World of Warships Legends

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It’s the return of the World of Warships game that isn’t World of Warships! Console peasants rejoice! You can try this for yourself on Beta Weekend #2 at 22nd – 24th of March, in advance of getting the game for real when it’s released on April 16th!


System Specs: Core 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×80 resolution


  1. Can’t wait for a video on the uss Alaska

  2. I have been a alpha tester for this game. If you are a console player and have been a fan of this game you will be very pleased

    • CptAnnoyU2death also do you take your premium with you? I won’t be paying twice that’s for sure….

    • Yebane Brod no I’m not being paid by WG. And if you are asking if you can take premium ships from pc to the console you can’t they are separate games

    • +William Briscoe WoT is super dumbed down on console.

    • +KorbinX it wasn’t always like that.

    • TheReal RedWolfofDeath

      Don’t put quotes around “fake ships” as they truly were fake ships. They didn’t exist but on paper. The fake ships are ruining the game on PC, especially the russian bias fake ships. +William Briscoe

  3. Man, I love that UI. Just so much better-organized and less cluttered looking. And the way the reticle shows how some turrets are loading and some are ready.

    • +N1c3s Hey, to each their own. I’ll still stand by that new reticle though. That is something I *seriously* want in PC.

    • Blackbeard The great

      Plus it’s still in beta dude

    • The UI works just fine. It’s intuitive and gets the job done.

    • +AardvarkLord Sure, you have your opinion and I mine, the reticle is interesting, I’d just be interested how they manage to do it with a ship that has like 6 or 7 guns, then it might get clustered up in the reticle.

    • +N1c3s I think that the whole UI could benefit from some outlines. Maybe some thin lines to separate the different guns on the loading indicator, just to make it a little clearer. Or maybe change the color when they’re loading versus ready to fire (yellow for loading, green for ready perhaps?). That would definitely go a long way towards addressing that.

  4. Jingles physically reminds me of Bob Hoskins as Smee in Hook.

  5. The Mighty Jingles

    FYI I’ve been informed that the Vanguard is getting a massive turret rotation speed buff prior to the games’ release.

    • Actually Jingles, Captain skills only go up at certain levels. Not every level as you said.

    • Brandon Schroeder

      The Mighty Jingles I played battle station pacific on the Xbox 360 and carriers and it’s pretty easy so if wow legends put them in it would probally be pretty fine I am pretty glad that console is getting their own versions of wow and and wot because my console is able to handle it while my computer can’t at all 🙂

    • Jingles, are you sure you didn’t post this video a few months ago? 😀

    • +thederogativeworld her armor is more than adequately explained by pointing out that she was a battlecruiser.

  6. Well no invitation for b1 still hopeful for b2 fingers crossed

  7. Jingles will your voice be put into Legends as well?

  8. Will captain Jingles be available in world of warships legends? (I hope he will)

  9. +1 tier spread should be on pc wows and wot.

    • Yeah when I ply my tier 8 it’s my highest I get tier 10 game 9/10 times. And being a bottom tier battleship is the least fun.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Brian Ganger doesn’t mean it’s fun, it’s never fun to play a tier 10 ship and farm tier 8 ships… least I never enjoyed it as much as others… nor is it fun to be at a MASSIVE disadvantage in a tier 8 ship compared to a tier 10 , and be of minimal impact to the match and mostly a punching bag in reality, since the only thing that can help a -2 ship is player skill. And sure I might be awesome and all but I don’t enjoy that massive disadvantage +2 -2 brings.

    • HighCouncilVideos

      Or you could just…..get good?

    • The major problem is that for battle ships at T7 their bow and stern 25mm armor gets overmatched from all T8+ BBs. And the additional ship modules available at T8 and 9 gives a major advantage.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +HighCouncilVideos Why do some people think that being good will overwrite the difference between a hsienyang and a gearing for example…

  10. “All of them were built, all of them were put to sea”
    Amagi would like to have a word with you Jingles.
    *shotgun cocking*

    • +Cailus Griffin omfg that made me crack up

    • Well, there was a ship called Amagi that put to sea^ and fought* in WW2. It’s just that it was an aircraft carrier…
      ^: If by ‘put to sea’ you count ‘scuttled between various Japanese ports’.
      *: If by ‘fought’ you count ‘was hammered in a bombing raid in her port and sank at the dockside’.

    • +Yuzral Well, that’s mainly because by the time CV Amagi launched, there were almost no planes left to equip her with, and very little fuel to keep her running.

    • TheSeasOfEnvy she got a bad case of tuberculosis

    • +Cailus Griffin You win.

  11. Nicholas Margery

    Hope you have a lovely birthday on Sunday Jingles, It’s also my birthday on the same day, hence why I’m wishing you a good one ahead of time, I’ll be taking a break from the internet over my birthday weekend.
    Anyway, hope you get spoilt rotten by Rita (If there is any chance of that happening :P) and generally have a nice time levelling up in the game of life.

  12. So if no paper ships are in, means most of the Russian Navy the PC is getting never gets put into that game.

  13. Scotch N’ Smoke

    Is it just me or did jingles just tell us to execute Order 66?

  14. Jingles, if you ever get your hands on a Xbox 360, you should get Battlestations Pacific, it’s an awesome Naval/Air combat game that is severely overlooked, and pretty simple

  15. Carriers have’t really brought anything positive to the PC version of WoWS. I understand why the devs orignially thought they “should be there”, but the fact is that aircraft ended the age of warships (no major fleet engagements have happened since early WW2). This was largely because of the speed difference between aircraft and ships and that isn’t going away no matter how hard you balance things. Aircraft in a ship game will be an awkward fit no matter what… it’s like including artillery and machine guns in a game about mounted charges.

  16. All I know is I better hear “that’s a paddlin” when I get my citadel hits with Captain Jingles McJingleberry at the helm.

  17. +1 matchmaking? no skycancer? less grind? ability to change skills for free? no paperdesigns everywhere?
    Well… if it also doesnt have soviet bias and gets a proper matchmaker Im gonna be joining the console pesants…
    It almost looks like its not made by Wargaming.^^

    • The grind is way worse unless they change something before Beta weekend.

    • KnightsOfTheWicked-PS4

      CodenameGunther no it’s not

    • +KnightsOfTheWicked-PS4 lol I’m an alpha tester, it is way worse if you actually look at how long it will take to upgrade the ships from stock to fully upgraded.

    • KnightsOfTheWicked-PS4

      CodenameGunther still nope. I play Japanese Destroyers or Japanese Cruisers 90% of the time

    • +KnightsOfTheWicked-PS4 Don’t worry I’ll have a handy spreadsheet to show everyone soon. They have improved it slightly but it it still higher than it should be.

  18. Well the CV rework on PC has certainly been an experience, personally I loath it and for that reason I hope our console cousins are spared the frustrating experience

    • Lovelacebeer As far as I know, the Blitz version is spared, not so sure about the console one though.

    • The irony is that the CV rework was made mostly due to the console transition.

    • Really glad you are playing this game not the PC version, I imagine how toxic you will be after playing multiple games with many CV’s torping you over and over again..

  19. The Arizonas torpedo damage reduction didn’t help in on December 7th

  20. No CVs, so no zero risk ship class worse than arty in WOT (arty require a spotter and can’t hit behind a lot of hard cover), take my money- done with WOWP that used to be called WOWS.

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