World of Warships – Leaked Commander Skills

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Recently there was supposed leaked information for a Commander Skill revamp. I try to discuss each and every change that was documented. Some of the changes are great, some would throw the balance of the game way out. Hope you enjoy the discussion and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Replay


  1. “Maybe nobody cares about you”


  2. Notser, are they gone reset all the commander points when they change the
    skills? like the last 1? plz respond!!!!

  3. im trying to figure out if it is worth getting HEAP on a zao. Fire % will
    drop down to 16% (if you dont have demo expert 13%) but you will do more
    dmg right? and good superstructure zao salvos now do arround 4-7k so i
    guess with that skill point that will go up 1k, maybe 2k? whats your
    opinion on that people?

  4. Keen intuition is crap. Really!

  5. World of Warships – Short Q&A with Sub_Octavian on Reddit – 17/11/2016
    “There’s nothing to discuss yet, the rework is not planned for 0.5.15, not
    even for 0.5.16″

  6. “everything is broken, everything is ridiculous, everything is overpowered”

  7. The problem with HEAP for BB’s is that it affects secondaries too – I tend
    to like that my secondaries can set fires (rarely), this will effectively
    negate that ability. Though I accept it has its uses on main guns – would
    be a good Cruiser option for Destroyer hunting though.

    For me, I couldn’t give a rats about firey take off – for anything other
    than a DD, I’m usually aiming to get AP on a carrier so it dies quicker –
    sure a fire on a carrier is a nice result, but a dead one is so much

  8. Sir Orrin Productions

    I really hope this is a fake leak. the new skills really aren’t good.

  9. With every patch WG panders more and more to the lowest common denominator.
    Fiery Takeoff, and especially Keen Intuition, are proof of that.

  10. I’m agreed, just with Keen intuition s the worst, ’cause… you’re op or
    you’re dead even before shoot

  11. Expert Loader is very nice on an Atlanta

  12. No i think not, the leak will be bullshit as this change is utter bullshit.

  13. Notser is this confirmed?

  14. Good to hear that you like/dislike the same points as i do – makes me hope
    that the captains skills changes will be overhauled before they hit us.

  15. Notser. The 50% reload reduction with expert loader. There is a difrence
    between shooting a turning ship in 6 seconds and 12 seconds.The difrence is
    hitting 3-4 citadels. Thats somethign that happens often in my zao. I spam
    HE and than see a cruiser turning thinking he has enough time to turn away
    while showing his broadside. That 50% reload buff makes wonders happen.

    Just consider it. It works great on IJN cruisers.

  16. Hates every captain skill for cv’s and how many there are.
    Notser please show me on the destroyer where the big bad carrier touched
    you? So much hate sheesh.

  17. “maybe they don’t care about you.”

    Thanks man :(

  18. late tier us smokes are almost sequential with Jack of all trades could you
    perma smoke!?

  19. What’s wrong with the -7 % chance of fire one??

  20. Fog for the Foggod? For fogs sake WG!

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