World of warships – Kutuzov x3

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  1. I am not really woaw from this game but 3x kutuzov is definitely no joke.

  2. About to set the world on FIRE!!!

  3. 3 X Kutuzov … That’s a dirty dirty Division…… sooooooo much fun lol

  4. lol, if you would know, how he would lay the smoke like that at 9:40, you would certainly torp him more efectively… xD

  5. Got cancer from watching this.

  6. Is flambass a dane?

  7. Richard Marno Herselman

    What is so hard to understand of the whole south african thing… i said South Africa and he made gorilla noises… we barely have gorillas .. AGAIN not the same… CHINA AND RUSSIA very different……. on the same continent….

  8. Ewww, I haven’t even finished watching just reading the description is disgusting enough. An extra special dose of cancer doritos.

    • Extra disgusting since I had a Kutuzov follow me all game today when I was in my Kii. Good luck hitting that thing at max range..

  9. ^we germanz laugh about u all our kids grow up with beer in their veins starting 14 , drink in pubs until midnight beer , wine and sparkling shit at 16 , get hammered and buy anything in a supermarket at 18 and still we have less alcohol addicts than norway or finland or fuckin russia ..because WE CAN DEAL WITH IT. Muahahahha

  10. Almost died of laughter at 6:47 😀

  11. Flambass’ career make him the Forest Gump of Europe lol

  12. Skåne = Denmark light

  13. wtf flambass xd

  14. 8:25 WTF Flambass

  15. but in scandinavia alcohol is expansive, in geramny u can drink beer with 16 and hard alcohol with 18. but its also cheap 🙂

  16. Funniest one yet, I thought only the English took the piss like this! Keep these up. ??

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