World of Warships – Le terrible

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This is a brand new french tier 8 premium DD, which is still WiP ofc.
It’s top speed is 55 kts which is extremely fast and it can be pretty funny what you can do with that speed, however that speed will most often just get you killed because you’ll be so far ahead of everyone.
I believe this thing will most likely undergo some changes but we’ll see.
I hope you enjoy the preview and have fun watching 😉


  1. Your precious minimap is back 😉

  2. Flambass is “numero uno” once more so he don’t give any fck about the map 🙂  Le terrible – too fast, too furious 🙂

  3. Needs a buff to speed to make it competitive… ;p

  4. 55 knots ‘really’ come on lets keep it real!

  5. now would you say she lives up to her name or nah?

  6. So this is basically a Aigle on Steroids with a reload booster. I LIKE. This is what i have been prepping my 16 point Aigle captain for :D.

  7. “Yeah. Worcester is a bit OP.” He says, while driving a destroyer hydrofoiling around at a leisure 50 knots. That’s why i stopped playing this game.

    • Yeah but that’s almost all this DD gets xD
      Yeah the gun rld booster is powerful if used properly and torps are not bad but your detection is beyond bad that it’s hard to use them. 5 Guns is nothing special and turret rotation sucks, so does the normal reload xD

    • It’s a fast cruiser with bad dpm and no citadel but super low hp…MEH

  8. 15:04 “Too many things about this destroyer are pretty terrible”
    I guess she lives up to her name.

  9. I mean… yes the Fantasque Class DDs were famously fast… WHEN THEY WERE EMPTY. There is great debate as to whether it was truly faster than Shimakaze with both of them carrying armament, arms, equipment and full compliment. 55kt is sorta the cartoon French Propaganda interpretation of their ability

  10. Where do they get 55knts from? Fastest Le Terrible was clocked at was 45.1knts and that was on sea trials so she would have been light ship, not operational load. I don’t mind them stretching things a little but that’s getting stupid considering the game already has issues keeping up with some of the ships zipping around.

    • Sign on the wall at WG: “If you can’t balance broken game mechanics, just throw in some gimmicks.”

    • Gneisenau and Scharnhorst were identical and both had 9 280mm guns. This game isn’t exactly historically accurate you know… Yes I know Gneisenau was planned to have the 6 380mm guns but that got cancelled so…

  11. Hmmm anything French in a war situation that isnt running away is historicly unaccurate and feels wrong…..

  12. the 91km traveld has to be wrong. If you do the math, a 55knot ship can get around 22km in 13 minutes and that is by going 55knots all the time, no turns, not slowing down etc.

    • It is wrong, distance is to be taken with a grain (or rather a truckload) of salt. Speed compared to shipsize is scaled up by a factor of at least two. And distance displayed is off if you do the comparison by known ship lenghts and ship and shell speeds…

    • 91km in 13.5 min is an average speed of about 405 km/h or 218 kts. Maybe it’s actually a fighter jet?

    • Less than a fighter jet, more like one of those drag racing boats… or a spotter aircraft.

    • boreas real Do you think Wows has any historical accuarcy? A ship, not even a DD can accelerate within this short ime, some battleships took a whole hour to get up to max speed!
      The game is just Ships on steroids, everything is speeded up

    • +Fabian Meisner that has nothing to do with historical accuracy. It just plain wrong math.

  13. 91 Km in 13 min. That’s around 400 Km/h right ?


  14. when i clicked on this video i expected the title to be some kind of joke……

  15. over 90km in 13 min? WTF??? that is OVER 400km/h! wtf?

    • Ship models are bout 2x bigger than what they supposed to be. And there is also built in time acceleration for movement.

    • ok so 200kmh… WTF??

    • If i remember correctly from the torpedo reaction time equation (go on wiki for it). The ingame conversion factor is ~2.6 due to time acceleration; which maths out to be 2.6 meter/s/knot as internal conversion factor (so ~9.36kph/knot). In reality its more like ~1.85kph/knot; so it seems, very roughly, to be around 5 time acceleration factor. If i remember from testing (you can probably find links on wiki), ships travel slightly faster than torpedoes per knot (no idea why), but lets ignore this here. So your original 400 km/h becomes 80km/h which equates to ~43-44 knots average speed during entire game, which seems to make sense given how often he was speed boosted as well as stationary. The 55 knot max speed equates to around 100 kph.

    • M Solo Wait so are the Musashi and Yamato the same size in game? Asking because I keep hearing that Musashi is just a smaller Yamato.

  16. Seems to be a bit of an ATM machine too…..

  17. King George killed american Independence. Empire strikes back…

  18. Henriks Ļevčenkovs

    This particular ship you see before you has such a bad concealment because this ship is too fast for its own good. You see, when a ship sails at 55kn, it unintentionally creates a cunami 10 metres high (praise be to French and their metric system) and it takes a genius to understand what ship did that. In order to increase concealment, French don’t use camos on this particular destroyer: instead, they make it lighter so it doesn’t make as high of cunamis as the ones it usually does. Camo is just an option.

  19. 15km radar on a French ship? I’d say sure, but it shouldn’t spot German ships. Those Frenchies never seem to see them coming ahead of time.

  20. No map no watc…oh wait…there it is lol

    wp capt O7

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