World of Warships – Le Terrible 2.0 Impression

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Checking out the updated version of Le Terrible, it feels super weird to play with the ship even after the adjustments. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII French Le Terrible Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Great Video !!

  2. hi Notser how is your mother doing? and how are you?

  3. Ditch the gimmick “Reload Booster” and just give it a good base reload.

    • You are wright but the Terribe is surely the downgraded Tier 9 ( like tehe Musashi for the Yamato future Fantasque class . with 2 futile consummable I beleive taht th Tier 8 will be the Hardi Class , and this little DD will be the only one torprdo boat of the french tree . the 4 survivors fought in the free french navy with the Royal Navy and th US navy in the mediterranean see vs the the kriegsmarine . in the truth they had more AA and radar the terible woul be US DD premium tier 9 . they are super Fletcher class

    • Ya but WG needs every new ship to be gimmicky, have great situational effectiveness but bad overall consistency, plus great radar and concealment. :/

  4. How about giving it a new gimmick – reduced after fireing detection. (after fire bloom reduces after 15s instead of normal 20s). It would be a unique ambusher and would fit perfectly with its kit…

  5. how did they make it worse.. i mean yeah they knocked a second off the reload time but they removed smoke ….

  6. Well. for me Notser, If they going this route with the Le Terrible, then I’m worried about the French DD main line we might see early next year ….. I really wish they can do something, that can counter the Harugumo and Daring at the higher tiers ….

    • Harugumo is completely hard countered by radar. And it’s not as strong as people think at all, due to its size, lack of mobility, etc.

    • Ye Harugumo is not such a treat ppl want it to be, however, Kitakaze is due to smaller size, better maneuverability, still outstanding dpm and very competitive concealment.

  7. Just give it heal like kid has. Supposed to be a run and gun ship.

  8. In le terrible you ARE the torpedo

  9. I played against you the other day when you were testing this ship!

  10. So future French DD line’s “gimmick” might be the opposite of the British? You know, the British DD’s had no Speed Boost to have the “defensive play style,” so the French is gonna be the “lol offensive Gobba Go Fast” with no Smoke, a ridiculous Speed Boost, and a “PEW PEW PEW” Main Gun Reload Boost?

    Kinda funny, when you think about it… It reminds of some kind of a snobbish rivarly between French and British. xD

    • the Fantasque class will have to do the same job that 78 years ago . to escort and protect the DD of the royal Navy 4 DD on 6 fought in the Free french navy

  11. I honestly hate Wargaming’s design philosophy. Everything is so damned gimmicky, and that design process is very lazy

  12. Heal would be nice for the ship

  13. Just give the 138.6mm gun reload back, use the historical 23DT torps, no reload booster, with smoke. Sometimes simplicity is beauty.

    • WG just cares about the gimmicks now. This isn’t the game it was 2 or 3 years ago. Besides, it is a tier 8 ships, why would you want to gimp yourself in 2/3 of the games going tier 10?

    • Simplicity is always beauty. In evolution, economics, and this game, the more specialized you are the less likely you are to succeed. This is why the NC is still so good; consistency. Things like jellyfish and spiders have been on Earth much longer than something like a polar bear (a land animal whose food source is in the ocean? That niche is bound to fail.). I wish the stopped the gimmicky premiums and just gave us what we wanted, not what they think we need.

    • Juanfra Valero  More than 2/3, more like 5/6

  14. The Mighty Notser, where were you on 9/11?

  15. Well, these ships were originally classed as light cruisers by the French navy, so they should get at least some specific tools for the role of DD hunters, like hydro or some limited range radar consumable. Giving them smoke is risky because most people will use it just to start fires on battleships in combination with that fast reload consumable, but considering the larger guns they could balance this by giving the ship a wider detection range when firing from inside a smoke screen, say 5-6 Km instead of the 2-3 Km of regular destroyers.

    • The French never classified it as a light cruiser, the americans did in 1943 so it could fit their own classification. The french called them “contre-torpilleur” meaning “counter destroyer”. The british called them large or super destroyer.

    • oOkenzoOo  I have a book that lists them as “croiseurs legeres”, with a note that they were reclassified as “contre-torpilleurs” during the war. The note continues to explain that regarding their displacement and armament they were small cruisers, but were actually deployed and used as destroyers.

    • Vladimir Efimov  Wich book ? Because it was the opposite, they were contre-torpilleur like all their predessessors (Chacal, Guépard, Aigle and Vauquelin class) and their successor (Mogador class). It was after their refit in USA in 1943 that they were reclassified as light cruisers by the Allies and postwar they were classified as “escorteur d’escadre” (swift escort) by the french.

    • oOkenzoOo  it’s called “Jane’s fighting ships of WW2”, I’ve got it as a gift many years ago. It’s more like and illustrated encyclopedia than a detailed history book, but offers some interesting technical details that aren’t so easy to find from other sources.

  16. well if you compare it to the benson.. if you have Adrenaline rush and BFT you get between 2,5 and 3s reload, which is not that much longer than the reload of this one if it has reload activated, which is 40 seconds (or maybe 60 with Superintendent and premium consumable) for the ENTIRE MATCH the rest its double the reload, while the benson has more health, Smoke, is also really rapid (42-43 Knots is imo more than usable for dodging and fast engage to caps and relocation) and has better torp range, more of them and also has more than a kilometer less concealment.. maybe they could introduce something of a shorter cooldown on your detection radius once you shoot, or maybe even reintroduce stealth firing again for this line ( Maybe so that the Reload consumable doesnt have an effect once you get into stealth firing range) and give it a very, very limited window for it. i know, this does sound kinda Strange but i dont think they will be able to push out much more shiplines with the consumables that are in the game right now, it just gets way to repetetive (Like you said with the similarities to russian DDs).

  17. what a killsteal at the beginning :/

    a ? for Notser

  18. I would like the see a hit and run (guns) style. Keep the smoke off. Increse the duration of the reload but nerf the % down to maybe 65. Make the ships extremely agile in turning and not loosing much speed. Make the speed boost insanely fast but very short duration. Basically the ship moves in quick, fires like crazy and flies out like a bat out of hell turning to avoid shots. No smoke and torps for “oh shit” situstions.

  19. A heal would at least compensate for the lack of a smoke…. maybe. But i’m still sick of WG screwing up the French DDs just to make them gimmicky… WHY THE NEED ?
    They didn’t give weird gimmicks to their own Russian DDs but just modify their stats to make them fun and competitive so why doing it with the French ?? They buffed Aigle’s irl max ROF of 10 rpm up to 13 rpm without any gimmick but they nerfed Terrible’s irl max ROF of 12 rpm down to 10 rpm only to give them a gimmicky consummable that make them bad to play and a headache to balance afterwards…. Just accept this was a bad idea and a mistake, get rid of that reload booster, keep it at 12 rpm base, improve a bit the ballistic, give back its smoke and voila !

    To put it in perspective, the Aigle was launched in 1931 and le Terrible in 1933 and there was another class in between them (the Vauquelin class). Le Terrible was an improved and way better design than its predessessor and boasted better performance irl but here ig…. WG still manage to make it look worse than the older Aigle. Also the Leningrad was launched also in 1933 at the same time as Le Terrible and the French ship was better than its Russian counterpart : bigger, larger, faster (43 knots vs 40 knots), bigger guns, longer firing range, better torpedoes, faster reload (7-12 rpm vs 6-10 rpm), etc… only in the AA area was Leningrad a bit better. Fun fact the Russian actually built the Leningrad class and other flotilla leaders afterwards because they were impressed by the French large destoyers and wanted to do the same.

    But in game the Leningrad saw its stats buffed (43 knots instead of 40, 12 rpm instead of 10…) just to make it in line with the others such as the Tashkent and so it will be good to play meanwhile the French see their stats nerfed just to add a stupid gimmick. Why the difference of treatment ? And now you end up with a Le Terrible worse than the Leningrad and even worse than its older counterpart such as the Aigle ! GJ WG….

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