World of Warships – Learn to Play: Tier IX Japanese Destroyer Yugumo

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Let’s take a look at another of the oldest lines in World of Warships: the original Japanese torpedo-centric destroyers. Continuing up the line, we arrive at Tier IX’s Yugumo.

00:00 – Intro
00:08 – Meet Yugumo
02:43 – Survivability
04:45- Maneuverability & Concealment
06:56 – Main Battery
10:53 – Torpedoes
13:39 – Depth Charges
14:29 – AA Defenses
17:06 – Upgrades
22:24 – Consumables
23:36 – Signals
24:12 – Commander Skills
29:24 – Modules
32:38 – Sample Gameplay

Yugumo is essentially Kagero, Part II. The ships are similar enough in characteristics that finding differences between them very nearly takes a magnifying glass. There are some key ones, though, most notably in terms of torpedo damage and loadout options.


My Yugumo build:

Upgrade Slot 1: Main Armaments Modification 1
Upgrade Slot 2: Engine Room Protection
Upgrade Slot 3: Torpedo Tubes Modification 1
Upgrade Slot 4: Propulsion Modification 1
Upgrade Slot 5: Concealment System Modification 1
Upgrade Slot 6: Torpedo Tubes Modification 2

Juliet Charlie, Victor Lima, Juliet Whiskey Unaone, Sierra Mike, November Foxtrot

Preventative Maintenance, Last Stand, Fill the Tubes, Concealment Expert, Adrenaline Rush, Grease the Gears, Swift Fish, Survivability Expert



  1. I’m hoping that with the upcoming CV plane spotting nerf that the reload booster will be an even more viable option. Another tip for anyone would be to maximize your detection when sending torp salvos out. You just need to be careful not to fall within radar or hydro range of your targets. I think in the sample gameplay you could have gotten way closer to those BBs. I think all you had to worry about was FDGs hydro at 6 km.

    • I could have gotten way closer, but the FdG’s 6km hydro means that I don’t want to ride TOO close to the line or I risk getting spotted. 6.5-7km is a comfortable enough buffer to give me some room to maneuver.

      I would very much like TRB to be more viable on these high tier ships given how much you have to invest into the torpedoes to get really good value out of them (several modules and commander skills). We’ll see how things go with the spotting changes, they may yet make the entire line better to play.

  2. Very favourable circumstances, no CV, no DD gun boats pushing you. Nice video, good advice.

    • Very favorable, and you can see what the ship can achieve when left to her own devices. The Japanese torpedo boats are very dangerous ships, they just have to focus on different things and play a little differently than some of the other nations.

    • @dmitryrodionov3474

      Yeah, in most of T10 matches you can’t really use your stealth advantage because of CVs, radars and even subs. And if all you can do is to spot for your team and try to torp enemy campers from 10+ km – the game gets boring.

      Another problem with the current meta is that T10 engagements are usually very long range. BBs shooting each other from 20+ kms so you will naturally become distanced from the rest of your team if you need to spot or torp. Which means you are alone. Any gunboat or radar ambush makes you killed.😢

    • True. The modern meta of the game has not been kind to some of the older lines of ships that were designed in a different era of the game.

  3. Agree with Raptor. If you are learning this ship, please take smoke and the 93 mod 3 torps. You will want the torp range to try and dig out those 12 km radar cruisers and you will need the smoke to disappear when you blunder into a place that you shouldn’t be. Once you’re comfortable in the classic configuration and you have a high enough captain to make some choices, you have options. Of the three high tier IJN torp boats (Kagero, Yugumo, and Shimakaze), the Yugumo gives you the most build options. Once you feel comfortable in her and you have a high point captain, you can take her to the very edge with a TRB, RPF, F3 build. It makes her an amazing predatory dd as long as she can stay safe from radar and planes in the first half of the game. She is one of my go-to boats when I’m grinding combat missions.

  4. super excited for American CLs. Gotta be my favorite line so far

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