World of Warships – Kronstadt Sneak Peek – Rebalancing Cruisers [DATAMINE]

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Looking at the datamined information for the Kronstadt, an upcoming T9 Russian “CRUISER”…this ship will I think will affect cruisers in the T7-10 bracket. Oh joy!

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  1. Insert Discord Mating Call

  2. I hope this one balances well so we can get Alaska properly Balanced when added

  3. This should be a tX ship .After i whatched the vids for this ship on the other WG chanels , i really though that this was going to be X because 305mm guns on cruiser oohoo boy this is not ok .because those can overmatch the nose of every cruiser that has less than 20mm of bow armour thats almost every cruiser lower than t8 !!!! + 80k THIS JUST CANT BE PUTTED IN T8.When i first heared of her i was verry exited ,but now when i ve heared the values i dont even whant this ship in the game cuz WG will definetly make it a BB. I totaly agree with u that there should be a new class of ships because same shit is with the Hood .Btw the whole time i though u were speaking the Stalingrad.

    • there is already a tier X ship called stalingrad it was featured on the website as clan reward premuim

    • You dont hear anyone bitching about GK having 106k HP vs 85k hp over other t10 BBs, when battleships have twice the damage mitigation of cruisers. +30khp @25mm armour =/= +30k BB HP….that HP difference on a cruiser(hell, doesnt even matter, 25mm is 25mm) can disappear very quickly and doesnt account for much more staying power at all. Size, armour, speed, turning radius, much better derivatives than pure HP…

      it will fit in just fine, it doesnt have radar – just like Hindenburg, but Hindenburg is better than this with all its specialties. t10 vs t9, sure yeah i can see it.

      honestly just another t8 v t10 syndrome, people dont believe in themselves already, and then get kicked down a few more notches because of labels and numbers.

      t10 players are generally better players than those pulled out of a hat at tier 5, but remember tier 8 is only halfway to t10, the playing field mixes the NHL with the amateur league ALL of a sudden.

    • I do think that this should come in like the the Hood and the Gneis/Scharn as BBs in the appropriate tier. Is it a tier X BB? I don’t think so. Once the more proper battlecruisers are in game as a class, then this can be split into a BC category. Perhaps a tier X one at that. As currently configured, tiered, and as a cruiser, I can only reach for more vodka.

    • This cruiser is ment to fight cruisers ,if he stands against a cruiser ,no matter what the cruiser is the enemy will lose , simple as that ,if the player of the stalingrad avoids bb he will have the best time for obvious reasons .11km conceal 305mm guns 80k hp does that sound like a t8 to you ?

  4. This is the Russians fantasy. A SHip that was inferior to Alaska in real life, and made up shell velocities. At 305mm the US had the very best guns of all time. They tested her shells at 808 m.s and found that anymore expotentially limited barrel life. Basically at 900 m/s she would have had 5 shots before she cooked off her magazine.
    She is a Moskva with 305mms guns and that SUPER amazing reps. Only a tard will sit bow on with it, just like the Moskva you bait shots with a 20 degree angle and you are way better off vs a Yammy than even a Iowa is. SHE REPS AT 412 HP A SECOND…OMG Also it has 580 vertical dispersion vs teh Kurfursts 728!!! This is not going to be inaccurate at all. Cruisers have to have rediculous Sigma because they are slower shells. This thing might be the fastest overall flight time in game at range. Its shell weight is huge and at 900 m/s it carries through. She is a T9 Moskva with 305mm guns….Its a Ruskis retarded fantasy.

    • Don’t hold your breathe they won’t.

    • Its still only a 2m section. The other parts are under plates of 90mm and is the entire under deck. Meaning the ship will take1 plate pens, but unlike DM or Zao or others who eat citadels from those, this wont. The most it will do is 33% of 1 plate. Also, she has layer upon layer of thick side plates. She is going to be hard to sit at an angle.
      Most shells hurt ships with weak Casemates is because that 25mm is extended to the deck…This one isnt. Most shells hit below the water line or hit the deck.

    • The fact they are starting to intro these O 252, 907 bullshit failures that act like successes into WOWS is terrible. Lol playing WG games knowing nothing about history you would think the US lost the war and the Ruskis saved our sorry asses from the Germans 🙂 Also, you would think histories failures where the best production tanks of all time.

    • now that you mention it thats is what it feels like…. and i get this is a game and a game needs balance… but some of the balance choices make no sense and we get left with us/uk ships that are the total opposite to reality

    • Chad Mesiroff I wouldn’t say us lost the war but the Russian certainly win it . Even through not totality self but when 70% German casualties is on eastern front. World of warship is may not very historically accurate. But to say Soviet didn’t win….. a bit of.

  5. Da torvarish all other nations battlecruiser go in BB tree but glorious Soviet battlecruiser is in cruiser tree, no bias. I have no idea what the difference a premium makes being a cruiser instead of a BB but it’s Soviet so something something Russian bias.
    Edit: after seeing the detonator values does this mean full penetration damage vs Khaba because of the short fuse delay?

    • To be fair the Kongos and Hood were upgraded to fill more of a standard battleship role (not that Kongo armor is impressive but hey that’s how the IJN navy classified them)… Amagi and Dunkek I can’t answer… but considering that Amagi is somehow tankier than Kii -_- (ggwp WG on that one..)

    • steweygrrr Schaenhorst is a BattleCruisers and it’s a premium BB, wp WG

    • Bobby Bolivia while it might seem like a battlecruiser, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were battleships. Thier official dedignation is “Schlachtschiff”, wich is german for battleship.

    • boreas real oh thats awesome, never knew that. I just always thought they were battlecruisers – but dayum they are some dangerous battleships in that case. Good to know m8 cheers

    • yup. The original plan was to fit them with the same 15in guns the Bismarck had, but that was dropped, due to Hitler not wanting to provoke the UK.

  6. Yeah seeing those numbers. That makes Moskva look underpowered.

  7. So, by WG’s logic, this thing is stealthier than the Moskva. I’m wondering some other things for this ship, like the acceleration. Will it be BB-like, or cruiser-like? Who knows, she might just be a torpedo bait. The bow is looking pretty standard for cruisers. I think it’s a good thing the bow is 25mm instead of 27, since there are now many battleships with 380mm guns at higher tiers (Bismarck, Tirpitz, Roma, Monarch, Richelieu, Gascogne, Alsace), and they would not be able to deal with 27mm of bow armor, at least not using AP. Overall, an interesting idea, but yeah, it’s gonna cause trouble with the MM when they match this russian “cruiser” with something like an Ibuki. But hey, at least it doesn’t have Donskoi radar.

  8. Where’s my Enterprise!?!? I finally made it to t9 cv Essex and thought it was time to try the legend enterprise, but nope not there in tech tree not in the shop. How do I get it!? I really like cv play….

  9. I gotta take a look at this damn overpowered piece of Russian Bias

  10. Great, another completely over powered Russian ship

  11. Nope no russian bias here move along

  12. So the Moskva is outgunned and out HP’d by a lower tier ship of the same tree whose only real drawback will be reload time?

    • Not a real drawback with the 16.8s reload time that the Main Battery Mod. 3 provides but then again the 20.9 km range if Gun Fire Control System Mod. 3 is installed might be the better choice. Used with Demolition Expert and flags it will burn down every BB in range if not straight out citadelling them with cyka blyat Stalinium AP while using the Klingon cloaking device… R.I.P. Moskva.

    • Moskva has a huge advantage over this thing in one area though: armor. Moskva has the best armor of any cruiser, capable of bouncing all bb AP with the entire center hull, while this thing is a bb-sized ship with the same terrible armor profile as mogami and ibuki. So a moskva can angle against bb’s, while this thing will get overmatched and murdered by them no matter how it angles.

    • joshdrr not only this, the ruddr shift time is about 20s long

    • This thing is going to burn a lot. I look forward to killing it with *insert any tier 9-10 cruiser*

  13. How are you finding information such as this? Seriously, I would like to know how to do that. This information is interesting to me, but I am unable to find in-depth information such as this.

    I found the “Supertest” article, it contains much less information than you presented.

  14. It is funny how Russians have such a inferiority complex and how it plays out in games they develop. The Russians have never been a major naval power but in their minds they ruled the seas with the most advanced ships in the world. Just look at World of Tanks and Warthunder. If their tanks were as good as they were in the game they could have beaten the Germans in 3 weeks. In REALITY the Russians simply wore the Germans down through attrition, the Germans maintained a 10×1 kill ratio in tanks throughout the war at a MINIMUM. So keep dreaming silly little Russians, your military equipment has always been and will always be garbage compared to it’s western counterparts.

    • First the Sherman was probably one of the worst tanks of the war. The only place it enjoyed technical superiority was in the pacific where Japan never invested in tank research. It was completely inferior to any of the Panzer MK4’s with the 75mm L48, Panthers, Tigers, etc. The T34 by any standard was better in all aspects than the Sherman. It wasn’t until the Sherman Firefly did allied tank crews even stand a chance against German tanks.
      The only advantages the Sherman had was it was cheap and easy to produce, we built more Sherman’s in a month than the Germans built armored vehicles during the entire war. It was also reliable and easy to repair and maintain in the field. The Tiger probably had a 50-1 kill ratio against Sherman’s, the Panther 30-1.

    • Karachaguy Patinyasak

      Western army never fought russian army directly how can you tell that russian are junk?
      I mean on large scale battle btw.

    • Karachaguy Patinyasak

      Its just a game if you dont like it you dont have to play it.its possible to play this game without having to pay anything.AND TRUST ME THE STATS WILL CHANGE.

    • The Germans are a western power. True they did lose the war but the Russians never had to face more than 60% of the German army. The other 40% was on occupation duty and combat operations against the Western Allies. If the German General staff would have been allowed to conduct the war without the constant interference from Hitler they would have defeated the Russian handily. The amount of casualties they inflicted vs sustained, the numbers of aircraft shot down vs lost, and numbers of tanks and armored vehicles destroyed vs lost paint a clear picture that the Germans pretty much mauled the Russians however the endless hoards of fresh troops eventually wore down the Germans.

    • I like the game it just bugs me that the Russian inferiority complex creeps into every game they develop. The French tier ten cruiser is better than the Moskva so I bet every Russian had a collective hissy fit and demanded Wargaming invent a fantasy ship that is better than the French T-10 cruiser. We got the Russian cruiser and destroyer lines BEFORE the Italian or French lines and they were legitimate Naval powers. The USS Iowa could have taken on the entire Russian Navy of WW2 and defeated it.

  15. Worry not, comrade. This ship will only go into the hands of very experienced rank 1 players and Hurricane clan members! Is no problem. No problem at all! Is perfectly balanced!

  16. Meanwhile Zao has under 41k HP
    well played WG.

  17. does it come with British fishing trawlers to fire at? or a tugboat pulling a target to actually hit? as in, the tug boat, not the target it’s pulling.

  18. Russian bias, strikes again!

  19. The concealment is simply ridiculous. This ship is bigger then Moskva and has 30% more HP. How can they give it this concealment?? Where is the balance. In Moskva the biggest weakness is concealment. DD spots you from the other side of the map and if you play carefully you will be focus fire since the very beginning of each round. Ok let’s call it balance(I personally think it’s too punitive) but here?? With new pay to win ?? Hope they will reconsider their decision

  20. WG are you drunk again?! The Moskva has a concealment of 18km, at Tier 10, while this giant has a concealment of 14km?!?! And this massive health pool… WG are you out of your mind?

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