World of Warships – Leberecht Maass Never Giving Up

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on Shard moves out to capture A point for the team. We encounter multiple enemy ships and must retreat before they overwhelm the area. I get into a position to try and do damage against the enemies while moving back around to the center. The enemy team is at a point in the game where they can secure the outcome. I simple try to hold off the pressure to see if we can work back to a equal engagement. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Leberecht Maass Replay


  1. would love too see ya open up some xmas containers. :)

  2. Enjoy all the horrible debuffs and inadequacies for a 2.2km window of
    shooting into/out of smoke.

  3. fantastic !

  4. “He touched me real good.”
    ~Notser 2016

  5. Nice Game Notser ! I had something similiar today with my first T 10 : The
    Mighty Hindenburg 😀 I am thinking about sending you that truly fist
    clenching game ^_^

  6. That last action with błyskawica, I admire Your luck Notser :D

  7. Noice, Notser…Keep up the good work!

  8. anyone had a supercontainer in the last 7 days?

  9. What do you think about the new commander skills?

  10. Really nice game Notser- Very good and exciting!

  11. lol!!! niccccccceee!!!hahahahaha

  12. Can’t believe you win that game! The best player in WoWs!

  13. That was a very well played game. Well done.

  14. Nice game! On an unrelated note, will you be doing a video on recommended
    CO skills post-

  15. A few oversights but some crazy proactive tactics as well, Notser. Although
    I definitely wouldn’t have left that Fiji back in that hole to come out and
    trouble me later, and I wouldn’t have pushed to where you’re going at 4:25
    I also wouldn’t have thought to launch that last torp strike where you did.
    I don’t know your state of confidence when you sent those but it was pretty
    impressive man. Thanks for the vid!

  16. The German DD line is so much like the pre-buff USN DD line it is like deja
    vu all over again.

  17. Is it possible IN GAME to show all those info about ship and captain you
    shows always at start of your videos? Any key or out-of-game / post-game
    during video making process.

  18. So many guys dont change course and so simple to torp!
    so wonderfull
    i dont have that luck at my enemy teams,nearly never.

  19. they should another medal for this… “from the grave”

  20. Why did you go to A? Reds have easy access while you are against the wall!
    Its the same for the other team with C. You could have already taken B and
    support your team.

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