World of Warships – Learn to Play: Tier VII Japanese Cruiser Myoko

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Let’s take a look at one of World of Warships’ oldest cruiser lines: the Japanese heavies. Continuing on, allow me to introduce Tier VII’s Myoko.

00:00 – Intro
00:08 – Meet Myoko
01:50 – Survivability
04:40 – Armor
08:19 – Main Battery
14:42 – Maneuverability & Concealment
17:25 – Torpedoes & Tactics
20:45 – Depth Charges
21:11 – AA Defenses
22:25 – Upgrades & Consumables
25:11 – Signals
25:55 – Commander Skills
29:00 – Sample Gameplay

Myoko is, bar none, one of the strongest Tier VII cruisers in all of World of Warships. Her armor scheme isn’t anything to write home about, but she has a tremendous amount of firepower and the health pool to last in games, even when she’s bottom tier.


World of Warships Ballistics Tool (not current after 0.11.8):

Upgrade Slot 1: Main Armaments Modification 1
Upgrade Slot 2: Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1
Upgrade Slot 3: Main Battery Modification 1
Upgrade Slot 4: Airstrike Modification 1

Juliet Charlie, Victor Lima, India X-Ray, Sierra Bravo, Sierra Mike, November Foxtrot

Grease the Gears, Gun Feeder, Demolition Expert, Fill the Tubes, Focus Fire Training, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent, Survivability Expert, Concealment Expert



  1. A lot of the strange choices the IJN made while designing the Myoko’s come from trying to fit a quart of capability into a pint size hull, so to speak. Lightly armored turrets, grouping the guns really close, a very narrow length to beam, and low freeboard were all done trying to comply with the 10k ton limit imposed by treaties of the era. Even so they were still a few hundred tons over the limit, to which the IJN figured they could probably scrape by on plausible deniability. (Upgrades in the late 30’s to make them more stable pushed their displacement up to around 12k)

  2. I remember buying Atago and then comparing her to Myoko because Atago seemed to lack in damage output (I was a noob at the time). And Myoko turned out to be so much stronger. Of course Atago is the stronger ship, but purely from a DPM pov, Myoko is kinda crazy, also when compared to Mogami 8″.
    Awesome video Raptor, I learned something new. 👍

  3. Perfect timing, what with four of them currently available from the ARP collab.

  4. Thank you so much for the Myoko 101 class. learning bunches .have a good weekend SeaRaptor.

  5. One tip Raptor: pronounce ‘Groningen’ as the word ‘stoning’ and then add ‘un’ so -st- Groningun.

  6. Got lucky with an Arpeggio crate last night and acquired ARP Haguro, so this breakdown and guide is really helpful for me. Thanks Raptor!

  7. Kinda tanky, good fire starter, accurate guns easy to aim even at max range, and insanely good kiting with the speed, rudder shift and torpedoes. And with dfaa chews though planes.

  8. Fiji and Myoko. My 2 favorite T7 cruisers. 😊

  9. Only reason Myoko herself didn’t stay in port for me is because I had her ARP sisters once they let us put any IJN captain on them. Ever since unlocking her in closed beta this has been one of my favorite cruisers.

    I will say this the light plating on the turret facing is one of the things is something they got historically accurate, the IJN cruisers were notorious for having comparatively light turret facings across all classes.

  10. Bro luv ya stuff but ur voice sounds exactly like my NCAA football Anouncers

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