World of Warships // Kunming / “A weapon to surpass Yueyang”

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I keep saying it’s the same as the tier 10, but… in some ways it’s worse. Pan-Asian DD players aren’t allowed to have much fun, apparently.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. An odd one this. If they had just made the “super ships” a tad better than the tier 10’s this would fit in. But when you have so many ridiculously strong ships in that “tier”, this just looks sad.

  2. You do a very good job narrating your games. Always enjoy watching you play

  3. You pointed (???) out the great disadvantages of the deep water Mark 14 torps. It sounds like a lesser substitute for those who missed out on the Benham? “Jedi One day, me talk pretty!”

  4. Thanks for the video!

    And thanks for suffering so that we don’t need to!

  5. One could say the enemy didn’t see it Kunming.

  6. Appreciate the review, Jedi!

  7. The sacrifices you make for us is immeasurable
    thank you for your kindness
    and videos 👍

  8. Very nice games, keep it up pls 🙂🤩

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