World of Warships Legendary Naval Matchups – Fletcher versus Mogami

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The legendary battle of the Fletcher class destroyer USS Johnston versus the Mogami class cruiser Kumano during the Battle off Samar, using World of Warships to visually present it.

A further breakdown follows after the vignette of how a fight with the Fletcher versus Mogami would play out in the game itself.

Thank you for watching.

This is a labor of love, and a tribute to the USS Johnston and her Commander, Ernest E. Evans.



  1. This was really intense! Great video

  2. Nicely done Zoup! That took a few free camera recording sessions and
    editing I know. Hat is off to you.

  3. Markus “Marlling” Jensen

    Not bad at all!

  4. I recently started watching your help the ensign videos and that got me
    into your channel. Recently i started wondering if you were going to make
    more of those videos? If you are could you please make one about upgrades
    you can do for ships?

  5. Great video and zoup is that two steps from hell playing ???

  6. Wow, more of these please. There are mods for Training rooms. Also, if ya
    need ships for extra’s or examples, let me know. I’d love to help. This
    could be a fun series.

  7. Too bad there’s no John C. Butler destroyer escorts in this game. (Can’t do
    the Samuel B. Roberts, sadly).

  8. now this was friggin awesome!!!

  9. as always dude … really nicely done!

  10. Gj, but a small mention of USS Samuel B. Roberts, the DDE that fought like
    a Battleship, would have been nice.

  11. Now, this needs to be done more. Great work!

  12. Absolutely loved this. Awesome job and voice over.

  13. Awesome video!!! I’ve never heard of this battle and this video was VERY

  14. great video man, i really like it.

  15. lower the music when you talk…

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