World of Warships: Legends – Azur Lane Trailer | PS4

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Azur Lane joins World of Warships: Legends for a new collaboration! Check out this awesome trailer to find out about the new commanders and camouflages!


  1. Why am I surprised that these are crossing over?

  2. Yes our shipfus are coming

  3. if you take damage you hear “Kyaaa, yamete kudasai!!”

  4. These cowards couldn’t slap pictures of my waifus on their boats!?

  5. Keep the fan service coming!

  6. Yesssss I was waiting for this since I missed the event

  7. “We’re just a bunch of degenerates”

  8. More like World of Wallets

  9. lol okay sure, why not?

  10. Anime was a . . . Great thing

  11. ahhh yes… waifus…

  12. Legendary Devil Hunter

    World of Waifuships

  13. Hipper is red,

    Belfast is blue,

    My waifu is garbage and yours is too.

  14. I guess you can make anything to a waifu

  15. This just hypes me up for Azur Lane Crosswave. Can’t wait for the girls to be localized.

  16. “You sank my waifu ship!”

  17. I’m pretty sure some people will be upset that they can’t play the actual women from the anime as ships

  18. Azur lane did something that kantai collection didn’t: crossover with world of warships

  19. Persona 3 Akihiko: IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!

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