World of Warships – Le Meme Machine

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Introducing something most of you have probably never seen before in a ship that doesn’t get featured very often but which you shouldn’t try yourself unless you really, REALLY know what you’re doing.

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  1. I was just about to read Neptune’s Inferno before bed.

    Good timing Jingles

  2. Who needs to boot up Skyrim again? I got Jingles!!

  3. Jingles, old chap, allow me to be the first jackal to remind you that ‘machine’ in French is of the feminine gender.

    • The misaligned gendering of the noun is probably an extra reference to crusty old internet memes.

    • Luckily germans have a jackal gendering coach by the name Dieter Hallervorden (80+, commedian) who found more words to gender-Unsinnen, Schwachsinnen and Blödsinnen.

  4. Ah heck ya, I needed another reason to stave off sleep for roughly another 20 minutes!

  5. John Francis Terne

    This is basically just “live fast, die young” incarnate

  6. In other words, a “Come and have a go, if you think you’re hard enough, pansy!” build, while keeping foes away with a 20 foot long stick.

  7. Actually, this isn’t as much of a meme as it sounds. Ever since the captain skill rework one BUILD everyone mentions is a “lighthouse” build as Sea Lord Mountbatten calls it, basically you have JACK ALL for concealment but your ship gets tons of buff.

    • I have that build on Yoshino with my spare BB captain & on Salem , I play mostly this mod in co op is best fitting for that mode .

    • @Cookie Supervisor yoshino and salem are the most purchased ships for newbies who buy their way to tier 10. It’s better for all of us if you stay in co op

    • @Federicox6
      Way to assume hes a noob with a big wallet

    • @Federicox6… I have over 27k battles in wows , 11k in random , 57% wr , I bought those ships for coal that I grind in game , with all line,steel,coal,rb I have 45 T10 , I have sped 20kr (2€) to buy out cossack few years ago , I bet you are one of those noobs that hide stats…

    • @Legendendear I have spend 20kr (2€) on game in past 4 years I play game , but I have 86k db , and 342day premium cause i am damn good😋 recruiter and people like my streams..

  8. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Henri IV : Prepare for trouble

  9. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    looking at weegee I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a drawer full of ready to implement solutions for many perpetually complained about problems,
    with a sign on the drawer saying “open in case of severe miscommunication”

    • Right next to the big tank of chlorine trifluoride labeled “Break in case of translation error”

    • Alternatively it might be labeled “open in case of dropping premium sales”.

    • Wojciech Dubrownik

      “ready to implement solutions”
      Considering how many bugs WoWs has, and extrapolating them to their code quality, I doubt that “ready to implement” is a thing in this game.

  10. 13:33 “and there’s the confederate award”

    Is it really jingles?

  11. 9:10 , in fact, that’s the 2nd heal, the first heal was used when the submarine show himself.

  12. I know you specialise in the original version of Warships but I’d love to see you cover Legends sometimes because our Lord’s and Masters at Wargambling have just nerfed the Legendary Tier DD Kléber by taking it’s torpedo range down to 6km😟

  13. “High Caliber” achievement pops up.
    “There’s the Confederate award…”

    Classic Jingles.

  14. Jingles: Every battleship takes Concealment

    Me: Rudder Mod with Torpedo Lookout because I actually want to have fun playing a video game 😐

  15. The Henri IV is the ship equivalent to going into battle with a flak jacket and a belt fed M60

  16. I’m having a hard time suspending disbelief at the idea of a cruiser in a TierX match with no concealment not being targeted by five different BBs at once.

    • BB1: Look! A cruiser!
      BB2: Spotted at this kind of range? Must be a bug. Ignore it.

    • When i’m playing as BB, I don’t bother shooting cruiser at more than 15 or 18km. Accuracy is shit and they have all day long to dodge the shot so at best I expect to hit 1 shell.
      So yeah, not even surprised that he’s not focused

  17. Jingles: 8% reduction, further 12% reduction, 1.25% reduction per 1% hp lost…
    Me: This guy will need to increase his reload time just to prevent the shells from colliding in the barrel! 😅

  18. “Don’t try this at home”
    Come now Jingles, you know that like waving a red cape in front of a bull and telling it not to charge.

  19. I’ve been running this build on my Henri, just not to this extreme degree.

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