World Of Warships – Legendary Halsey Des Moines & A Beaten Personal Record

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When you though you had enough content already…
Ps: You made it, Plutonium 😉


  1. Good game as always mate. Unlucky at the end.

  2. To much Des Moines? That is not possible sir.

  3. What can i say,just you Rock with De Moines,great game man ???

  4. Awesome! What’s the music?

    • The Sailing Robin

      Homemade extended version of this track here []

    • You rock, thanks man! Can you show us a build of your captain skills and ship modules? I use John Doe (Formerly Segal) on my DM but I’m curious if we’re using the same skills and modules or not.

  5. Wow, that’s an impressive game, I wish I could do this well in DesMoines :p

  6. If they have the big bomb icon that means they are HE….. Alos Midway with HE bombs…. Why?

    • The Sailing Robin

      Well some CV players prefer the D.O.T of the HE bombs rather than the raw but limited AP damage. And yeah, they do have a different icon.

  7. Sorry man.. but good job!!

  8. That was impressive

  9. Insane

  10. ggwp. you’ve gotta love halsey.

  11. I think I’m going to mount the legendary upgrade on my Des Moines

  12. Oh boi

    I recently beat my personal top using a Worcester using Halsey 😀

  13. Shipjesus crumbles before you…

  14. Great game man that was amazing, but damn that team was uncarriable…

  15. Sander Dekker [HOME] GarrusBrutus

    Trev is a fortune teller: “Prepare to feature in a new one.” Right one, mate, right on. Sad the team crumbled otherwise this would have been another 4K XP game.

  16. She’s a strong ship, but I’m terrible at using her. Is their an easy to understand guide on how to play her?

  17. When your exp is 500 higher than the best player in the winning team…mmm…the match making is just right.

  18. No kraken, no carry, very light language…. Quality is slipping mate.

  19. Unreal! Amazing game dude

  20. I really like your gameplay. Thanks for sharing. What is your ship and captain build?

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