World of Warships – LE Fantastic DD EL cruiser xD

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We have a new generation of DDs coming to WoWS soon and that is FR DDs. These things are fast and armed with MBRB and no smokes screens. They are smaller cruisers, or cruisers with no citadel. They don’t get heal but in tier 8 neither does cruisers. Let me know what you think about it. Ofc bare in mind I was top tier here, but this was also my 1st and only game played in this DD.


  1. The Tank Commander

    Oui oui! Le Grande Flambino is at sea again! Bon voyage Flambass! -The Tank Commander

  2. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    I like the idea of the french DDs. But the moment a CV shows up the entire games balance is thrown out the damn window.

  3. Wow i got wows ads before this vid starts.

  4. Seems very very fast and punchy woth really accurate guns.

  5. lol @ 10:50 your ship flambass over pens on a prinz eugen. oh ok lol

  6. Those guns are incredibly accurate.

    • There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on their accuracy, however there’s a lot about “jams” “defective” “not achieving designed fire rates” when produced, and that although they partially fixed or created workarounds, including stacking live ammo around the mounts themselves (Shades of Jutland!) to speed up the rate of fire, it looks like the 1930’s versions didn’t exceed 9 rpm max, and that the 1929 version originally struggled to get above 4 rpm. The French navy was pleased otherwise with the gun itself. It was the mounts, auto-rammers, if fitted, and ergonomics that created the issues. WoWS magic used to fix this.

  7. this thing is like a T11. I am a regular Shima driver, dont think i can out gun or out speed him (i mean my torps, not my shima)

  8. Having a hard time in French DD`s myself, but this was fun to watch, good show!

  9. Commandant Teste

    French DDs, are so fun to play

  10. Well played. You make it look so easy.

  11. God if anything this just shows that all tier 6 and 7 cruisers should get a heal at this point in the game. This damn thing is like a baby Atlanta without the weakness of it’s citadel.

    • michelangelo buonarrotti

      wg should rework on ifhe and he overall damage. It is not possible that full 155mm mogami salvos are less consistent than a kitakaze dakka dakka. It’s kind a nonsense.
      e.g. just giving an example

    • +michelangelo buonarrotti WG has proven that they suck at reworking things..

  12. I want one! @Wargaming can I have one to try, please?

  13. michelangelo buonarrotti

    as dd Player i love the concept of french line.

  14. PanzerJäger Hantoeig

    Aigle actually has got more dpm than Le Fantasque

  15. Destroyer Inazuma

    Good game! do you think that a Fantasque-Benson division can get good results?

  16. No smoke… its speed is its best defense. Always fun to watch you shred the competition.

  17. “Le Fantasque” is very fantastique, but not terribly realist.

  18. Charles Countiss

    I love most of this DD but the guns sound like someone dropping a trash can down a flight of stairs.

  19. Azrael the Black

    That “No Battleships” sign at about 8:55 cracked me up.

  20. hi flambass, please tell us what setup do you use on the captain of the French DD?
    thank you.

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