou and hp pool i am more inclined to believe to flamu

    • Id also like to point out this is a battle cruiser, and should not be compaired to other cruisers so closely. Thats like comparing moskva to mino. same class but heavy vs light and COMPLETELY different play style. And similar gaps in stat differences. Its not fair to call OP because of a large hp and gun cal. Compaired to ships in a different class

    • I agree, this is definitely OP, since you compare it to things like the crappy Ibuki. If you see this ship using those normal line T9 ships, you will get destroyed most likely.

    • To roryforham: The thing is, I don’t think Flamu invented the the idea that the Conqueror is just an HE machine. He just popularized the idea more than other WoW contributors, because some of them said similar things. Also, I remember when that ship was first available on the PTS there were ordinary players talking about how the Conueror is an HE monster. Actually, I think it started with the Lion first and carried forward to the Conqueror. What sucks is when you are in a game and someone in the Conqueror doesn’t switch to AP when they are given over a minute of an opponent giving them an easy broadside to shoot at. I saw that happen just two nights ago.

      The problem with Flamu’s video where he shoots nothing but HE isn’t that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, it’s just the opposite. Flamu is great at positioning his ship; like iChase, he’s developed an in depth knowledge of how to play the game beyond that of most ordinary players; those who just play two or three times a week, so he can get away with not firing AP. Also, he doesn’t tell his audience how many times he tried going all HE before he got a monster game. The average player sees this video and thinks “that is what I should do” and doesn’t have the skills to pull it off or realize that if Flamu was really going to play the Conqueror on a regular basis, he would switch to AP when he saw the opportunity to do so. He might even have expert loader as one of his Captain skills.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      ” it´s rather cute how you compare the T9 ship performance to the full stable of T10 ships (which while she will meat them) was never the point of the argument and is redundant as it is comparing apples and pears. The points on the T9 ships though”

      Yes, it was. Kronstadt was being compared to other tier 9s, which have better ways of dealing with tier 10s than Kronstadt does. It’s rather cute that I needed to point that out. I wasn’t aware I needed to explain how the other tier 9s deal with tier X cruisers.

      “snipers point taken (thats a case of how you play though to deal with those)”

      Hoping the enemy captains are shit?

      “this is a medium range support ship”

      Finally, someone said it. *Support ship* aka shite on its own. Like current Baltimore and Neptune. Nothing “OP” about that. It’s not a fucking Khabarovsk from 2016.

    • Empoleonman522the2

      the t9 us cl is Seattle btw also well said sir (didn’t know how to put it into words myself)

  4. I trust you more than flamu. 25 mms over ship is incredibly squishy… so yeh cant be that OP

    • Boris Markovic well said lol

    • Well flamu said a good point, he did not say 25 mm is a good thing, but there are more cruisers at tier 9 with the same problem and they cannot heal as much HP as this ship can

    • I will agree that she is strong… but again they will ask you to spend 600,700K free exp to get it. I am sure, if she is not indeed UNIQUE , that I will pass her. Considering how large she is, that reload time, that armor, concealment etc…. it is not worth buying her for free exp. Btw check Missouri and Musashi, both overperforming their silver counterparts by far.

    • Nore are they as visible or as large.

  5. Congrats on the new job! May you be blessed with much PTO and wonderful healthcare!

  6. WG should just add a battlecruiser class. Would be much easier to balance things like Stalingrad, Graff Spee, possibly Moskva, etc

    • Moskva is a no on the battlecruiser front. She’s definitely way more of a cruiser than battleship; similar issues to Kronshtadt that iChase mentions, particularly the 25mm nose.

    • Spee is also not a battlecruiser, just a heavy cruiser with big guns.

    • Hell man, there fundamentals are the exact same as the 3 other class ships in game!! There would be no difficultly balancing these ships I don’t believe.

    • make a new class is not balancing. whatever label youll put on these things, there is still a hard work to find a right spot for these ships. kronshtadt seems to fit the place perfectly, stalingrad not really

  7. Thomas Bernecky

    I’m sure she’ll be eating my new USN cruisers for a snack.

  8. What is the sigma ?

  9. I just realized Asashio is not able to touch this thing (or Stalingrad). New metanator confirmed?

  10. Flamu is always full of crap . I trust ichase. I will also remind some of u of important facts. People that play this ship will be timped to treat her like a BB . just like the Royal Navy did thinking she has the guns , for getting she doesn’t have the armor. Basically she will not last long with most gamer’s in this game

  11. Why anyone is taking this guy’s content seriously when all he does is Three Man Div and isn’t as good of a player as Flamu is beyond me.

    71K HP for a Cruiser is insane, and guns that can citadel a Battleship or burn them to death comfortably is pretty strong. Couple that with 10-11KM Concealment as well as the ability to stealth Radar and this thing…like Flamu…the guy who produces actual quality content and doesn’t need a three man Div crutch just to play the game nowadays.

    It may be covered in 25mm armor, but with a 230mm belt and 71K HP, even if it does get chunked for 20K it still has more HP than any other Tier IX cruiser. It has fantastic firepower, and with DF AA you have adequate defense against a plane attack. It’s weaknesses, which other Tier IX cruisers regularly share, are way overshadowed by its strengths, which are more apparent strengths than any other Tier IX cruiser has.
    It’s more than a cruiser than the Stalingrad is, and that in many ways is a strength and not a weakness, and even the 25mm weakness is offset by a massive HP Pool. It has the HP pool to tank an Iowa or a Missouri comfortably. No other Tier IX cruiser can do that.

    • Its bad PR with poeple just scanning the comments to see that then. Just for bait, it hurts the channels overall credibility for the majority of people that dont click to view the reply comments 😒

    • iChase and I actually know eachother and he knows most of what I said I don’t mean…which makes it even better bait. 😀

    • I thumbs down’d your comment. Then I opened the thread. Successful troll was successful.

    • praos how the hell is notser in your top 3 youtubers for WoWs man how dose anyone stand his voice and his content they are both horrid at best

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      I’d say the thing is that you yes, you can “tank” some BB shells with this.
      But a Roon, or Ibuki can just dodge that.
      We are going to have to wait for when it comes to the live servers to see how good it is.

  12. If she comes out as is ive already got xp saved up for her, if they nerf her idk and if the buff her shut up and take my money lol

    • Noob question but would IFHE do anything for that caliber. Maybe make it easier to HE citadel cruisers

  13. I’d personally take RoF over shell size. Sure this will pack a punch if you hit, but you have a better chance at hitting if you’re firing more often. In a battle with a kiting cruiser, I just can’t see this ship doing all that well. The cruiser will dodge the inaccurate shells, and they’ll be firing back more shells (and hitting more shots since you’re a bigger target). It’ll be interesting to see how well she performs when she’s finally released.

  14. I don’t care how much you try to deny it, it’s a T9 Stalingrad. If they were the same tier you could make the argument they are different. If you tone all the T10 stats down on the Stalingrad to a T9 ship, you get the Kronshtadt. All the things you call weaknesses in this ship, so does the moskva, and this is 1 tier lower. In fact this ship is arguably better than the moskva at tier 9. If you compare her to all the other T9 cruisers in the game, she is by far the best. That is the very definition of OP.

    • xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

      I see the same here. WG seems to be slowly trying to throw their bias into the game again…

  15. gotta love all the flamu vs ichase battle in the comment section…….why cant people just watch both and think about both sides’ points themselves? it’s not like you HAVE to 100% trust one person and 0% the other

    • Some random guy from the beyond

      MoRal微瘋 its cause Flamu’s fanbase is basically a cult at this rate

    • ^^^^^^^lol^^^^^^^^
      iChase relates to the vast majority of us mear mortal wows players, flamu only to the less than 1% of those superunicums. I still watch both but i relate and agree with ichases opinions way why more often

  16. I don’t think people can reliably judge if a ship is OP or not until it is actually released and they personally play in it or against it. Stats are just a theoretical description. Guys please stop yelling about the ship being OP or there being Russian bias. You really can’t make your own judgments until you’ve had experience with her. And Flamu or iChase’s judgments shouldn’t be what you make yours, even if they do make sense to you.

  17. love how you say you went down to half HP with 1 salvo from 3 BBs awww now think if you are in any other tier 9 cruiser? oh yeah delete

    • Empoleonman522the2

      that or you get what happens to me and they straddle you due to last moment wiggling……dodging is a thing

    • yeah dodging one battle ship salvo is fine 2 is easy enough but 3 or more if they dont all fire at the same time your gonna have problems or even if they fire at the same time your still gonna get those random shells that seem to just guided rounds that hit you cause RNG is a cunt

  18. 750.000 free xp ship!

  19. People claim Russian bias… Forgetting how OP shima was, how OP yammy was, how OP conqueror was, how OP Mino was, how OP many ships were at first……….

    • How is the yamato OP she is the only T10 BB that was built and used she is not a paper ship she was built to kill battleships yet she is out classed by all the paper ships in the game

    • Yamato is not op
      Sure the 460mm pain to be at the receiving end
      But yamato is easily punishable if you play wrongly(* show citadel*)

      And conqueror is just a very bad example of BB

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Yamato OP??? i’m sorry but which T10 Battleship is left with an actual Citadel??? yeah though proper positioning – and utilising those lolpen guns – she is strong indeed – but that’s about it, make one mistake and its back to port.

    • Just Killing Time

      You’re inferring there is no Russian bias… citing many ships that WERE OP (past tense) none of which were russian, by the way. The logical conclusion, and the matter of fact, is that the russian ships are STILL OP while the competition has been nerfed. Moreover, why is a person (which I assume is) from Texas sticking up for the russians? Did you work on the trump campaign, too?

    • Russian ships demands a lot of skill to use them right. So if you know how to play and use their pros people will speak about Russian bias, but nobody tends to mention wha happens to ussian ships while you making a mistake. In most of Russian ship you can make only one mistake, you won’t survive her to make another one

  20. The chat in the video proofs again that BB-players are a weak species. Seven BBs shitting their pants because there is ONE ship that counters them (Asashio).
    Let these guys play a cruiser and face seven counters. Bet they would manage to jump the border and flee to the next map.

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