World Of Warships – Legendary Montana & Overwhelming Inconsistencies

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Carrying hard with a that kinda fails to provide on some pretty juicy shots…


  1. I feel like the Monty legendary upgrade is so underrated. What do you think, Robin?

  2. That music.. lol. Though I felt like I was playing EVEOnline. Montana trolls the captain that sails her.

    • Monty used to be more consistent. Don’t know whether It’s on my end or the accuracy got nerfed somehow. And the eternal lack of pen on these 406 will always be problematic.

  3. Great game 😛

  4. Robin, do you have a spotify playlist of the music you listen while playing ?

  5. Nothing that couldn’t have been done with concealment mod installed, and a lot of oportunities that could have been utilised much better with that mod. Legendary mod on Monty is just a plain downgrade.

    • I disagree. The tripple fire Salem set on me could have been way more devastating on me. I would have been forced to Damage Con with a Shima and other HE spammers around.
      Instead I just let them burn and don’t have to worry about it since they only last 25 seconds. It makes Montana a better tank agains HE and reduces D.O.T.
      Concealment is great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just about how you adapt and try different styles of play instead of sticking to what’s known and used a lot.

  6. Noice! These are the best battles. The ones that make you keep coming back for more.

  7. We need a legendary ping now ! 🙂

  8. I was standing on my chair man!!

  9. BIA World of Warships

    Monty!! Robin!! can it get any better? 🙂 question tho; why not run spot plane for those more accurate shots over islands or into smoke?

    • I always sucked with spotter plane shooting. I should try and train for it after all these games but I still can’t figure out how to accurately nail something on this top down view.
      Plus I often find myself in a C.Q.B, and that angle would be an issue. I dunno. gotta try!

    • BIA World of Warships

      Fair enough! I forced myself to get good with the spot plane and now I find it as a nice tool to use. When you’re in the top down view shooting at a ship coming at you, you want to aim a little further in front than you might think is appropriate. Vice versa when shooting at a ship turning away; you want to aim a little higher than you might think is necessary.

      Good rule of thumb- Ships flashing a broadside to you as they’re turning after facing nose on, you want to aim not at the water line but a little bit less than that. As the ship turns, its hull will slide left or right in the water towards you, and aiming just a tad less will have his waterline slide into the salvo, if that makes sense!?

    • it makes perfect sense. Just like aiming a little higher and in front for a ship turning IN broadside to you after kyting away. Thx for the heads up mate!

  10. I love how when the lightening missed the torps on the Moskava you called him an idiot but then at the end you say he played a great game.

  11. The music is so important in these robin games. To me it all feels like battle and yoga session combined. Very nice!

  12. give me your skill! xD good game dude

  13. Wow, what a comeback. If i could i would +1 🙂

  14. Nice! GG DUDE!

  15. Amazing player, terrible person.

  16. i like your music background. could you share it which music you use.? 🙂

  17. I knew I’d end up seeing this match here since I saw your name next to nearly 4K base exp on the scoreboard at the end! I was the green Lightning in this match, most of which I spent expecting to get radar-focused (4x T10 radar crusiers). Sorry for missing those torps on the Moskva – he was moving back & forth, I had a limited angle beyond the island I was using for cover and the enemy monty was ~10km away; he later hit me for 8K. GG Robin & Desatinado.

    Things I’d change: Why the frick didn’t I torp the minotaur?

  18. as in your every video i am amazed…….you are the best Robin!

  19. Johannes G. F. Bruhn

    Great comeback. But you’re always so dramatic about the most ordinary things. It’s as if you expect to get a couple of citadells from every shot you fire. 😀

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