World of Warships – Last Man Standing

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We’re kicking off todays video with some hot news from the Public Test Server on USS Wichita and HMS Vanguard, then we’ll be joining CaptainStevieX for a swift battle in HMS Edinburgh where one team manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. nice work jingles. Thought there weren’t gonna be a video today

    • yeah, he uploaded WAY later than normal. its normally around 6:30 am where i live, and it was 10:40 ish when he uploaded today

  2. Marijn Van Der Lugt

    I was playing wows Blitz while seeing you posted this haha

  3. 22nd I guess… surprised by the topic. I guess Friday and Saturday switched.

  4. A Battleship video on a a weekend ? Pipe the Admiral aboard.
    Set out the silver & bring out the best navy tea-cups & saucers.

  5. A Big Citadel Required A Big Spanking By A Very Big Fcking Gun

  6. Its that bloody ship game again

  7. Petition to rename The “Back to school camo” to “I have a weird taste of fashion”

  8. Certainly prefer the old intro music, although I do like rock music.

    • I prefer he used highlights instead of WOWS trailer footage.

    • exactly, it has always bothered me

    • Sensibly Named Person Of The Internet

      Almost skipped the intro until I saw the old music was gone… so to each his/her own.

    • Absolutly zero things wrong with the old video or audio intro. New intro music is cliche and sucks Jingles. Sounds like every restoration, military, and history, insert “whoa Im a badass” tv series ever made in the US since 2002. Im sick to death of hearing these raunchy horseshit guitar bits and its seriously a quarter of the reason why I stopped watching tv entirely. So what does Jingles do, thinking hes somehow appealing to his audience!?…

    • Old music, yes, but bring back the old intro video as well.

  9. Jonathan Mackenzie

    Wait 8.7 km detection and 8.49 km radar means that the Wichita cannot stealth radar, you have a 0.21 km deficit in the radar range.

    • Practicly speaking it might as well be stealth radar since 0.21KM is not enough for even the fastest destroyer to turn around and counteract it

    • And you are the one that got this one wrong. 🙂 Rethink what you just said.

    • Radar is a good thing but it’s duration is too long. DD players also need to change there play style most still rush caps like idiots with radar around and then cry radar is overpowered when they die they want it like the good old days were they could spam torps with impunity. And no ship should be able to stealth radar

    • The moment the DD does not go for cap he is called “crap”, “useless” and “spot!!!!!”. At the same time: if you don’t go for cap and the enemy goes for cap you are in a bad position. If the enemy team has radar and your team doesn’t it is even worse.

      Besides: spotting damage reward is crap. Your spotting damage is also crap if there is any CV in your team. It is even worse for classical Japanese DD’s- torps get spotted and your guns are terrible. So in the end you are forced to play borderly agressive.

    • Though true, sailing into range is not equal to stealth radar.

  10. jingles math is as good as always.
    8.7detection 8.49 radar. “yes you can still stealth radar” xD
    oh jingles, please never change <3

    • It might as well be stealth radar cause no ship in the game can react fast enough with a 0.21km gap. Its just as annoying

    • Knodsil I don’t think you understand what “stealth” radar means

    • +Harold Wang I know what it means. When the range of the radar of a ship is greater then its own surface detection range.

      In this case the radar range is 8,49km, while the ship detection range is 8,7km. Sure it technicaly cant stealth radar, since there is that 0,21km gap.

      But my point is that there no destroyer in the game that can effectivly react to this when the reaction window is only 0,21km.
      So its pretty much as frustating as an actual stealth radar ship

    • Knodsil No, because when it’s an actual stealth radar ship, it’s not only impossible for a destroyer to react, the radar ship is also never in any risk at all. For this ship, to radar another ship, you must actually put yourself in danger.

    • +Harold Wang still, whenever any destroyer encounters one of these cruisers its in a lot of trouble, cause he is gonna get radared instantly. There is practicly no room for counterplay on the part of the destroyer. Thats what bugs me.

  11. Not a fan of the new intro music. It’s just thirteen-a-dozen generic rock, and it’s so long. And I say this as a life long rock / metal fan. At least the old intro music had personality and character, and it was 10 seconds shorter.

  12. Wow just realized I live near a Des Moines Class cruiser
    USS Salem

    • @Will-I-Am-Not Can’t go below deck? Just like my marriage. :l

    • I live near USS Batfish – Balao class sub.

    • Drove down from Canada to visit the USS Salem.. Im building a 17 foot long Lego Model of the ship. What a gloriously awesome visit it was. Des Moines Class ships are amazing!

    • Fost16 I live in Charleston too!

    • I was in the Sea Cadets a long time ago. A few weekends a year we would stay on the USS Joseph P Kennedy. That was prior to the USS Salem coming back to Quincy. It was absolutely amazing spending weekends as a young kid on a US Navy destroyer. We did general quarters drills fire drills. We would have to stand guard duty. It was a great experience.

  13. Did Jingles just pronounce Shiratsuyu and Akatsuki correctly? I must be imagining things!

  14. hi Jingles good vid my uncle was a sailor in WWII. He’s gone now rest his soul but he would always tell us funny stores about on board ship can’t remember what ship but he was on a few the last one got torpedoed and he lost a leg. One funny story he would tell us is that whenever an officer asked ( “WHAT DO YOU WON’T SAILOR”) The answer would be (“RUM BUM AND BACKY”) do you know this saying and or is this true. All the best keep digging salt.

  15. Blood_and_Iron74[EMRS]

    If it’s stupid and it doesn’t work it’s most definitely stupid. Duke of York and Hipper 2018.

  16. Last Man Standing is a good show. Glad they brought it back.

  17. Your not suppose to have guns on a school bus. Wargaming didn’t get the memo again.

  18. For those who don’t know: fuse times of 15ms rather than 33ms on the Vanguard is 100% a nerf.

    This is because you lose a lot of the underwater citadels that are otherwise so important on broadsiding cruisers. On the other hand, most overpens happen as a result of the shell not arming in the first place (you need 64 mm of effective armor to arm a 381mm shell), rather than the shell arming, but going clean through before it has time to burst – so you will still see a lot of overpens. Incidentally, this is why low tier BBs with lots and lots of 12″ guns have short fuses to balance out their otherwise superb DPM and alpha.

    So, I’m sorry Vanguard… but it looks like I will be giving you a wide berth.

    Oh, and actually, Jingles, you can actually overmatch an Edinburgh with 14″ shells, and he shouldn’t have been using HE and…

    …Eh.. Jingles?

    • totally agree. however, how can a DD arm a BB shell with that arming demand?? it clearly armed despite hitting ultra thin armor.

    • Two ways:
      *1)* The shell arming on contact with water and exploding inside the DD.
      *2)* Hitting a plate at a very extreme angle (remember, it’s the _effective_ thickness that counts). Overmatching shells can still fuse.

      Take as an example a *356mm* shell hitting a plate of armor at *17 degrees* off the horizontal:
      a) the plate is 16mm. The effective thickness is 16mm/sin(17) = 55mm. The shell needs 59mm to fuse, so this is an overpen.
      b) increase the plate to 19mm. Now the effective thickness is 19mm/sin(17) = 65mm. This is enough for the shell to fuse. Most likely the target is also shot lengthwise, giving enough room for the shell to burst while still inside.
      c) increase the plate further to 25mm. Now the shell can’t overmatch anymore, so this is a bounce. I don’t think any DD except Khaba has this much armor though.

      One further point is that AP occasionally will give “double” hit counts. I’m not sure why. Any combination of overpen or pen is possible, as is “cit+overpen” or “cit+pen”. Only combo I haven’t seen is cit+cit. All of this is with both visual observation and ribbons clearly indicating that only one shell made contact. In the case of “pen+overpen”, the ribbon may show either, but your damage will tell you it happened (6364 if you play Yamato).

      My impression is that it seems to be more common the smaller the target, but I don’t have hard data on that. I have contacted WG, and got the “working as intended” answer… so I guess it is? But, clearly, when you see one stray shell from a Yamato hitting you and then get your DDs HP deducted by 9768, you will be quite salty about it.

  19. They way this guy moves his camera is nauseating.

  20. Wow! My replay actually made it! Now I’m flipping out about this battle in more than one way! 😀

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