World of Warships- Kurfurst Manual Secondaries

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So yup, to try out manual secondaries for the Kurfurst!


  1. this game is more and more becoming world of the destroyers and cruiser. battle ships will be nerft even further when the ap changes go in

  2. You’re German use your hydro lol

  3. dude, my GK also are sec build range 11.6KM, but without the concealment skill shes the best target for cruiser then i dies real quick because i get seen by 15.9km 🙁

    for now on with the concealment skills then i can always survive real long 🙂

    • Don’t use it concealment skill or upgrade use Vigilance and target acquisition.. No one can hide from he spam concealment can’t help you.. Before I kept dying becuz some dd nuked me and had no chance to respond had to use DC for flood then you die from fire almost every game it was so predictable. Now I survive almost every game and avg damage doubled 160 k plus

  4. 14:55 wouldn’t have made any difference you were on the short bus from the start. Typical skill imbalance curtsey of Wargaming.

  5. I would still keep man sec and IFHE drop consealment use Vigilance instead with the target acquisition agrade instead of concealment. They can see GK from space anyways. This way you can spot torps on time to do something about it. My avg damage has double because I stay alive longer and actually survive without being nuked by shimakaze

    • SCI torpedoes are easy to predict an avoid, ship already comes with hydro so vigilance is unnecessary. Better option survivability expert (for HE spam) or superintendent

  6. use hydro more, welcome to the 2ndary build i use a lot inc the legend mod & captain melts any ship within 11.5k so much fun

  7. xenomorph6-_ gaming

    Noice! 😀

  8. Well mate, may be due to your kind of gameplay, target acquision + vigilence may be better as BFT or SI + Concel module. Btw – Hydro is overrated or 😉

    Suggestion for your replay problem – enable with the official modpack the replay function. So all battles are saved in a small file each. And dude, full interface mode pls :-*

    Thx and all the best from Germany, Pepe

    PS Vigilence, Target acqui + the special German Captain *sfg*

  9. My build: priority target, preventative maintenance, adrenaline rush, superintendent, fire prevention, manual secondaries, and advanced firing training. This coupled with legendary mod and concealment module makes this ship an absolute monster tank.

    Also you should try the spotter plane, for those pesky Worcestershire and des moines 🙂

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