World of Warships – Leberecht Maass Impressions

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on Trident moves out to attempt a capture on B point. A enemy shows up and I decide to trade some damage in the hopes of a kill. The enemy pulls back and I setup under smoke, a couple more enemies move into the area. I’m forced to move back and fight off the eastern flank. The game is pretty close the entire way and I do my best to survive. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Destroyer Leberecht Maass Replay


  1. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I need to start playing now xD haven’t played since 11th October

  2. Compared with other lines such as USN or Soviet they largely seem a waste
    of time so long as they’re saddled with that ridiculous gun bloom.
    Get the supertesters to play with a set of parameters, give the line to
    content makers, then release the line with seemingly untested,
    significantly altered parameters.
    WG quality product development and testing processes at their best.

  3. 7:04 the way he said it XD

  4. 11:20 “what is that DD doing just camping?” wake up lol

  5. Damn Notser, you’re one hell of a hot stick in a DD.

  6. undertakernumberone1

    “Notorious for accurate guns”
    *looks at german BBs* eh…

  7. reloading 150mm shell that quick German op.

  8. German dds in between of japane’s und french’s.

  9. Happy Christmas!! 0w0

  10. Was trying to figure out how best to use them since the fuck up of their
    stats. WG=?

  11. I think this is a “penalty” for the hydro… or i don’t know, i can’t
    understand why they do it like this.

  12. Wargaming is making DD’s into suicidally stupid ships good only for YOLOing
    into a cap circle and getting shot to pieces. NOT FUN.

    “DD’s use stealth to…”

    Stealth? I get spotted less in my No. Carolina.

  13. So, is this thing essentially a better Blyskawica? The power creep is real.

  14. Is it me or did WG represented the unstability of those destroyers because
    of their bad bow design ? It seems the bow goes “wet” often XD

  15. You took out a Potato not a destroyer.

  16. Notser can you add a list of flags you use also?

  17. Guess i wont be grinding out the German DDs then,

  18. I’m on the T-22 at the moment, and it seems so weak compared to the V-170.
    I really enjoyed the V-170 almost as good a “yolo” ship as clemson, but
    T-22 can not do that. So far I am happy, you can’t expect each successive
    line to be entirely unique and better than the last, so long as there are
    good ships in the line it is worth grinding. That being said the detection
    whilst firing guns is ridiculous.

  19. wp notser as always, well I think working on IJN dd line instead of german
    line is a better decision right now for dd lovers like us

  20. I sold all om German DDs , they are not very good.

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