World of Warships Kutuzov, Belfast and Perth Buy Back – Smoke Changes are Pretty Minor

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Fact: Smoke has changed. Even the smoke on your Belfast, Kutuzov or Perth. Another fact: They are still good ships. Don’t get rid of them.

Honestly, the changes to smoke really are only going to affect battleships and non smoke producing cruisers. Don’t give back two ships that are never going to be sold again. There is a reason the Kutuzov and Belfast are going away. They are strong.


  1. Your Not going to See a khaba in Smoke because good khaba Players use the heal….

  2. I find it still unfair that WG is basically taking away the Belfast and Kutuzov I had. I paid money for them in their state. Not in a worse state and I did not buy dubloons. Still – thats what I will get. Dont get me wrong: they are both too strong, I see that. But this patch prevents their active DD hunting playstyle and not the sit back and spam IFHE at BBs kind of playing them. Also if you dont want OP premium ships in you game then test them properly instead of basically taking away something that a player paid money for.

  3. The Belfast will be a bit more balanced after the change. At least she cant sit in smoke and THEN radar you without being detected herself as easily.

  4. Destroyers will adjust. A destroyer, with cruiser and BB backup, will charge straight at the smoke, at 5k, LIGHTS go on, and within two salvos the Belfast and Kutuzov die.

  5. Yes, some idiot has to get close to spot you, but when he does all the battleships behind him will see you too, and you will die.

  6. I bought Perth to have an Aussie ship. That I like the ship is a bonus. I will learn how to make her work in the new environment.
    Belfast is my RN CL captain trainer, so I still need her.
    I’m glad I got the Kutuzov when I did. I expect I will make that one work as well.
    I’m a VERY average players, so my bar is quite low.

  7. So hilarious saying Belfast will be balanced after the fact… load one up and go fight with her. She’s anemic compared to the rest of the ships at her tier. I’m SO tired of hearing how OP they are… ANY ship is OP with the right player playing her. Smoke changes are significant IF you hunt destroyers Zoup. The MK has long range torps. She could care less. And fwiw – you are now telling people to lay back, camp – you’re too close to engage within smoke…. I encourage everyone to dump the ships and spend the doubloons on something better.

  8. I am a pretty terrible player, so I doubt I will even notice! Thanks for the video.

  9. Please work on your pronounciations of ship names.
    Anything British ending in “burough” is pronounced “bruh”.
    For German ship names check Military History Visualised’s video on WoWs ship names.
    For Russian names Flamu is a great source.

  10. This change is actually a DD’s wet dream – Zoup and Notser express their bias love for the DD’s class.

    A Kutuzov is seriously gimped if they get bum rushed and you have nobody spotting for you as you pop smoke in defense… for whatever useless reason cos you cant fire out of it cos you see nothing… you don’t have a spotter plane and 4.44km hydro option puts you in good stead for a torpedo strike. For those that say “If you get spotted at 7.7km then you did something wrong”… Well ill ask a DD to sit still and not advance on me.

    If they wanted to punish battleships, then these changes should of been done to affect battleships only.

    Now its all about DD stealth fire from smoke instead. Well done Wargaming.

  11. I might just take advantage of the offer to dump my Kutuzov. Nothing to do w the new smoke, the ship just seems worthless to me. Sure, it can fire 19k, but the shells are like throwing light bulbs, 90% of them just shatter. I have no other ship, I fire so many rounds from, score so many hits with, for so little damage. The 4k torps are less them worthless. I’ve never been close enough to an enemy ship to fire them yet. The Kutuzov is running neck and neck with the Hood for worst ship in my port.

  12. I feel like I have to sell back all three now because they may nerf them worse at a later date with no compensation.
    I’ve already seen all my premium DD’s become less than what I paid with no compensation whatsoever. Only insulting lies.
    It’s refreshing to see WG taking babysteps towards recognizing a nerf is a nerf no matter what their PR people say, but I am concerned that now they will nerf premiums even more. I would like to trust WG like I once did but it’s obvious by their actions that they are just another corporate entity solely concerned with money. Any concept of ethical behavior is seen in the words of a mission statement and no where else.
    Zoup, you may be right in saying the changes do not warrant turning these ships into doubloons. Today.
    You would also be right in telling people not to buy premiums at all.

  13. I have both and i like them not gonna sell them no way.

  14. Sold my winfast because I dont like playing ships that are classified as op. Glad they gave me this opportunity. Did not sell it because of the changes.

  15. What i thinked U Sayed no zoup if U sell kutuzov U will Never have him

  16. Neptune gets hit a little too hard. Fairly easy for a dd to get within the 6.6km of you, then all it takes is a solid salvo from a BB to delete you. Floating citadel.
    Personally i would like to have seen smoke detection act more like the cyclone, as in only the ships within your detectability bubble can see you, all other enemies can only see you on the mini map.

  17. The Belfast was nerf at start already because in RL the real Belfast has torpedoes also. They were not included in WoWS to nerf it down.

  18. Confused Blue Dragon

    Even though I’m not the best with Belfast, I was even considering getting Kutuzov through spending my doubloons but now I’m a bit pissed off, and I felt the same way when I was about to buy Perth only to find it removed from sale…!

    True, I might not be able to win many matches in the Kutuzov but I’d still have it as part of my ship collection…!! (Typical backwards-thinking wisdom from the WG devs as per usual…)

  19. Coming soon to a Premium store near you, super smoke become invisible again

  20. Not to mention, it is my favorite passtime to oblitarate kutuzovs and minos in their smoke… This smoke change isn’t a good thing, it will only bring more passive gameplay… BBs instead of camping in smoke will camp far back behind the smoke… But hey… every patch is a dumbing down to catter to the mediocre player base… That’s how WG makes monies 🙂

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