World of Warships – Leander Hunt the Horse

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on Shards moves out to try and support the assault on A point. We engage a enemy as they attempt to capture the center point. The enemy team is engage with my team around A point. I move out to engage a enemy who is coming from the C point. We move forward to assist in a push against the enemy team around their spawn. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Cruiser Leander Replay


  1. Thank you again. I’m very new to WoWS and nowhere near tier 6 yet, but I’ve
    got to say: Your presentation is excellent. My grandson and I try to watch
    as many of your videos as possible. Keep up the great work.

  2. Notser, what do u think a fight with a cleve and leander who will win?

  3. Perth video or RIOT , lol just kidding

  4. 105k is nothing special, i did 172K in my Leander, even sent it to you, but
    guess you must have missed it ;)

  5. i also have that problem on RN cruisers. They accelerate too quick but
    slows down very slow that I always accidentally leave my smoke

  6. You will be wipped out if you have survival expert or not.

  7. Kraken Leashed

  8. Notser! What are your thoughts on the XP Requirement, since it seems like
    it’s base XP and not total received XP?Also, what about the little Easter
    egg of “You sunk their battleship!” while playing a British Cruiser and,
    well, sinking a battleship?

  9. fi “フィ” teru

    It’s Ta-ka-o Notser ;D

  10. “He’d eat a green plants to make him strong”
    You just describe stoners :P

  11. J Manuel Villarreal

    Master Notser.

  12. 14:47 – 14:57 a potential kraken and double strike denied!

  13. Spinach!

  14. Wait…. individual torpedo launch… is that a british cruiser thing or
    new in an update? I havent played in a little bit

  15. I personally don’t like the british cruisers, they might be better with a
    15pt cap. I did well with the tier 6 but I just didn’t care for the play

  16. Good game fun to watch 🙂
    If you do get a super crate can you show us on the tube? If it’s a hassle
    all good, it’s just fun to see people get that sort of thing :)

  17. Wow, that Chapayev at the 7 minute mark really should learn what his AP
    shells are for and how to angle his ship. A couple well placed salvos would
    be crippling if not lethal at that kinda range against the Leander and yet
    it was firing HE… Disappointing that people still haven’t learned how to
    use the right shells at the right time.

  18. Notser, you can pronounce Takao (たかおー高雄) since you pronounce Atago
    correctly (あたごー愛宕) correctly.

    Since Japanese is my first language it is hard to explain well – but
    ta-ka-o, the ‘ao’ is not one sound but a distinct – ta – ka – oh. Just like
    you say a-ta-go, the ‘o’ sound is distinct and not bridged to the previous
    vowel. Since Japanese uses a syllabary, each symbol-sound is basically
    always the same.

  19. The Leander class cruisers actually WERE misidentified as destroyers during
    the war because of their small size, tiny gun turrets and aggressive high
    speed maneuvers (because they had such light armament they needed to get
    close to be effective). The most famous such instance was in the battle of
    the River Plate, when Graf Spee’s captain took Ajax and Achilles for 2
    destroyers and focused his fire on Exeter.

  20. kinda feel sorry for poor saps in the two Kongos who got pulled into a T8
    match, bet they’re reaction was “OH @$!# ME”!
    on the brigh side, at least they had comparable Max. range to the other T8

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