World of Warships – Kuma Revisit

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on Fault Line moves out to support the team in the eastern side of the map. The team encounter a enemy who runs into a great big friend. The enemy team tries to help their friendly but they couldn’t arrive fast enough. I pull back to protect the base from enemy ships. I make a final push into the enemy who remained in the eastern flank to protect their carrier. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IV Kuma Replay


  1. gr8 vid mate

  2. Ah, the first video I saw on Notser’s channel was his Kuma video.

  3. I had a Kuma game were J killed all the enemy dds (3) in about 30 seconds.
    Unfortunately it was that one time replay didnt work on my pc… It was

  4. No ship is worthless .. except the Kaaaarl :P

  5. Hey Notser you didn’t do the Akatsuki DD.

  6. Use Iwaki instead

  7. i do see quite a few CV’s at the mid tiers but beyond tier 8 they are non

  8. Saw this during the stream. Great ending!

  9. I honestly enjoyed my time in the Kuma a lot more than the Tenryu and pre-C
    Hull Furutaka. This was like 18 months ago though hahaha.

  10. Tis only a Fleshwound

  11. Ayano “Akari Mizunashi Furutaka” Sugiura


  12. The Kuma is actually a pretty damn good ship. Fast, maneuverable, really
    good guns (fast ROF, good number of them, decent velocity), good torpedoes
    (not good enough to launch stealth torp attacks, though). It’s a rare case
    of a Japanese light cruiser that’s more than just a bigger, less stealthy
    torpedo boat. It can pour fire on targets quickly and relentlessly. It’s
    damn good against destroyers, and it’s small enough (especially bow-on)
    that battleships can have a hard time dealing with you. It feels like a
    large destroyer (with lots of fast-firing guns) rather than cruiser, which
    makes it quite fun to play. Dancing around with your maneuverability and
    speed at long(ish) range while pouring fire into the enemy is where this
    cruiser shines, I think.

  13. Fuck yeah!
    The Kuma is one of the best ships with me…..surprisingly also the
    Ishizuchi and the Yubari. They complement each other very well.
    I am a bad player, but because of the 3 ships I just mentioned; I am kind
    of average at least :D

  14. Вадим Анохин

    Very cool fight.

  15. Thank you for playing something that is not a T8 or higher, Good vid

  16. Great game and ending! Guess I never knew the Kuma was disliked. It always
    felt like a big, capable destroyer with a health bonus.

  17. I want the premium Kuma back !!!!

  18. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Kuma stuck with Hydro, whether you want
    it or not? I thought anti-air came in at tier 6?

  19. The was and is great, i love it, kept it for a long time :D

  20. “buttload”
    I am outraged and ashamed :X

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