World of Warships – Legendary modules which are worth?

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Okey I know, I know…I said it won’t last long but God help me there are sooo many of them xD
Enjoy, have fun watching and I rly hope you find it useful 😉


  1. “I don’t want to make this video an hour long…”

    …45 mins later xD

    • a very good review of the mods. just what we’ve been waiting for!

    • I agree the Zao Legend upgrade is nice. But you suggested that the default in that slot was the reload upgrade…..not good. The correct upgrade is the range extension. If someone does not have the Legendary; they should 1000% use the range. It is far superior to the reload.

    • I was so glad when I finally got the Mino module. If you do the math you will find that it gives you a total smoke time of +6 sec – which isn’t much. The real upgrade is the 37.5 sec deployment time. If combined with a Bert Dunkirk Captain and his “30% larger smoke area” skill, one can basically smoke in an entire flank.

    • Are you hitting the mic or is the pop filter not working? Poor ears 😉

    • Awesome video & channel thanks for sharing love these video it helps ease the learning curve Merry Christmas

  2. Flambass, I don’t want to sound stupid, but how do you obtain the legendary modules? I really want the Des Moines mod but not sure how to get it.

    Yueyang, they nurf the reloads 1 sec on guns and 20 sec on torps, that are useless on other DDs. Then on the leg mod, they give you some of it back after you give up 10% concealment. You can’t use smoke and radar at the same time on this ship which should be allowed. Why would anyone own a DD without smoke unless its a Khaba or Harugumo? You must choose between smoke or 7.5 20 sec radar, which makes the radar useless. I don’t get it. I had a YY and sold it to make a point. Just didn’t make sense why they have a hard on for this ship.

    • check your personal missions, you should have one for each T10 ship. if they are not there, just play a battle with each/ the one missing and they will show up after the battle.

    • Once you obtain a tier 10 you play 1 game with it and the mission unlocks. You will have 5 very simple but very grindy missions to do and they all have to be done with THAT ship (in this case DM) and then you obtain the legendary module for your DM. You will only be able to use it on DM. That’s the thing with these modules. Every tier 10 (well almost every) has it’s own module. You can’t use it on any other ship.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      Basically you play with those ships a lot. There are some missions for each ship which have 5 stages/steps each. For example, earn 6000000 credits, step one. Earn 40.000 base xp, step two etc. When you finish the fifth step you get the module. It’s just a lot of grinding. You can find those missions in the “personal assignments” tab on the upper left corner of your screen provided you do own tier 10 ships. If for example you don’t own Yamato the mission for the Yamato legendary module will not be available for you.

    • you just keep on playing with the ship. you should see your progression under personal missions (right next to combat missions on the left of your screen in port)

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      You play the ship.
      A LOT.
      With each ship you have to collect 40000 XP, after that 15 victories, after that 15000 free XP, then some miscellanious stuff and then 40000 base XP (which takes the longest).
      Over all you have to play ~120 +/- 20 games with each T10.

  3. And don’t forget that if you want to go back to NOT using the legendary upgrade, DEMOUNT it and DO NOT sell it like i did as you lose it forever. Thanx WOW.

    • Really? I thought the missions would unlock the module and give you one for free and after that it is like any other module (i. e. you can buy it if you want to). That is a really BS move buy WG, especially since I never saw any warning that it behaves different to other modules and will be lost forever.

    • +superdau no it doesn’t unlock module. only give you one for free. If you sold a legendary mod and want it back, send a ticket to WG.

    • Thanx for replying. But how do you do this? I lost my Conq legendary weeks ago and have seen nothing about to how get it again. Really enjoy your vids man. Thanx again.

    • +Chris James send a ticket

    • +Siddhant jain What does that mean dear boy?

  4. *Flambass*
    Santa Claus won’t visit you unless you are asleep.
    So be good & he will leave you a nice potato and a piece of coal.

  5. 7AM here 🙂 who needs sleep

  6. Time Stamps:

    Des Moines: 3:03
    Minotaur: 6:36
    Shimakaze: 9:54
    Zao: 12:25
    Yamato: 13:10
    Hakuryu: 14:22
    Gearing: 16:07
    Worcester: 21:20
    Montana: 22:22
    Midway: 24:10
    Khabarovsk: 26:03
    Grozovoi: 27:40
    Moskva: 28:45
    Z-52: 29:40
    Hindenburg: 32:53
    Grosser Kurfurst: 35:35
    Conqueror: 37:14
    Yueyang: 38:28
    Henry IV: 40:06
    Republique: 41:25

    Hope this helps for future reference!

  7. For the Republique you are not just outranged by T8 BBs… the T5 IJN BB outranges you

  8. Imagine that Hindy mod on a BB

  9. nice one Flambass Thank You
    just a few Base XP from the GK mod and I am looking forward to it .. as the German dispersion is sooo sooo bad at distance it ( for me I go yo lo anyways ) it will be Awesome I am sure 😉 flambahugs

  10. Its 3am in the morning… As opposed to 3am in the evening… ??

  11. Personal opinions on some of the upgrades I own:

    Moskva: Very yes for me. The accuracy is so damn good, if you know where to aim, you can easily get multiple citadels on sleepy cruisers from max range at the start of a match, and the reload on the guns is pretty decent to begin with, so I definitely recommend it.

    GK: Also very yes, as it fits perfectly with the playstyle of the ship. If you combine the upgrade with AR and use the 406mm guns, your reload can easily reach absurd levels like 24 seconds and lower as your HP goes down, and the range nerf is barely noticeable, especially since you can use a spotter plane to counter it should you ever need to.

    Hindenburg: I’ll say yes, since Hindy doesn’t exactly win any concealment contest with the concealment upgrade anyway, so you might as well go full Battleship Hindenburg, combining your strong armor against AP with an absolutely ridiculous fire and flooding resistance, and basically challenge the enemy to try and sink you before you sink them, and a challenge it will be indeed. Of course, if you really need that additional concealment to feel comfortable, you might prefer the concealment still, but as someone who can’t stand not having concealment on every ship I play, this legendary is one of the few things that made me think “Yeah, this is worth a bit of concealment”.

    République: Only if you don’t mind taking fire from long range HE spammers. I personally don’t feel like it gives me enough of a reload advantage over the normal reload upgrade to be worth the tradeoff. I often find myself chasing long range HE spammers in the République, and not being able to aim far enough to catch kiting cruisers like Hindenburg, Henri, or Zao really hurts, as those ships can easily stay on the edge of your 19.8km range, and make it really hard for you to hit them. This is annoying, because République is supposed to be a straight counter to those guys, with fast and somewhat accurate shells that can overmatch most cruisers’ armor even if they angle, it is an absolute monster when it comes to hunting cruisers, but that legendary just allows them to have an easier time staying at range while still being able to shoot at you, and if there’s one thing République doesn’t like, it’s getting shot at by cruisers. If République had a spotter plane, then I wouldn’t mind if the upgrade nerfed the range to 18km, because I’d still be able to fire at targets further away if need be, and since most of the time a République should be operating at around 12-15km range anyway, you’d have the best of two worlds, much like the GK does. In other worlds, the upgrade is not bad, it’s actually pretty good, but a good cruiser player will make you feel that range nerf.

    I have a feeling many will disagree with my view on the République one, but oh well, it’s just the opinion I made up based on my experiences, République is my favorite tier 10 BB, and in my experience with her I never had a situation where I felt like a 1 second faster reload would’ve made a big difference on the outcome of a battle, and I cannot say the same about a 6km range difference.
    Anyway, those are all the ones I have at the moment, and I’ve really enjoyed most of them. It’s a hard grind if you don’t have a lot of time, but it was quite worth it for me so far, despite my distaste for the République one.

  12. Republiq legendary with AR , you can get 14 sec reload time. and with worst dispersion in game ( yes you get lucky ones in a while ), no much point shooting from 20 km and up.

  13. Why does demounting the modules not cost any dubloons for you? I have to pay 25Dubloons to demount and not sell a module..

    • I’m pretty suer WG said that module demounts will be free for X amount of times if you participate in clan battles. I’m not 100% on this tho’

    • +Flambass Thanks for your answer. I played in Clan Battles the first time this season and still have to pay 25 Dubloons each time i have to demount something. Weird

  14. Flambass, I am going to have to disagree with you on the Minotaur upgrade, not based on opinion, but based on math.

    Disclaimer, I don’t actually own the ship nor have I played it.

    My problem comes with that you fail to do any math for the smoke duration. As you said, the smoke duration is based on the last smoke bubble, so therefor, increase smoke active time will in-turn increase the length of the smoke duration. The question here is, does this bonus overcome the negative smoke duration?

    Short answer, Yes. You will be in smoke for longer if you have this upgrade equipped over if you didn’t.

    Long answer. (With Math)
    Lets start with the active time of the consumable. This is easy. 15+(15*1.5)=37.5. Remove the base 15 seconds and you get a bonus 22.5 seconds worth of smoke time.
    This means, the lower duration needs to lower the duration for more then 22.5 seconds in order for it to be lowered, since the duration timer starts when the final puff is dropped.

    113-((113/100)*85) =16.95. Round it to 17 seconds.

    22.5 – 17 = 5.5.
    You get an extra 5.5 seconds of smoke time duration with the use of this upgrade. With the Minotaur, that means an extra two or three salvos of you main battery before you have to stop firing.

    This doesn’t even include the fact that you have a bigger smoke screen (Which as you stated, it good for clan battles and other things similar of sorts).
    However though, this does not include the missing 5% concealment that you are missing, which is pretty important.

    Again though, I feel this upgrade is slightly better then what you give credit it for.

    • the problem is that the reload of the smoke starts when the last puff is out and that means that u will have to wait longer for next smoke for just a few seconds longer smoke AND u lose concealment.
      i play mino with radar only , so i dont care for smokeduration but i think most wil prefer to have better concealment rather then 5 seconds more smoke.

  15. It’s sort of strange: I hear you saying to 19.8 km gun range on the BB as “hmmm…… who knows… up to you… could be short… out-ranged by t8” and then suddenly a little jingle start playing with a Mighty voice condemning and ridiculing BB’s hanging around at the back of the map, shooting from extreme range leaving cruisers taking the hits for them at 12-15 km range.

  16. agree with most of those .. only the hinden one is a bit meh imo .. yeah u dont have to use DCP at all now .. well why is it even there if u dont use it 😀 u dont have a lotta issues with fires and such anyways now that u have 5 heals .. giving up concealment is too much for this imo..
    .. also i dont use the gearing one in randoms coz of all the radar .. u only need to cross like few hundret meters to reach the shima anyways so i like to keep my dpm up .. ofc for clan wars it is totally worth it
    .. btw i just looove the dpm of HIV with legendary mod .. it offers such an unique playstyle 🙂 i run full meme build on it without CE having 17,7km detection for lolz 😀

  17. Thank you so very much. So valuable I took notes. Only detail I missed: Des Moines’ loss of radar action time by -10%? Is this not a concern? Some of my clanmates think it is a high cost.

  18. Don’t worry about the length of the video. It didn’t feel long or boring, and anything shorter would have cut out some of the details. The video was awesome, thanks for making it!

  19. Yamato’s is not worth it. Your reload is 2s longer and your turrets will not be able to keep up when turning even with Yamamoto as captain. Since vertical dispersion has nothing to do with the dispersion formula and the mod only gives you better horizontal dispersion,, the improvement is so insignificant that without confirmation bias, you will not notice it at all.

  20. I disagree a bit with Grozovoi.
    It’s not – as you said – that you “don’t play Grozovoi like Khaba”… 
    First of all, with full artillery build (BFT + AFT + legendary upgrade) you get exactly the same DPM as Khaba, greater guns’ range, while being only little slower. Add to this changed BBs’ AP mechanic and Grozovoi these days can actually be much more irritating for enemy BBs than Khaba.

    Second, Grozovoi’s concealment is 6.0km which means that you can easily contest caps in it – unlike in Khaba. The only problem is that when you contest caps, you meet Greaings, YYs, Z-52s, Darings and Harugumo’s there. They all spot you there roughly at the same time you spot them. And this is exactly when this legendary upgrade starts to shine. With full artillery build you get 3s guns reload on Grozovoi and, quite honestly, you eat Gearings, YYs and Z-52s on breakfast with that build (you have greater health pool, heal and ‘stronger’ guns).

    Third, Grozovoi’s torpedoes are actually so-so. They inflict little dmg, they reload slow and range is poor for tier10 DD. That is why I prefer to boost guns, which are very good on this ship.

    Still, I guess it all depends on your play style.

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