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When is a French ship not a French ship? When it’s being forced to pretend it’s a Russian ship!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. When jingles made the joke of defensive AA i was in tears.

    • You muppets should actually try to play a carrier, defensive AA is not a joke.

    • @lukum55 It is, as the carrier, if determined, will not only get their strike home, but, unless terribly unlucky or stupid with plane management, also have a fresh squadron of some description at the ready immediately after having the last of their planes swatted by the def AA. These planes can then zoom in in the knowledge that the consumable is on cooldown. The CV rework is an utter failure, with WG just not willing to admit their mistake.

    • @Ned Ryerson Not in the long run, if Def AA is active its entirely likely that half the squadron is lost, the attrition becomes too much pretty fast and the carrier can not keep attacking a ship with Def AA.

    • Ned Ryerson
      I actually liked the RTS style CV play. I made it up to USS Essex before the rework then saw the “improvement” and sold every single cv I had. Its still a clusterf*ck in my opinion

    • @lukum55 I disagree. AA is pretty much a joke. Even the so called AA CL’s. Sitting in a Helena activating Def AA, Sector AND Fighter. and watch my HP almost halved by two consecutive passes. Lol.

  2. “…Scouting with his face instead of his eyes…”
    Best thing I’ve heard all day

  3. Next thing we know, you’ll be saying that our fathers were hamsters and our mothers smelled of elderberries.

  4. Oh. Yay. Another max range HE spammer. Gee, Wargaming, this is exactly what we all wanted…

  5. “zipping around at ridiculous speed and shooting everyone” sounds like a lot like a T-50-2 before physics were introduced into WoT ^^

  6. Looks like I’ve got to get myself a ..

    ..Midway. Obviously

  7. I think the ‘what is going on’ with Wargaming is they are trying to cater to the Russian player base who apparently have a completely different way of playing the game from the EU and possibly NA servers and for the past couple years have been screaming at Wargaming on how there is an anti-soviet bias in the game becuse for their meta, the russian ships really aren’t that great.

    And honestly the Russians spend more money on this game than I think we do so…..

    • I guess reality has a Russian bias too, considering their shit navy

    • @counterfit5 Aww you just made the Admiral Kuznetsov cry haha

    • Teamplay is different with Russians, teammates are only neutral/non hostile npcs. If you die , you die, no need to try to save you

    • @MrElis The Kuznetsov is crying anyway, because she had that massive fire that warped her flight deck, and there’s no drydocks left in Russia able to handle her.

    • @Andrew Manson Not to mention all the other massive accidents, breakdowns at sea and the costs involved. I’d much rather be on the Pyotr Velikiy or the Admiral Nakhimov when it finishes its refit if I was a Russian sailor or Marine.

  8. 3:50 and now with the AA rework even the “AA cruiser” are no match for most of the base AA of BBs, the only difference being that BBs tend to lose a lot of AA capability at the end of the match because HE spamming and AA cruiser tend to implode instanly by “broadside”/”overmatch from the front” padelling

    • To be fair though there is that lovely overpen mechanic that let’s so many cruiser players sail around broadside without a care in the world and the BB’s just can’t punish it until RNGesus says “OK, you can kill it now it’s set 3 fires on you, blown off most of your AA and forced you to burn through 2 heals to keep what little HP you have left” ?

      Not disagreeing with you btw. Just pointing out that frustrating crap is a 2 way street in WoWs ?

    • @MoA-Reload… You descrived me playing Yamato. When you overpen proadsiding cruiser 20 on one game, you start questoning IS there any point of playing whole game anymore.

    • I actually stopped shooting broadside cruisers in Yammy, I wait for them to attempt to angle against me. This generally gives you enough “armor” that you won’t overpen.

  9. “zipping around at ridiculous speed” just like the ‘veeled wehicle’ EBR in WOT

  10. I don’t think Wargaming know what Wargaming 2019 is doing, I’m totaly at a loss but just playing the game and being entertained by their antics and cunning plans, Some interesting observations Amiral Arriere Gingeles

  11. Michael D. Uchiha90

    16 km range HE spammer and they wonder why BBs camp and shoot HE themself.?‍♂️

    • to be fair, that carrier on their team should of been capb of running down the klebar, but i think from what i seen in the video he went for BBs majority of the time

  12. I don’t play world of warships
    I don’t play world of tanks

    So why do I watch these videos

    Because jingles commentary is just that good

  13. I miss the old Kraken Clip…

  14. Wargaming really needs to get their shit together when it comes to carrier interactions.

  15. “When did an aircraft carrier ever catch fire?”

    **shows like five or six examples**

    • @Seafodder not enough i would say lol

    • I mean, you’ve got 5 examples from just the Battle of Midway alone.

    • @Seafodder I mean, all you need is a very small spill and the deck temp to climb above 114° f. Hapens to be the vapor point of high octane fuel and the point where a small spark can ignite said vapor.

    • @Demose Aries I vote that CV’s should have a random chance for a fire in the tropical maps at the start of a game.

    • Seafodder you might be into something with the Kuznetsov. Maybe the Russians are in denial that carriers catch fire because Kuznetsov is utter crap.

      It’s like Chernobyl. “RBMK Reactors don’t explode. No you didn’t see graphite. YOU DIDNT! BECAUSE ITS NOT THERE! get this man to the infirmary, he’s delusional”

  16. “Because when did an aircraft carrier catch fire in real life?”

    I started laughing before you even started throwing up the shots of the Franklin/ Oriskany/ Enterprise/ Forrestal/ etc. All of those got beat into our heads from boot camp onward as examples.

  17. Jingles I’m gonna try to be informative. I realize this will spark the ire of many but CV’s are NOT “functionally immune to fire” they have very different fire mechanics.

    First off they have a .8 fire resist chance at base, for all tiers. At tier4 this is pretty normal but by tierX most ships have .5 resist. Resist is like golf, the lower the better. In effect it means a TierX CV is about 1/3 more likely to catch fire than any other TierX ship in the entire game without any other additional skills at play.

    CV’s take more fire damage per second. All other ships in the game take .3% fire damage per second. CV’s take 1% damage per second, in exchange they have dramatically reduced fire durations of 5 seconds compared to BB’s at 60sec, CL/DD at 30sec. This means CV’s take 5% total damage from a fire, where as a CL or DD would take 9% (assuming it burns for full duration).
    Also of note CV’s have no repairs and 100% of fire damage can be repaired by other ships. This also means any sort of anti-fire skills like the India Yankee flag or similar (that reduce fire duration) will generally have minimal impact for a CV but will have a hugely magnified impact for every other ship type because they are based on modifying fire durations.

    So while yes CV’s have very short fire durations, they also take triple fire damage during those short fires AND their means to mitigate fire damage are basically nothing. They are also more likely to catch on fire than nearly any other ship tier starting at Tier6 and it only gets worse as they go higher. The big reason for all this difference in fire for CV’s is that CV’s still retain the “can’t launch planes while on fire” thing from the RTS era. So the realities of a normal duration perma fire would basically just shut down the CV for a minute or until the automated damage control could save them. In most cases it would mean once a CV is getting hit by HE they are just functionally shut out of the game and might aswell just go afk. So they reduced fire duration, increased fire damage to compensate, and kept fire damage slightly lower than other ships because they don’t have repair parties, can’t manually damage control fires, and with the changes to fire duration cannot build against fire damage like other ships could (and arguably its weak on other ships as is).

    The only problem with “CV durability” is TierX CV’s armored decks, they are entirely too thick from a gameplay perspective. Is thicker deck armor than any other ship, it will shatter basically most HE in the game, will not be overmatched by basically anything since it will always be impacted by AP at serious angles too. This means in effect the TierX CV’s are entirely too durable for what they are due to game mechanics. They are nearly immune to CV rockets except fires. They are nearly immune to HE DB’s except fires. They are nearly immune to AP at range unless broadside. They are nearly immune to all HE shells outside of fires.

    You’ll note that Hindy was basically shattering most if not all of their HE shots on the armored deck. Yet couldn’t pen with its AP realistically. In effect that Midways he better armor setup than most BB’s in the game. Almost purely because of the armored deck. Even if its not real world compliant they need to slash TierX armored decks thickness dramatically. Let it shatter DD HE and CV Rockets. Let it get some pens/damage from CA HE and HE DB’s. Let BB HE straight up anal it.

    • To be fair the fire thing doesn’t matter because their damage con lasts a minute. That’s three times longer than any other ship in the game. And cv are rarely spotted for long enough to actually punish that minute long damage con. Then even once the damage con is up, the cv takes a quarter as much damage from a fire as a bb would. Sure they are more likely to catch fire, they have no heals, and the fires hurt a lot faster. But they are still the most fire resistant class as a whole.

    • Ive been in the same situation as the Hindenburg but in my Henri IV and I couldnt do shit with MBR and every thing else, I had to actually speed boost around him to get his broadside and blapp that with AP. CVs are so retard proof its hilarious.

  18. *slaps aircraft carrier*
    “This baby can hold so many fires”

  19. Anime Profile Picture

    “nerfed into Oblivion”

    *proceeds to do 120k to battleships with zero counterplay aside from carriers*

    • It’s not impossible to hit these buggers, but sadly you have to deal with the nerfed AP. Swapping to HE is usually a losing proposition too, unless you’re British.

  20. “Detectable from low earth orbit.” Ah, Jingles never change. But this is also good because now Trump’s Space Force has something they can shoot at! LOL.

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