World of Warships: Legends — A New Era

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Captains, behold Tier VIII in all its glory! All information that you need, with the initial lineup of ships and FAQ, is stored right here:





  1. i started in early access until now i am proud on how far this game has come. Thank you war gaming for these wonderful games

  2. A proud Baguette

    Not gonna lie i love having fully exclusive ships for console

  3. 2 years without french tech tree ships i was hoping for Alsace

    • @Bearnoz FR Neither I am from the US, nor do I prefer US ships in the game. Really… I like many of the French ships in Legends. Gascogne, Charles Martel, Richelieu and Jean Bart, of course… They are all excellent ships. Nothing wrong with some more French ships. But what are you complaining about? “French bashing” is nonsense!

    • @Altbier-King
      I mean The Russian Navy kinda was irrevelant in WW2. But here we are… the only French bashing I do is the nerf they have done to two of the french dd and the lack of French premium cruiser above tier 5 and up

  4. i’m so excited that the izumo is coming in the game

  5. Time stamp it for me

  6. William Chastain

    @soviet yunyun 1:09

  7. TrueGunnersAwaken

    At least I can take my monarch out and never run into a legendary ship again lol

  8. Me wanting enterprise in the game already: Ok now we have tier 8. It should at least be coming now right? Haha right?

  9. Yup same good old days of wowsl

  10. I just love how russia never had a massive navy and yet they have a larger tech tree than the British, so disappointed.

  11. As a BB main. Nothing is more enjoyable than suffering through grinding for more BBs. Lessssss go! Since we have Montana and Maine. Looking forward to having Ohio at some point too. POV be like “Here’s to a new era. Enjoy the Legendary CV’s now.”

  12. I remember first getting my hands on Arkansas FE and loving the battleship to death

  13. doomguy .23 from mars

    Awesome and they cost a little bet more then a tier 7 CV

  14. only people who haven’t played the pc version think this.

  15. What’s a BC and RN?

  16. Splatoonist Productions

    @Alex Eyman battle cruiser and Royal Navy

  17. Bro in so excited to see WOWL finally having tier VIII ships, I have been playing this game on console since it first came out and it has been one of my favorite games to play!! Keep being Amazing Wargaming!!!!!

  18. They are overkill but they’re fun overkill. That being said I am hoping for RN tier 8 sooner than later.

  19. Now that the Allen.M. Sumner is here, I’m fully expecting a USS Laffey premium. Anyone else vote for “The Ship That Would Not Die” as a premium tier 7? The Mutsu is a tier 5 Nagato. I can see a case being made for Laffey.

  20. I’m on vacation to Maine right now. Going to the Bath Iron Works where most of the Sumners were built.

  21. @Jade Rodriguez You must be a joy at parties, aren’t you?

  22. Looking forward to these bad boys! I’ll have most unlocked bar the japanese BB and DD. Please add their historical style camo ASAP!

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