World of Warships – Learning the Hipper!

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  1. You had a repair kit

  2. I thought we learned that shooting AP at high tier BBs for half the match
    is rather pointless. Juicy broadsides at reasonable ranges are tempting on
    the very odd chance of the cit but if destroying the opponent is the
    objective instead, HE is the better choice.
    Keep trying Slick, it’s a bloody hard game. Your vlogs are improving btw.

  3. Can you also go to the menu , in controls and click ” Alternate battle
    interface mode” so you don’t have to push Alt , we will see info of other
    ships like health bar and distance AND it will help you to. just saying.
    tyvm for a videos!!

  4. Slick i noticed that you mostly use AP with cruisers even when you fire at
    bbs, why is that ?

  5. Honestly Slick it’s not you, it’s these Cruisers. They are too easy to kill
    with their paper mache armor and their guns aren’t really anything
    exceptional. It’s just going to take a lot of practice to really get the
    feel on how to play them.

  6. these cruisers NEED the detection skill. not for destroyers, but if you get
    assist-spotted by aircraft / destroyers you’re likely to take a huge hit
    from BBs. it’s a MUST.

  7. the tirpitz is the same as the Lowe was in wot

  8. For some reason I always read it as Admiral Hipster… Picture the captain
    in skinny jeans, watching VHS tapes to be ironic while eating gluten free
    Tofu or something .. :3

  9. Is it possible to get a citadel on a bb with ~200mm guns ?

  10. I feel like most of the German cruisers are underpowered. They don’t do
    anything especially good except range. I feel like they need a definite
    fire chance per shell buff. The Hindenburg has comparable maneuverability
    to the Bismarck class, while having less HP, less AP and HE damage and
    lesser of a chance to actually set something on fire compared to the other
    tier 10 cruisers.

  11. Biginning of this vid shows exacly why I belive that Incoming Fire Alert
    skill,(which is commonly belived to be useless) is a must have for higher
    tier cruisers. You could avoid that whole salvo easly with that skill :)

  12. Slick, I like you, but you’re a shitty shot, you can’t hit anything..

  13. I just had my first 100 000 damage game in my Arkansas Beta tier 4

  14. You definitly did not repair because you are stupid

  15. EleaxustheFlawless

    Bruh you are too funny.

  16. +Slickbee I personally love WOWS, keep playing, loving the Kreigsmarine!
    Would like to see the German DDs make an appearance.


  17. what we learned today? to press r when flooding

  18. Tirpitz was a safe guess, just about everyone plays them.

  19. I like WoWS, but red orchestra is fun to watch, too. What do you like to
    play best, Slick?

  20. First

  21. i personally dont like WOWS. pls not anymore. Play Red Orchestra…

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