World of Warships // Kunming / “Bad Destroyers & Submarine Matchmaking”

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More Kunming, this time with radar! Is it any better? Well, no, but it’s definitely… different.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. I feel the only reason we have a 40 minute video is for the joke in the first 30 seconds 😂


  3. Thanks for the video and commentary. Why do I find it funny when WG dumps on you?

  4. What if you could trade the torpedo reload booster for radar? And/or being able to choose between your torps being deepwater or regular?

    • If it were to somehow have smoke and radar, then yeah, I could see it being in the same slot as the reload booster. Regular torps though… I dunno, they’d probably make them hideously short ranged.

  5. KITTEH!

  6. Tier 12 will be double the price but will have extra-special torps that are effective at sinking BBs, CVs, cruisers AND destroyers!

  7. No floof tax?

    Actually – a while ago you mentioned getting a SamCam, did that ever eventuate, or simply not work as intended?

    • That was originally intended for streaming, but then he mostly decided he wasn’t going to cooperate. Still turned out useful for the podcast though.

    • @PointyHairedJedi _”he mostly decided he wasn’t going to cooperate”_ – cats! 🤣🤣🤣

  8. I wonder if they’ve made this weak ready for when premium superships become a thing

  9. I enjoy these types of videos
    Thanks Jedi

  10. Thanks for sharing another “review” with us Jedi and you certainly did achieve your objective of BDSM for playing Kunming without smoke, so at least there is that …….. but as you quite accurately discerned, the Kunming certainly appears to not be worth the time, credits or effort for such a high price (circa 45m credits or so I guess?). One may as well stay with Yeuyang.

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