World of Warships – Kung Fu Barbie

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Kung Fu Barbie – an Australian martial arts barbecue or a childrens’ doll trained in the way of the exploding fist? Either way it’s definitely time for a culturally insensitive thumbnail!

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  1. Love ya jingles, don’t stop!

  2. Jingles been a fan since 2011 love your stuff! Glad was able to catch a new video! Thank you truly

  3. Kungfubarbie=Flambass right? Btw you’re a true gem Jingles, keep it up:)

  4. I am really surprised that Jingles did not mention in this video that KungFuBarbie is Flambass!

    • LMFAO I just realized this, that name looked familiar…
      And I couldnt figure out why someone so good wouldnt be in a clan to take advantage of the discounts and economic buffs.

    • @Mathew Long Honestly, I don’t think he needs them. If I played like him I wouldn’t need to be in a clan either.

  5. What a fine Martial artist that Daring player was 😉

  6. I recently played a Random match where the AI was doing the lifting for the enemy. It almost worked too.

  7. “It’s the Montana on the flank who gets him…” when it is the enemy Preussen who got Kung Fu Barbie’s teams Preussen. Don’t ever change Jingles.

  8. I’m surprised he didn’t get a second devstrike achievement on the Preussen kill. Wasn’t she at more than 40% HP when she started eating torps?

  9. Holy herring, what a nailbiter! Good thing Flamby is an old hand at those ‘do or die’ situations. What a legend!

  10. Best part Jingles’ videos is when he laughs.

  11. Awesome!! Seems like KungFuBarbie knows a few things about this game. He went out, guns flaming and didnt just catch the seabass but also the game.

  12. Flambass is an exceptionally good DD player. I believe he played DDs in tournaments. He is also a great team player.

    • That’s what I wanted little complain about streamers, which was feeling of just too much solo play in matches… Already curious what this match replay bring.

      I saw just some interesting vid of area control, usually something I experience as enemy. Strong ships on certain spots, good team, support even wo them being divisioned, smart cover and nasty run with opening fire among 2 close islands.
      Alot stuff got to learn.

  13. Patrick Hutchison

    Jingles Jingles Jingles can’t you see?
    Sometimes your vids just hypnotize me.
    And I just love your naval ways.
    Jingles Gnome your chan is here to stay.

  14. After a longtime a good strategic win that didn’t come by enemy’s stupid broadside citadel hits…

  15. I’m watching this while enjoying a whiskey sour, after cooking myself a steak with mushroom sauce. Thank you for the hours of free entertainment you’ve provided Jingles, you make our lives that bit better!

  16. Another great game by the great Flambino commented by the legendary Jingles. Instant like!

  17. Usually when you see a game where one side gains the DD advantage at the start, is a prime indicator of success. However this match almost made me doubt that.

  18. Every time I smoke up a BB, I get that guy that doesn’t understand smoke firing and continues to blaze away with his main guns, happily keeping himself spotted until he’s dead 🙄

  19. Shows how valuable a good destroyer is to your team. Great decisions Kung Fu Barbie. Now if Ken had showed up and helped that would have been nice 😂😂

  20. Audio in the new studio sounds great.
    After you both had to take a break,,,, nice to see such a great collaboration.

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