World of Warships – La Belle France

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Sacre blue! Zut alors! Other stereotypical French things I put at the start of the description of every video I ever do about anything French! The French cruisers are coming and as an Englishman it is my moral duty to tell you that they’re all terrible and you shouldn’t play them. Except… that’s going to be hard to do, because I… this is hard for me… I kinda like them. Mostly.

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  1. Notification squad!

  2. i wonder if its a work in progress?

  3. What’s with the work in progress water mark, it’s so big it’s pissing me off, just put it at a 1/8 size in the corner

  4. i believe all ship’s spotting distance is lower than max firing range after the new spotting distance after firing

  5. Q: Why do French shells have such a high air drag?
    A: *because the shells drop their white flags and try to surrender in mid-air. Additional drag caused by attempts to retreat.*

    Q: How do I solve that problem?
    A: load extra powder. Only way to compensate the high *drag factor* of the French.

  6. haha at 10:14 I was really confused for a second, “865mm guns? what the fuck?”

  7. Do they come with a White Flag

  8. supsupsuppppp :DDDDD

  9. 0.30 surely you mean “it’s the leu” Jingles?

  10. Manuel Fernandez

    sometimes I get tired with French surrender jokes, too bad reversing is unfortunately not feasible in World of Warships unless your a BB. (no one isn’t stupid enough to reverse in a CA unless its Moskva)

  11. Knight of YouTube

    Le French are going to be Fried.

  12. Now I see a line I’ll like in world of warships, time to redownload it for the 5th time

  13. Fred looks like a mini French Colorado, – the torpedos

  14. How to pronounce the French ship names
    Bougainville: Boo- gan (like gander) – vee
    Jurien: Dzh-oory (like jury)-en
    Friant: Free- an
    Duguay Trouin: Dew-gey (like get without t) Tru (like true) an
    Émile Bertin: Émile (like Émile Zola, google him) – Burt-en (like end)
    La Galissionére: this is an easy one, just remember the first “i” is an ee like eek and the end is like air in English.
    Algerie: (Algeria in French) All- zh -uh- ree (like re in remember)
    Charles Martel (The Hammer): like Charle in Charlemagne Mar-tell
    Saint Louis: Son (UK) Lew (like lewd) ee.
    Henri IV: Enry (like envy) Cat-horse (yep, seriously)

    For my part, I’d call the Martel the hammer ship, that being his moniker it’s appropriate. obviously some of these are simplified to make them easier to comprehend, and regional accents omitted. Bonne chance!

  15. Jingles trying to pronounce french names, i have to show this vid to my grandmother, just for the giggles XD

  16. onlyarandomusername

    who de fak would name a french guy bob and fred…

    ahahaha you made my day jingles

  17. I thought it’s gonna be British battleships ?

  18. french cruisers are out on the 21st of april

  19. Pretty sure there’s no such thing as a concealment flag, Jingles.

  20. face of insanity

    i bet when they see an enemy ship it automatically steers away yelling WE SURRENDIER and GOD SAVE THE BAGUETTES

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