World of Warships: Kutuzov | Review, gameplay and tips

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In this short clip I go through the pros and cons you should consider before buying this premium Russian cruiser and give a few pointers on how to maximise your fun while sailing it.

Link to my captain perks and modules:


  1. lol at that DD detonation. I thought detonation flags are a must in ranked

  2. So… Is it worth it?

  3. I decided to recruit a captain for this ship instead of using my DD capt’n.
    I’m using your skills, let us know if you decide on something you find to
    be better. Thanks for another great vid.

  4. Before the patch, I liked this ship. After the patch, I absolutely love it!
    Just wondering but is this ship better than the Atago? I’m thinking of
    getting it…

  5. I will never again doubt cruiser AP, even 152mm AP. Getting a 7300 AP salvo
    on a NC from a Cleveland made a believer out of me. That said though, the
    MK definitely falls into the realm of pay to win in my opinion. It was
    captain skills which got changed, no the ship itself, so WGs bullshit
    excuse of “not nerfing premium ships” is just a slap in the face of
    players. There is no logical reason, or pathetic excuse out there that
    could possible explain why the MKs 6” shells needed the same range as the
    Amagi’s 16”.

  6. Hey voulezvous, is there any way we can send you replays for some feedback
    and criticism?
    I thought I’d try out team battles and went for a quick match as a
    mercenary and my very first game turned out pretty well, it was a close
    win. I’m curious though as you are a pretty good player, if you can give me
    some thoughts on what I could have done better and ways I could improve on
    positioning, maneuvering etc. :)

  7. dis is dope

  8. I’m a little confused about the armor profile of the Kutuzov. It’s not
    supposed to be very well armored, but I’ve noticed it would reliably bounce
    the 14″ shells from my New Mexico in mid to long range engagements. I think
    I noticed some of that happening in your game too.

  9. 9:50 IF you equip it with the Acceleration Module, you could probably get
    away with starting smoke at 3/4 – but as it will decelerate 30% faster (the
    module helps both acceleration and deceleration by 30%) – you might as well
    still wait to drop to 1/2 before starting the smoke!

    But with that module, the smoke can be VERY useful! XD It REALLY helps! If
    you have never tried it, if you have enough credits to spare I would HIGHLY
    recommend it, as the Kutuzov already has a 6.1 second rudder shift as
    stock, and the rudder shift mod does not help your turning circle at all.

  10. Yeah on the NA server people say the Kutuzov is an AP focused Mogami, and
    yeah – that AP is AMAZING! BB broadsides – of really any tier, with AP you
    can land REALLY nice 4k to even 10k salvos! And being able to do so every 8
    seconds is just really SWEET!

  11. 4:27 – yeah when I HEARD about the skill changes, I was all set to write a
    ticket for a gold refund for the ship IF they had not compensated it, which
    they REALLY did!

    I was EXPECTING the 7.5 rounds/min, a turret traverse buff to at least 30
    seconds, and a range increase to at least 16.5 but perferable 17 to 18 km –
    but I was NOT expecting FULL AFT range – as well as a 25 second turret

    But still, taking into account the Historical values of this ship (it had a
    maximum effective AP range of almost 31 km, compared to 25 km for Mogami
    with the 155s, and 23 km for the Cleveland) – and the fact that it was
    built with extensive and advanced range finding, radar, and firing solution
    equipment, the range and accuracy makes sense.

    And from a PURELY Gameplay balance stance – the Kutuzov has, as you said, a
    glass jaw, it is VERY easy to take a lot of damage quickly, then add the
    TERRIBLE concealment, that even with the concealment module is ONLY 13 km
    surface, which if the range had stayed at JUST 15.9 km with no way to
    increase (I played my Kutuzov without AFT for 4 rounds, all of them were
    TERRIBLE! I was ALWAYS spotted before I could shoot, because EVERY other
    cruiser and BB has aircraft – and the concealment module does NOT help
    aircraft spotting range! And of course DDs will always see every other
    class of ship before they are seen themselves, this is compounded again by
    the 13km surface detection WITH the concealment module, so that even the
    Khabarovsk without any modules or camouflage will spot the Kutuzov 3 km
    before the Kutuzov with the module will see it!) – The Kutuzov would have
    become ENTIRELY irrelevant – without at least SOME form of compensation to
    range or detectability! But it is a LARGE ship – so it makes sense that the
    concealment is bad, but as I stated earlier, it could out range ANY other
    152 to 155 of WW2 – so why not buff its range? But again I was NOT
    expecting full 19.1 – but I AM happy about it!

    I just REALLY hope the compensate the MOGAMI soon! It does not need more
    range for the 155mm guns, but it has always needed better range for the
    203s and slightly increased RoF – say 4.2, which apparently is tied to the
    hull, so hopefully WG will make a 203mm gun hull option, have 2 different
    top builds, with the 203s getting 16km + range, and the 155mm guns having
    their turret traverse lowered to at most 40 seconds base, but hopefully 36
    or less.

    The Cleveland does not need any compensation – and that goes for Omaha and
    Murmansk and below as well.

  12. All of the Kutuzov videos put up by Youtubers on the 24th. Hopefully this
    means we will be seeing this ship in the premium shop again soon in NA.

  13. 2:25 Turrets are NOT slow in 0.5.3! 25 second 180 as stock, and with Expert
    Marksman, 22.8 seconds! Expert marksman was nerfed so that it now only adds
    .7 degrees per second, but Kutuzov’s base turret rotation was HEAVILY
    buffed, from 33.33 seconds for a 180 to 25!

    Also, now that BASE range = 19.1km Demolition Expert FTW! 15% fires with
    7.5 rounds/min!

  14. I really dont hope you catch me when you are on the enemy team cuz i will
    get raped is seconds^^ good video

  15. Great informative video! Really nice match, way to hard carry the team. Ive
    been looking at Kutuzov for a while now and i think you sealed the deal, i
    gonna buy it next time its in the shop.
    Anyone knows when it gonna be on sale again?

    Voulezvous, i would really like if you talked a bit moore about how you set
    up the ship and what modules and perks you are using and aspecially youre
    thoughts surrounding it. Flamu, another great Youtuber does that really
    well in his shipreviews and i learnt alot just watching that and hearing
    his thoughtprocess.

    Otherwise great channel! Keep em coming!

  16. where are you from?

  17. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Great video voulez 🙂 i cant wait to see the kutuzo on sale again and buy
    it.. And the russian cruisers are great i want them now 🙂 How are your
    thoughts about these ships? Can you do a video talking about these ships
    and playstyle or is too early and you want to do it when the common test

  18. See you were using the incoming fire alert captain skill? Is this just for
    the fragile Mikhail or is this a skill that should be used on other ships?
    I’ve recently started using it on my Cleveland, if only to help me stay in
    the game a bit longer when up against long range BB snipers! Appreciate
    your thoughts on using the incoming fire alert skill and on avoiding high
    damage long range fire in general without playing extremely passively?

  19. When can we buy the ship ??

  20. Citadelovič translates from czech language? Surely you meant russian. :-D

  21. Just for clarity Voulezvous, the Kutuzov now has 19.1km main battery base
    range without Advanced Firing Training. Perhaps the points might be better
    spent in Demolition Expert? .

    Great video as usual. One of my favourite ships :)

  22. You “vomiting” to B? :)

  23. Good.. great battle & nice vid. ^^

  24. Amaterasu no Mikado

    Kewl vid. Any plans on doing something similar for a Yamato?

  25. I hope to see radar of the MK too. There was a guy on reddit who leaked the
    ships with it and the MK wasn’t mentioned. Though other people are saying
    >t8 USSR/US cruisers are gonna have it so I’m not sure if it will get it or

  26. Good vid. That said now no one can say they were first. xD

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