World of Warships – Leander Preview

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Leander on Two Brothers moves to attack the western , we run into a destroyer and a handful enemies. I try my best to get side shots on them, but most salvos are ineffective. We see a battleship charging while in smoke, I try to get my torpedoes around against him. We progress with some luck to a stage where the is very close. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

VI British Cruiser Leander Replay


  1. the whole Rn Cruiser line is a joke
    what were the Supertesters thinking when they were testing them

  2. They are too bad in Low tier matches, it’s OK against other Brits, but
    having no HE is a bit too much nerfing.

  3. RN is a dissapointment

  4. I citadeled an Emerald twice with Myoko HE o_O

  5. I’m at a fully upgraded Danae at the moment and about 8k XP away from the
    Emerald but Leander is where I’m aiming for but the AP on the Danae is
    hopless was ricocheting shots off the deck of a Langley FFS lol

  6. Here’s everything you need to know about the armor of the new British
    cruisers: I scored 4 citadels on two different Caledons in a game earlier
    today with my Clemson. I fired nothing but HE in that match.

  7. I’m not going to play the RN cruisers till they fix this. Its not worth it.

  8. So is it just me or is their claims of “better” AP a little overdone? Yeah,
    I have dealt with DDs no problem, but a niche ship designed only for
    anti-DD duty seems alright, fighting other cruisers isn’t too bad, but
    BB’s… I know that if you’re engaging a BB while other things on the field
    is bad, but if you’re getting engaged and you want to discourage a
    BB…forget it. The claim is that “AP bounces less” when in reality I
    notice it bounces about the same with no real way to deal with bow on
    ships, and the real way to succeed is to gamble on how dumb the enemy is
    going to be. I am just very underwhelmed with these boats. The torps

  9. Oh, almost forgot, awesome game Notser! And Im so glad you are giving your
    honest opinion about the only AP problem with the RN cruisers.

  10. OK. This line is not for beginners. Wow, so hard.

  11. Usually when things are this fragile as the new RN cruisers, they’re
    referred to as “glass canons”, which can be fun, because that means it can
    do a lot of damage as a trade off to their fragility. Unfortunately, this
    just isn’t the case with these cruisers. They’re just glass sling shots at

  12. wow 3.2km main gun range lol

    i know it’s a typo

  13. yeah no doubt if you had HE, you would have killed the Texas and won the
    match for your team. as good as the AP seems, it is still AP; it bounces
    occasionally and that cost you a win with no fault of your own Notser. I
    will certainly be skipping this line (for the time being anyways), there
    are too many uncertainties with an AP only ship, a large portion of damage
    is completely locked away and i feel that’s gonna hurt these ships in the
    long run (as well as being so squishy (like atlanta levels of squishy,
    maybe even more so)) especially if they end up costing winning matches as a
    result of their design

  14. i share the same experience,less fun and i dont like hiding

  15. its easier to drop torpedo on british smoke too since they only cover very
    small area. two torpedo spread can easily cover the whole smoke.

  16. im dissapointed in the RN Cruisers…its like German Cruiser without
    He…and your performance depends on the stupidness of your opponent.

  17. Grand Admiral Tyler, Lord Regent of Tyland

    My great grandfather served on the HMNZS Leander and HMS Furious during

  18. I like the Danae, thats as far as I’ve got on the British cruisers so far
    though lol

  19. The Neptune and Minotaur Reload though… Mental lol

  20. you had so much luck in this round.
    its weird to see cruiser with smoke generator and torpedos.

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