World of Warships- Last Chance To Get These Ships, Daisen Is Here, A New Map & More! Update 12.3

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Hello guys, today we go over update 12.3, releasing this Wednesday, and go over what you need to know to get the most out of this update!

Update Article:

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
0:22 Last Chance To Get FXP Ships
1:47 Seychilles Map
4:06 Daisen Dockyard
7:08 British SS Go Live
7:19 Pan-Am Cruisers
7:27 New Battlepass
8:33 Naval Superiority
9:45 Almirante Grau
12:25 Weeb Stuff
12:35 Warhammer 40K
13:36 Halland & Venezia Unique Upgrades
14:55 Closing Thoughts


  1. I love that RMS Aquitainia in the new map

  2. I hate all events. Everything feels like such a cashgrab…so the new hybrids and subs can be developed… only pain….

  3. MasterVideoStudios

    In regards to that ocean liner on the new map, is that the AQUITANIA?!

  4. being part seychellois the islands used for Seychelles map are Praislin (pronounced praa lay) and La Digue (La Dig). I hope the bay on praslin is accessible but looks nice as its about time we got a new map

  5. I think it is a hard pass for me on the BP and dockyard this time round. All rather underwhelming.

  6. Can’t wait for the Halland upgrade. Looks like I need to reset a line.

    • What makes it good? Imo its crap

    • @No Name it’s a good multirole DD (good guns and torps). It might not have smoke, which can be a challenge to disengage enemy fire when spotted, but you do have AA that works in shredding planes and you got heal to recover. The concealment ain’t that bad either.

    • @Takimara majority of ur dmg will come from torps on the halland, so sacrificing torp reload for potential healing which is very rarely used is just a bad call imo

  7. I plan to get the Daisen, is it a practical ship? No. Does it look fun especially to someone who likes Japanese ships? Yes.

    • @Majestic Hotwings the only things Hood and Daisen have in common are they are long and they are battlecruiser. Idk why people keep comparing them

    • Defund ThePoliticians

      @Defau/t Thank you for telling me now I know who’s house to raid, not wise advertising your business online never know who’s who.

    • @Defund ThePoliticians Thats cool, I get to test out the castle Doctrine. Best of luck

  8. At this point the only reason to get the BP is for a stronger drip feed of coal and steel.

  9. probably best to open SCs before the update goes live too
    Daisen Looks like a T9 Kongo

  10. I completed the last two Battle Pass events, but I’m not overly interested in the upcoming one. The dark side beckons again because I already have the Undine and the camo for the Sturdy, and finally I’ll be able to get the Sturdy. I’ll also really miss the ducks…

  11. They should do both Pearl Harbor and Tokyo Bay.

  12. Great, another new token. Personally, I’m getting sick of this and just seems to be another way to sell lottery boxes that contain the new token. The Daisen looks at best ‘meh’ so I won’t be buying any booster packs to obtain it. Great video, lots of info, thanks.

  13. I dislike paying for the battle pass every time, but the rewards are sadly worth the cost for me.

  14. So for the Hololive collaboration the following commanders are available:
    Kiara Takanashi, German
    Shishiro Botan, Japanese
    Moona Hoshinova, Pan-Asian
    Amelia Watson, U.S

  15. Not sure if I want to spend all the time to grind out the ship as it seems like a job and not a game. I hate waiting for WG to release the next section of the event. I would like to see the event released and we can grind them out at our leisure. Good job as always Sea Lord on the content. Thank you

  16. as a halland main, i’m hyped

  17. Riccardo Locatelli

    for the venezia i mean you have to give up on stealt, and that juicy +5% enemy shell dispersion

  18. OMG, you missed the biggest small change of the patch at the bottom! “From now on, once you lock onto a target manually, the lock will not be lost even if your target disappears from sight for a short time.” I do not know how long the delay will be (2-3 seconds?) but it will be a great change.

  19. You know what is harder to get than coal? Research points. Only free XP ships I do not have are Groningen and Hayate, but I have Friesland so really I am only missing Hayate. I am happy to get both for coal later, and use my 1 million free XP to turn a double reset into a triple reset.

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