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In which CanidaeSynapse takes the French Battleship Alsace out with a… yeah, let’s call it “unusual” skill point selection.

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  1. I love the Alsace and I love a good old French Secondary Build. LoL

  2. Normal Alsace BB Build: Baguette

    Secondary Spec Alsace: *Spicy* Baguette

  3. Secondary builds are fun, but it really sucks that the secondary guns break permanently along with AA.

  4. I use secondary build on Richelieu , Alsace , Republique & Burgugone , simply because with right build that mean quicker reload , and i play a loot of Ranked where someone is in range of your secondaries , and quicker reload = higher DPM , is no brainer .

    • @LordAnubis0909 Not long time ago I had secondary build on all my captains , and it work great in ranked or brawl where you are close whole the time , but on my work horse main credit earner Musashi that lower DPM in Random , I have literally made test 100 games with and without secondaries on that ship in Random and -7% dispersion 3rd mod + CE and + ERE + FPE + BoS give on average 40k more dmg , with secondaries I had only once 200k + dmg of 100 games because or I died to early or out 9 shells that I shot 3-4 hit and somehow I saw overpen more often , without secondaries most my battles was 150k+ dmg , and few times over 200k … that is reason why I have 2 21p commanders for Shikishima , Musashi, Hizen , Satsuma with seconday build and one without I just change for 250k ship modules depend on mod i like to play , now I have Shikishima secondary build for ranked and that work fine , I am gold rank 5 🙂

    • I use secondary dary build on my French BBs because the secondaries with IFHE has enough to deal with 99.99% of DDs at tier 10, and the 100mm secondaries shoot extremely fast, so they are good DD deterent, and for the new update where old Operations are coming back and all ops are available from tier 6-8, it is EXTREMELY fun in ops

    • These are straight facts. Soon as I got a 10 point French cpt, I went through the bbs and made them secondary as I grinded to Republique. Still have her going and I’m this close to a 21 point build

    • One thing that would be handy is fires…..

  5. Considering Jean Bart and Alsace have very high secondaries DPM and high fire chances, if you put the correct build you can have basically a flamethrower.
    Forget penetration, and go for fires per minutes !

  6. Got to say he might have had a lot less overpens if he stopped aiming at the superstructure and started aiming at the citadel.

  7. I saw the title then saw it was an Alsasce I immediately knew it was a secondary build. Man of culture.

  8. alsace used to be the most underrated build for secondaries. the key is they are accurate. you could secondary snipe dd from 10km

  9. So, the secondaries on this ship are more for trolling the enemy?
    “Now -sink- go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!”

  10. Admiral, I know that you will ‘Never’ pass up the chance to rib on a ‘Frenchman’ or two, you are ‘British’ after all, LOL.
    As for the 2ndary build I found that the more you throw at the wall, the more there is that can stick and make a nose turn away for some fresh air.

  11. I’ve done extensive testing with secondary build French BBs in training rooms and learned two things. First, they’re much better than conventional wisdom suggests. Second is that IFHE actually makes a significant impact, especially against bow in targets like the DM and Kremlin I was testing against. Theoretically it shouldn’t, but I saw a real change in average time to kill against a DM from 3:55 to 2:48 with the addition of IFHE, despite the loss of fires. The loss of fires did increase TTK against BBs by 1min, though so it’s really a tradeoff.

  12. For laughing, maybe. For everything else? No.

  13. I did grind up the French BB line with a secondary build, but this was when manual secondaries were instantly accurate and IFHE only dropped fire chance 3%. Back then I’d say they’d have definitely been worth it, they deleted damaged DDs often the moment they got spotted because they weren’t expecting it. Still have old replays on my channel of the Alsace doing some real secondary work on everything in sight. In my video titled “Battleship Alsace – Secondary Specced – (211,246 Dmg + Kraken)” the first ship I sunk was an Atlanta I caused to rage quit from getting hailed by secondary fire because his 13mm armor got melted like ice cream.

  14. Jingles: “I guarantee you that wouldnt happen in anything that wasnt french.”
    Me: “Ha, jokes on you, i managed to overpen broadside cherbourg with a Bismarck. 6 times in 2 salvos. Rest of the shells found their own calling and didnt even bother to fly at remotely same postcode.”

  15. The boy has to learn somehow. And pain is a very effective teacher.

  16. Liberal sock puppet

    Education has occurred. I play a lot of destroyers. I encountered a premium purchased Yamato in ranked. I had the pleasure of teaching that player that he should have ground the BB line rather than take out his credit card.

  17. Jingles: “Don’t try this at home kids!”
    All french captains : maybe I’ll try it once

  18. I also use a secondary build on my French battleships. Mostly for the three rear mounted 150’s.

  19. Let’s all take a minute to pause and remember the Georgia (aka the USS Overextended) in full secondary build back when it meant something.

    Never got bored of chasing down DDs and CLs and just letting the Wing Fletchers shred them

  20. JB secondaries are great when you can turn the rear toward the DD or sub – can take care of things usually pretty darn good. He got secondary kills and THAT matters – especially if they are DDs or a sub or a light cruiser.

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