World of Warships: Lazo, First Impressions

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My of the Lazo, an upcoming t7 russian cruiser. This ship is a work in progress, all stats are subject to change.


  1. Good vid as always mate 🙂

    Is this called Lazo cause they really couldn’t be bothered to make an entire new ship as a premium? 🙂 Aussie here so no idea what the name means no offense to anyone, Lazo = Lazy 🙂
    I really like the Russian cruisers and I play cruisers more then anything but I won’t be buying this as it stands, it needs a better hook.

    I’d really like to see a T9 premium cruiser, any nationality, with similar money making ability as the Mighty MO BB.
    I use the Mo when I want to make money but don’t really like BB’s so a cruiser with similar ability to make money would be good, even if not as OP as the MO.
    Suggestions welcome, is the Kronstrad (spelling :)) any good for money making?

  2. LAZO =LAZY! =LOL! GJ M8! From Redneck in T.N., USA!

    • LOL Hiya, yea I saw the name and the copy paste job on the ship and just started to laugh 🙂 I hope it’s not the name of some war hero or something I’m not trying to be a dick just struck me as funny.

  3. Looks like it has a pretty tight dispersion. Would like to see what the AP can do.

  4. The question is, do we really want any more long range HE spammers?

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