World Of Warships – Legendary Des Moines & New Playstyle Possibilities!

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So, by just playing my beloved Des Memes, I’ve come to unlock the Legendary upgrade related to it, Enhanced Propulsion. And oh boy the name doesn’t lie.
This is a quick shocase of how the ship performs with the upgrade installed, and how it really changes it’s playstile and brings something new for a seasoned captains like me…


  1. haven’t seen you in a while robin boiiii

  2. Oh boi I wish they gave this to the Wooster too

  3. Good game ? Red team is too aggressive, mindless to me?

  4. Nice game there Robin, could you show us the build for the modules?

    • Right, I forgot to include that.
      Well, let’s try it from memory:
      Commander: Prev.Maint/Exp.Marks/Ad.Rush/Sup.Int/Demo.Expert/Concealment.Exp/AFT
      Upgrades: Main.Arm.1/Surv.Radar.Mod1/AA.Mod.2/Prop.Mod.2/Concealment.Syst.1/Enhanced.Prop.
      That should be it…

    • The Sailing Robin  Pretty sure you are running dispersion mod. Otherwise you would have had 7.2km AA range with AFT and the AA range. And the dispersion looks too good to be without the mod.

    • +David yep, that’s right, thx for pointing it out

  5. Nice demonstration ! Are you talking to your imaginary friend or I miss something Robin and you’re back at streaming? 🙂

    • This was actually a test to see if I could live comment my games instead of having to do a post battle review. So technically, yeah, I’m talking to an imaginary friend. Or to you guys, depends how you see it 😉

  6. Really useful video,thanks man,you
    Rock ???

  7. When do you stream Robin and what platform (Twitch, YT or other)

    • I’m unable to stream at the moment but I usually streamed on both YT and Twich. I’ll be back to it in a while, hopefully.

  8. Nice one Robin! Love how you explained your tactics this time.

  9. Sander Dekker [HOME] GarrusBrutus

    10:08 *torpedobeats intensifies* Well explained Robin. I love how even after so many Des Moines games you can keep it interesting.

  10. Hey Robin! great as always, one day I will reach tier 10 🙂 Would you watch my vids too ?

  11. Missed torp beat music! GG dude.

  12. indeed that moder feet DM tactic

  13. Top notch plays. Refreshing to see you still know how to carry your teams. Unlike yesterday, Kappa 😛

  14. So you’re losing range and reload. Hmmmm. Something to think about.

  15. Always excited to watch your new video Robin 😉 keep em coming.

  16. It’s too bad I cannot grind for the Leg Upgrade in the Arms Race mode.

  17. I dont want to offend you, but is this the french playstyle?? u know the historical jokes

  18. Man that acceleration is insane.

  19. Just a random Horse.

    It kinda looks like my playstyle with this ship, I don’t have the legendary module yet (it’s taking forever to grind it) though. I run spotter plane and hydro , full DPM for end game and it works so well I can’t help but get turned on sometimes.

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