World of Warships – Legendary Shima

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Checking out the Legendary module for the and using a torpedo accelerated build with 8km torpedoes. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Japanese Shimakaze Replay – Discord Server



  1. michael amadori

    Come vote on Notser’s server for Sunday’s down the line.
    PS Vote IJN CVs

    • 80%, but all that means is that you have your torpedoes pre aimed for certain points. Seems like it’d be very good with an area denial strategy.

    • Cem Kucukhasanoglu

      Funniest way to play destroyers, shoving torpedoes down the hulls of them BBs, but to be honest, I don’t think this game would be much fun or successful if the mode wasn’t epicenter, as, people simple don’t move away from their warm bases 🙂

    • Nah it works well when you can shove torps down a corridor that an enemy team decides to take. It’s very situational though and it works well in an area denial role.

    • Ugrrh Notser you love TA too much! meh-

    • A build for Shima with ballz !

  2. Why would you combine the 8km torps with the legendary upgrade, that completely slows down your torp rotation? That makes no sense at all.

    • For reload duh

    • eddie sylvester

      So an 88 second reload is slower? Next time say reload and not rotation because those are two very different things…smh

    • i meant the traverse

    • eddie sylvester

      yea i do know what you mean but in this build im suspecting that it is a spec and very purposeful build to a ship that only has one job. That being said the traverse is so slow that if you dont plan you next 3 moves your kinda F’d. The build is for people that can predict and anticipate so you can shoot and scoot.

    • The 12km torps would suit way more to this build, because you have way more time to rotate the launchers around and are not that much in danger so you can really use the better reload.

  3. Derp DD. WOT’s KV-2 on the water.

  4. Omg I have to try this on my shima😂

  5. Eeeek the torpedo tubes seem to rotate even slower than the main battery turrets…

  6. Λмαтѕυĸαze Kαι Nι

    That first torpedo salvo tho…

  7. have torpedos loaded – have no range to use them…

  8. Notser you are nuts. This build will work once in a billion games and it surely doesn’t show the absolute potential of the LEGENDARY upgrade. I definitely can’t compare the advantages to the disadvantages of this upgrade in this video. I understand that this vid was probably just for fun, But I am sorry. If I were to run this I would take 12km torps, and maybe add torp acceleration. If u can make a different vid with something similar to that so that we can prove more clearly its affect and the affect of the torpedo tube traverse speed.

  9. FullMetalChicken

    Giving the radar spam, this build is not very useful, even in random.

    • I would agree, but seeing the way some of the cruiser players fail(like in this video), it might work a little more often. Still, I would be hesitant to try this.

  10. feel like u should try it with torp reload

  11. Sounds like you lose way more than you gain with the Shima upgrade. Will not be using it.

  12. I like this way cool who needs asashio LOL

  13. Why some shells have red tracer???

  14. If you run the 20km torps on this you can get a second set of torpedoes off before the first one runs out of range.

  15. Hahaha is so different to Flamu’s video XD

  16. HEY NOTSER. Thanks again for the stream replays. There’s good and bad, the good is it takes me ALL day to watch as I will see 5 mins, pause then do something else etc. So I don’t miss anything. The downside is I want to comment all the time….ahhh well. I love to see you try different things, even if it’s stupid (even if you leave radium on top of photographic film!) sometimes you look at it differently and discover something totally amazing. ALL THE BEST.

  17. That was a little nuts.. 6.4km range torps just really don’t work…

  18. Damn Noster you are lunatic. F3 with acceleration?

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