World of Warships – Legendary Modules Clarified

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Just wanted to clarify some information related to Legendary Modules, unfortunately Wargaming needs to do this ingame for the most impact. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Discord Server


  1. Play 200 games at premium in Khab get legendary and out class all other Khabs, is that fair to non premium players who are not willing to play 400 games in it- not sure, is that pay to win?

    • i think its not pay2win, you just have a big advantage in terms of time.However: gl non premiums… (as if playing 200 matches with same ship is not enough xD)

    • Darnath Lysander

      No, none of these upgrades are straight up better. It may seem that way because you’ve already unlocked it for a ship which I can assume you’re very proficient at. To say that the Khaba upgrade is flat out better is farcical since you give up all pretense of manoeuvrability by giving up steering gears mod 3.
      As they said in there forum post, that they give players more choice to specialise their top tier ship to their specific playstyle.

    • zekugem/ゼックンゲーム

      wargaming will die along with pubg

    • To say that not having steering gear mod 3 gives up “all pretense of manoeuvrability” is farcical. Yes the specialisation I choose of the Khab is firing its guns at range- I’m really in the minority here with that but the upgrade is great for that weird playstyle.

    • Darnath Lysander

      No, I completely agree with you. I also want more range on my Khaba, regardless of the loss in manoeuvrability. The problem was, in your original post, that you made it seem that the legendary module was the best choice and all other choices were inferior. That was all.

  2. Thank you NOTSER!! I was already freak out for the exp date lol 😀

  3. Admiral Vridiantoast

    Notser can you talk about Clan battles and the fact that Daylight savings is a problem for the clan battles schedule? the amount of times that people have called for backup only to find out that its an hour away is a small problem that i’d like to see fixed, but who knows.
    as for grinding legendaries, the amount of games in this is gonna be hell… oh well.

  4. A Man of Culture

    I sometimes like to crawl into large pipes and scream BANG while I pretend to be a Battleship shell.

  5. an issue with the game design system.. ” everything seems to be an issue with the game design system when it comes to Wargaming.

  6. I just don’t play my tier tens that much so I’ll never have them either.

  7. 200 games is enough to discourage most of the players never bother with the missions.


    But the website says those missions for legendary modules are available until the end of the year?

  9. Thanks for pointing out the missions don’t expire. Because it’s not just the in-game mission description that says so; it’s the July Mission calender (on the EU portal, at least), as well. I guess someone in WG is confused about this, too.

  10. Supreme Flagship

    (about expiration dates) I would take anything said by WG employees with a grain of salt. WG said that they will not remove Missouri (when it was introduced), but now…

    • Supreme Flagship Hmm. I see your point. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • They also said they wouldn’t sell some of the more OP tanks in WoT.
      Until they did, for a lot of money. And did it again, for a lot of money.
      When WG promises something, the only good reply is “uhuh, sure thing honey”. As if your wife just told you she’ll stop buying shoes.

  11. Der Kernspalter

    There is no way i will finish 8 legendary module missions by the end of the year (EDIT: ok, so Notser tells in the video, the deadline is not true, sich is good). Why do the missions have a deadline at all? Btw. you’ll lose money playing T10 even with premium account, so you have to play your premium ships a lot too, so compensate the money loss.

    • They wouldn’t be very legendary if you could get all of them though :/
      I agree it’s a ridiculous requirement for them, but at the same time.. It does make them more exclusive to own :3.

    • I regularly play 6 different t10s, 2 have prem camo. I use credit and service cost flags and I break even without premium account.

      With premium account I average around 200k profit for an average game, 3-400k on a premium camo ship.

  12. i have pretty much given up anything above tier 8, i just dont enjoy the high tiers… and im pretty sure the radar influx made it even worse. 4-7 are the fun tiers IMHO.

    • Ofc… Saipan, Belfast, Atlanta etc. Witch yours ?

    • while i own an atlanta and enjoy it, you would most likely see me in a scharnhorst or de grasse or any techtree ship, im still working on several shiplines to get to tier7.

    • PerfectPotato_EU

      I smell irony! 😛 I own all of them but dont play Carriers. I am too stupid for the Belfast and I am very meh in the Atlanta. In capable hands all three ships feel overpowered but they can also be taken out easily if focused.

    • PerfectPotato_EU

      De Grasse is a beast. Especially when the battle is in your favor and you can harass BB’s like a madman. Scharnhorst is a effective brawler with that 350mm belt. But hardly anyone uses it as such. Shame really.

    • Sealclubbing?

  13. I only own a couple t10 and I play them regularly… but the legendary mods haven’t really impressed me yet so I don’t plan to put any additional effort into acquiring them.

  14. *Will Salem be getting the same Legendary Upgrade that Des Moines has or a different one?*

  15. Alexander Ducaneaux

    Thank you Notser for that remark regarding the date for those missions. I only have 4 lvl 10 ships and thought that I could never do them all in that amount of time.

  16. Wows is starting to feel like a chore… Grind is horrible, especially when your not all that good at it.

    • lol. Have you seen the grind on the Warthunder Navy CBT?

    • Maybe, become better? I mean, if the game is punishing you for doing badly, maybe you are doing badly. If you do good, then the grinds will be at least 2 times easier.

  17. PerfectPotato_EU

    It’s insane. Since they all offer a somewhat different playstyle approach they should be way easier to obtain to promote just that: diversity. And they could expand those down to Tier VIII or even VI to bring even more. But this? Luckily I only have one Tier X and I won’t even bother playing the Conq through that many missions for a change in diversity. Make it a 1/5th of it and we can start talking.

  18. no it doesnt i did it in one day and 75 games and im an average player…. sooo…. it doesnt take 200 games use some camo…..(i have the yamato upgrade) the longest part of the grind was the final 26 games for the 40k base exp.
    100k exp took me 16 games
    8million credits took me 16 games as well
    15 wins can easily be done in coop.
    15k free exp took me 2 games
    40k base exp was 26 games

    16+16+15+2+26=75 it wont take as long as most are thinking ^.^ there is hope.

    • You have premium? Looks like you averages 500K credits / game for example

    • 75 IN ONE DAY? HOW

    • Exactly. 20 minutes / game x 75 games = 25 hours. That’s a lot of WoWs in a 24 hour day 🙂 I guess you can exit early but still…

    • sure that seems like a lot at a absolute max of 20 mins per game but a small fraction of games last 20 mins, i would say a average game maybe last 8-12 mins (this is from personal experience). so using the same math you did thats about 10 -15 hours.

  19. I will go for Hindenburg.

  20. Gonna work on the Hindenburg

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